Tarot Reading for June 18 – 24

Beware: this video contains three mischievous kittens!!! I am using the Hanson-Roberts Tarot for this one…

Have a great week 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for June 18 – 24”

  1. What a aspect of the 10 of pentacles Sharon.Crumbs! I wish you all the best in that matter.

  2. Hi Kate.A interesting reading this week,thank you.My thoughts involve two cards in the spread.Very simple really.You mentioned that the 10 of pentacles would be to “focus on finances.” Then along comes the king of rods(wands in other decks).I instantly thought of the word CONTROL,like having control over things. This would be the very nature of a ruler,especially in the medieval age,and before that time as well.

  3. starting out my week is to go pick up a certified letter about a lawsuit from 10 years ago and their inflated amount of $40K …..

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