Tarot Reading for Aug 28 – Sept 3

Here is your Tarot forecast for the week ahead, using the Heart & Hands Tarot…

Have a wonderful week!


4 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Aug 28 – Sept 3”

  1. HI kate.Nice spread.Very interesting. The Queen of Pentacles suggests to me of being in a comfort zone ie.Taking things easy.Resting awhile.Relaxing. from everyday mundane things.Which brings me to THE MOON. Sitting under a treon a clear night and gazing up at the night sky,taking in the awesomeness of the universe.That is one way in which to relax.THE QUEEN OF CUPS is a good card to follow THE MOON as THE MOON is very often associated with intuition. THE QUEEN OF CUPS reminds us about improving one’s intuition

    Until next week Kate.Have a good week.


  2. Wow. Seeing the Princess of Pentacles really floored me. This past year I’ve been getting rid of clutter so I can leave the city and travel also am working on a novel and doing readings too. Have many “haters” about those things so this is telling me to keep going with my dreams.

    Also I have an odd fashion sense- I wear a lot of gold ancient looking jewelry and have this sorta “NYC punk rock meets Ancient Babylon” thing going on so that’s another positive confirmation.


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