Are you keeping secrets? You should be!

Veronica Noir is my evil Tarot reading twin. Man-eater by night, day drinker by day, Tarot reader on Fridays. She’s hear to ejaculate some spice and deviousness into your life!

high priestess
Housewives Tarot

Secrets are the spice of life! I love them. Nothing spruces up a boring party than hearing a delicious secret…or revealing one of your own!

People who say things like “secrets are toxic” or “secrets ruin relationships” don’t know the art of juicy living.

But don’t fret about those basic peeps – leave them to their ham sandwiches and polyester shirts, because you’ve got thrills to give and a life to live!

This Summer is all about secrets – and you can’t have secrets if you just behave yourself all the time 😉

So get out there and do things that need to be hidden, things you wouldn’t want just anyone knowing about. Before you know it you’ll be a beacon of mystery, living a life of scintillating drama and bliss!

Please note: Veronica is taking the rest of the Summer off and will return in September with renewed snark and sass.

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