Tarot Reading for Oct 2 – 8

For this weeks reading I dusted off my old Robin Wood Tarot deck…and I apologize in advance for the constant whine of my spoiled little cat in the background! You’d think I never paid any attention to her the way she mournfully cries out, but trust me, that is not the case!

Have a wonderful week 🙂

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8 Responses to Tarot Reading for Oct 2 – 8

  1. Jamie Morris says:

    Merlina is clearly really looking forward to the middle of the week. You know, the Ace-of -Cups, someone-connects-with-Merlina part of the week!

  2. Zoe T. says:

    Hi, Kate.
    Was it Merlina causing noises-off in this latest video?!
    Maybe she’s got a bit fazed, if so, by all the constant comings and goings of her feral cousins, do you think?
    Her plaintive cries sounded a bit like someone mourning, to me.
    Do you think animals might mourn the loss of their life-enhancing relationships, the way we humans do, perhaps?
    Anyhow, this week’s Tarot reading of yours seems quite an extra-powerful one, – with Temperance in charge of things coming in in first place and an Ace in the supporting role.
    Did you notice how each and every card, too, depicts ‘shining-ness’, – for want of a better word?
    The radiant light energy emerging from the mountains behind the Temperance Angel, gets massively enhanced by the Ace and is then handed as a gift to each of us as individuals, in the person of the Princess of Wands card.
    This symbolic recurring radiant energy seems to me to be about not so much a visible light-source, enabling us to see our way in the physical world, as alluding to the way Spiritual enlightenment dispels our ignorance, anxiety, insecurity and uncertainty, about our personal ways forward out of blockages and impasses.
    And I, for one, have got all those feelings in my life, in shed-loads, right now!
    So the overall effect of this trio of cards, for me, is to promote hope, reassurance and confidence that all things will be well.
    Just wondering if you can make sense of and relate to these subjective impressions, too, maybe?
    Love and hugs to you and all your delightful furry quadrupeds, anyhow!
    Take care!
    Zoe T.

    • Cari Fallis says:

      Hi Zoe:
      I was also going to make note of the beams of light in all the cards. From behind, in the Temperance card, emanating all around from the Ace of cups, and projecting out and beyond from the page’s wand. Past, present, future light to guide and light the way.
      Cari F.

    • Thank you so much Zoe, for sharing your impressions on the cards 🙂 to answer your question – yes, they do make sense to me. As for cats, I think Merlina barely notices it when the kittens go away. Cats (like all animals) are very in the moment and I don’t think they think too long about what isn’t right in front of them. That’s my theory, anyway. Merlina’s meow has always been extremely mournful, even as a little kitten. At first we thought she wanted something – like food, cuddles – but she is just very vocal and whiny! I kind of tune it out sometimes.

      • Zoe T. says:

        Hi, Kate.
        Thanks for your reassurance, – I can relate to what you’re saying about cats and their wild-ness and short attention span, – other than that for a regular and reliable supply of TLC, of course!
        They seem totally opposite to dogs, who always seem to me to have far more human-like moods, sixth-sense type reactions, emotions, memories, etc.
        I wonder if you’d agree?
        Thanks, anyway for sharing your feedback, – with all good wishes to you for having created such a fascinating and always thought-provoking website!
        Zoe T.

  3. Tania Padley says:

    Hi Kate, thank you for another wonderful, uplifting reading. All the best with your cat, you are doing such a wonderful service to them. Be blessed in all your undertakings and have a fantastic week. Lots of love from Cape Town, South Africa.

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