Does the SAME Tarot card keep popping up?

Have you ever experienced the same Tarot card continually showing up in your readings again and again? Did you think what does it meeeeeaaaannnnn?

In the video below, I will tell you what it means (or at least what I think it means) and I’ll share my three step process for decoding these repeat cards. If you’d like to see the written version of this video, you can check it out right here.

I want to know….what card have you been getting repeatedly lately? Spill the beans in the comments below…

5 thoughts on “Does the SAME Tarot card keep popping up?”

  1. About 6 months ago I retired and did a lot of readings for myself as I began my new life. I kept getting the 6 of Wands, a card that I see as a victory card. My retirement, on its face, did not feel victorious as it came about as the result of being bullied about my age and my years of service in my specialty disrespected. I was dedicated, however, and had been staying in my position to help bring up a new generation of nurses. But it beat me up…. daily.

    The victory, I think, was finally letting go of an impossible situation and moving on to a new life that has immeasurably lessened my stress and allowed me to spend my time with a family that suffered due to my professional dedication, as well as my creative pursuits.

  2. Kate, this is a great video. I’ve gone through repeating card reading which continue almost day after day. Several years ago, I was getting the Gaian Tarot card, “Awakening” which is the judgment major in traditional Tarot. And I was constantly scratching my head at what it was trying to tell me. The spread I was using was my daily reading (4 cards) with Card 1 = Theme of the day; Card 2 = Guide for working with the theme; Card 3 = Meditation and the 4th card being from the bottom of the deck, which I called The Hidden Factor Card and was a remind of something might have forgotten to notice, of left out of my interpretation. One day I got The Child of Water (page of cups traditional decks) and it suddenly hit me, really a V8 moment. The Child of Water for me became my ‘Little Girl Lost’ representing a part of myself I hid away since childhood. This gave me the insight of the direction I needed to work toward. I didn’t get “Awakening” after that except on rare occasions.

    Another thing I do with recurring cards is look at the number – like you had gotten the 4/Swords, you said, and I looked to see what Major the 4s were associated with. As it turns out for me, the Emperor is my Soul card of the three personal cards I figured out were mine. That gives it quite a bit more emphasis. Those of the kinds of things I do with ‘head scratching’ cards of any kind. What suit also comes into play. What element, for instance is 4/Swords. From my own POV it is air, and has something to do with communication, thought process, and such.

    Thank you for this video. You always give us great thought provoking ideas!

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