Sexy Tarot: The High Priestess

With a little help from my evil twin Veronica, this blog series aims to answer the two burning questions that are probably on every Tarot enthusiasts mind:
1) If this Tarot card were a person, what would they be like in bed?
2) What advice does this card have for you about your sex life?

The High Priestess

high priestess tarot card meaning
Rider Waite Tarot, published by US Games

Sleeping with The High Priestess is kind of like taking the red pill in The Matrix – once you do, there’s no going back, so don’t tread on her sensual territory unless your prepared to be transformed.

This lady is a Tantric sex goddess with a Cosmic Cunt capable of blowing your mind wide open!

She’s a bit intimidating because she exudes mystery and sacred secrets and if you’re lucky enough to be invited to her bedchamber, you’re in for a trip…

Behind her gauzy curtain she becomes a wild freak, but not in the usual whips and chains kind of way – in a sacred, energetic way. She envelopes you in a cocoon of golden, sexy light and transports you to a whole new level of experience where you come to know yourself in a totally new way. It’s kind like dropping acid or eating mushrooms, except it’s way more intense and wild. Yes, it’s that wild.

Listen up because The High Priestess has some advice for your sex life:

Stop seeing sex as some mundane physical act and start seeing its magical potential! Sex has the power to transform you, if you let it. You can start by turning your bedroom into a sacred, sensual space so it becomes a portal into an erotic realm!

Does your bedroom contain a TV? Clutter? A stationary bike? Old Twilight movie posters? Then YOUR DOING IT WRONG!!! Think candles, silk veils and plush pillows or lava lamps, beaded curtains and weed if that’s your scene.

Start treating your body like the temple of sex that it is! And stop settling for boring quickies and robotic back rubs – instead bring presence and awareness into everything you do, sexy or otherwise.

Tune in in a couple weeks as I reveal The Empress in all her slutty charm!

8 thoughts on “Sexy Tarot: The High Priestess”

  1. Nancy Brothers. Tarot Specialist

    Love the Ghosted spread. My clients call with this situation all the time. Thanks

  2. Lol – love it! You gotta keep these comin’! Totally feelin’ this sexy vibe for the High Priestess.

  3. I freaking love you…… you make tarot so interesting and fun when it can get boring over time. Like a twist to look at it a different way and it exposes your amazing personality.

    What a beautiful mix of being authentic in your business and teaching.


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