Unboxing the Ember & Aura Tarot!

UPDATE: See the newest edition of this deck here.

The Ember & Aura Tarot by Jamie Richardson is my newest Tarot deck and I’ve been having such a blast exploring it and doing readings!

The artwork of this deck is simple in it’s style and calming in its colours. I love how when I read with it, the cards help me re-connect with my center of being.

Reading with this deck has helped me come home to myself, especially in these last few days.

Last night I did two readings with this deck:

The first reading I did was about something that happened relationship-wise that was still really bothering me. The reading gave me some new insights into what was going on and what I needed to do, but most importantly, it helped me feel less stressed about the whole thing.

The second reading I did was concerning a new creative project. I wanted some ideas for characters and plot lines for a possible story or play I’m thinking of creating. I drew a crap load of cards around this and got some fantastic ideas that I can’t wait to write about! Yay!

So what I’m saying is that this deck is versatile, gentle and a pleasure to read with.

How to buy this deck:
The Ember & Aura Tarot is currently unavailable

2 thoughts on “Unboxing the Ember & Aura Tarot!”

  1. Hi Kate,
    This is a lovely deck, thanks for sharing. I appreciate your comments about its simplicity, and simplicity versus complexity in tarot decks in general. I love some complex ones, because they give you a lot of things to consider when reading, especially if you are stuck trying to figure a card out :). However, I think it takes a lot of tarot knowledge to design a simple deck that really works. This deck feels airy and light, but multi-layered. Like you said, it makes you think in really original ways about the meanings.

    1. Thanks for watching and reading this, Sharon! I love your thoughts on the whole simple vs complex Tarot decks. I used to always prefer busy decks because, like you said, it can give you more to work with and contemplate, but I’ve come to appreciate the simple ones more!

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