Tarot Reading for April 24 – 30

For this week’s reading I decided to kick it old school with my trusty Universal Waite Tarot deck 🙂

Have a fabulous week!!!
The Daily Tarot Girl

7 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for April 24 – 30”

  1. This reading makes perfect sense with what is going on with me this week. Great interpretation, Kate! Thank you so much!! ????

  2. Hi, Kate.
    I can’t help agreeing with Debbie’s comment.
    I always do a similar Classic 3-WaiteCard reading for my week, too.
    It’s uncanny how often your own Waite-based interpretation of the week ahead, matches my own, – usually prompted by a very similar set of cards, too.
    Like this week f”rinstance, my three were the 2 of Pentacles, the 7 of Wands and the Ace of Cups.
    Like yours, my reading suggests a stressful, challenging and energetic time for the first four days.
    100% believable, too, given everything that’s been happening with me, lately!
    Then for the weekend, much relief and relaxation and even something to celebrate!
    No complaints about that, – bring it on!
    No disrespect to Oracle cards but I never seem to see the same correspondence, on the weeks you use these.
    Any chance you could maybe translate all your Oracle-based readings into your understanding of what the equivalent Waite cards would be, maybe, whenever you opt for them instead of the latter?
    Or, maybe the two kinds of pack are just not that interchangeable?
    Looking forward to hearing your take on this topic, anyhow, thanks so much.
    Zoe T.

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