Quiz: Which Court Card Are You?

In my world, Summer isn’t Summer without holing up in a tent or tree fort and doing personality quizzes!

Back when I was 13, my friend and I spent the whole Summer hanging out in her little brother’s tree fort, putting on skanky makeup and doing sex quizzes in Cosmo. No wonder I’m so messed up now.

So in the spirit of that, I decided to make you a quiz. And since my Tarot Summer School course Learn the Tarot Court Cards is now available, I decided to make this quiz all about Court Cards!

1. You’re planning your next vacation – ooh la la! What option is most attractive to you?

a) Camping and hiking in the wilderness. You love nature…and crapping in the bushes.

b) Visiting a big glitzy city and going to intellectual bookstores, plays and museums

c) Something near water – either a luxury cruise or a surfing trip

d) A spiritual retreat in the desert where you can watch for UFOs and go on drumming trance journeys.


2. Your favorite way to connect with someone is to:

a) Have sex with them

b) Discuss literature, politics and film

c) Share feelings and emotions and cry a lot

d) Do things together that you’re both passionate about


3. Your favorite mode of transport is…

a) Walking. You like to have both feet on the ground!

b) Flying. Stale peanuts, screaming babies and getting groped by TSA’sĀ  is your fave!

c) Boat! Ferries, yachts, rowboats, catamarans, kayaks, cruise ships – as long as it’s on water, it’s awesome!

d) Astral travel. But if that’s not possible, a car will do.

4. What best describes your personality?

a) Practical, down to earth and stable. You enjoy good food, a comfy home and the company of friends, family and pets. You crave a simple, yet delicious life.

b) Smart, focused and goal oriented. You love to plan, love to read and love to have stimulating conversation with intelligent people. You don’t have time for drama or fluff but often find yourself in a depressive mood.

c) Intuitive and empathetic, you are in tune with your emotions and the emotions of others. Strangers like to tell you their life story because they sense your sympathetic ear a mile away.

d) You’re passionate and creative and live your life according to your own rules! You follow your bliss and sometimes burn the candle at both ends, but your life and work has meaning for you.

You’re only halfway through this quiz, but I want you to tally up your answers so far. The answers to the last four questions will determine what suit you are most aligned with.

If you answered…

Mostly A’s – You resonate most strongly with the suit of Pentacles! You’re a practical person who is very authentic and “real”. You love the good things in life like sex, food and relaxation and most of your struggles (and you’re achievements) are in the realms of finances and health.

Mostly B’s – You resonate powerfully with the suit of Swords! You have a strong intellect and a way with words. You shine the most when you feel mentally stimulated and focused – this is when you morph into a powerhouse who gets shit done! Most of your big life challenges (and rewards) are in the realm of communication and mental health.

Mostly C’s – You are most strongly aligned with the suit of Cups! You’re touchy feely, have a developed sixth sense (whether you know it or not) and others seem instantly comfortable around you. You make an excellent counsellor, mentor, artist or Tarot reader. Most of your challenges (and joys) tend to be in the realm of relationships and emotional expression.

Mostly D’s – You are powerfully aligned with the suit of Wands! You’re a passionate little firecracker and you’re not afraid to go after what you want. You’re different from the masses because see the BIG picture and understand how everything is connected. You’re biggest challenges (and successes) are in the realm of spirituality and creativity.

Okay, now let’s continue…

5) When it comes to life, your goal is to:

a) Be the BEST at everything (or at least be the best you can be)

b) Help, understand and connect with others

c) Explore and have adventures! There are SO MANY experiences you are dying to have!

d) Learn. You are a student of life.


6) In relationships you’re good at:

a) Calling all the shots

b) Being empathetic and nurturing

c) Bringing the excitement and thrills!

d) Being unstable, indecisive and just generally fucking things up


7) When you dislike someone, you:

a) Fire them

b) Keep it classy and treat them with respect – giving in to your baser instincts will only make you look weak

c) Challenge them to a contest you know you will win

d) Avoid them


8) You acquire ten million dollars! You immediately:

a) Invest it, buy some real estate and maybe, just maybe, indulge in some hookers n’blow

b) Donate some to charity, help out friends and family, quit your day job and devote your life to helping others

c) Travel! Maybe buy a motorbike or yacht and set out on the adventure of a lifetime.

d) Go back to school and learn something valuable. But blow the rest on stupid stuff.

Okay, now tally up your answers to questions 5 – 8. These will reveal whether you’re a King, Queen, Knight or Page!

If you answered mostly…

A’s – You’re a King! You’re a natural born leader and you love running the show. You’re confident most of the time and when you’re not you’re really good at faking it. You know yourself well which is why you exude such power and sensuality. But don’t be surprised if you attract needy losers who need to be micromanaged – they are helplessly drawn to your willingness to tell them what to do. Most find you inspiring and some find you irritating – but that’s the name of the game when you’re the top banana!

B’s – You’re a Queen through and through! You classy, poised and have a heart of gold. You love teaching and helping others and those who confide in you know you’ll take their secrets to the grave. You have the confidence, focus and determination to make real changes in the world, minus the lust for power and fame. A true Queen indeed! But keep in mind that it’s okay to be selfish every now and then – you don’t have to be a Mother Theresa all day everyday. Geez!

C’s – You’re a Knight! Chances are you can’t sit still for long before you find yourself lusting for action and adventure. You love getting out there and having new and exciting experiences, especially when you’re after a challenge of some sort. Commitment is like death to you – unless you’re committing to a life of wild thrill seeking. But there’s more to you than meets the eye – you’re on a mission and that mission is meaningful to you. Your motto is: Don’t just stand there, bust a move!

D’s – Good golly, you’re a Page! What you lack in experience you make up for with enthusiasm – in ALL areas of life šŸ˜‰ You’re happy as long as you’re learning something new and having new experiences. Sometimes you mess up and doubt yourself, but that’s okay. You’re good at picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, learning from your mistakes and moving on. You’re an optimist most days and possess the valuable ability to see things with a fresh set of eyes.

Now, combine your suit with your Court card type to learn which specific court card is most strongly aligned with your personality!

Most importantly, share your results in the comments below! Which court card are you? Do you agree? Disagree?

16 thoughts on “Quiz: Which Court Card Are You?”

  1. oh Good Grief… Should have known. always did kinda like this card, Weird as that may seem. Going to go play stare-eyes with. a fish now

  2. Fun quiz. Turns out I am the Queen of Everything because I picked each of the letters for the first four questions!

    I’ll take this to mean I’ve got the best qualities of each of suit. But, hard answering the first three questions. I wanted to pick tbem all.

  3. Some of the answers were part of what I’d do, but I figured I could reword to oblige the other part… But generally I’m the Queen of Wands – or Guardian of Fire if it’s The Gaian Tarot deck, which by the way, is exactly what I would want to be! šŸ˜€

    LOTS of fun!

  4. It would have been good to have an odd number of questions in each section – I was a dead tie between Wands and Swords – but I came out clearly as a Page.

    That was fun. I did take your summer school class and found it very helpful.

  5. Well Kate, I took the quiz and settled on the King of Pentacles. However, my answer to some of the questions would have been multiple choices. So, I’m guessing I have a splash of the others. But, everyone probably does. šŸ™‚ We won’t be put in a box. Have a great day.

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