Tarot Reading for Jan 6 – 12

Check out what’s in store for the upcoming week! I’m using the Universal Waite Tarot for this reading…

If you’d like a personal Tarot reading, I’ll be offering them all month long 🙂

Have a good week!

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5 Responses to Tarot Reading for Jan 6 – 12

  1. Josie DuBois says:

    Hi, Kate
    I found the Moon card appearing in this weeks spread to be extremely auspicious in that the influence of the moon this week will be dramatically felt. I am a beginning astrology student as well as a Tarot student and I want to let you and everyone who sees this video that there is indeed a full moon in the sign of Cancer at 20 degrees. this Friday. It is also a lunar eclipse which means that there is going to be something in everyone’s life that gets “clipped out”. In other words, anything that does not serve you such as a bad relationship or a job you dislike will be ending. But with all endings there are new beginnings and transformation will be the key word of this lunar aspect. Even though the lunar eclipse will not be visible in North America it will still affect us. This eclipse is also an alignment of the sun, moon and earth in a straight line, so I interpret this to mean that whatever is out of alignment or balance in our each of our lives needs to be examined and let go of. I hope this information helps everyone.

  2. simplysharon says:

    quickly… I see the Sun and moon on the first two cards as being proportionately, large – compared to the other symbols on the cards. I do see pathways on all the cards, the 3rd being more emotional. I see the 2 different footwear as representing a person that is different than others – possibly more versatile. (When I wear my Mucks to work, I joke about having to wade in sh*t – but this person can do it all) Also the 3rd card, on it’s “cliff,” could be a slippery slope requiring more agility to not go off the cliff. This person requires a good deal of strength and balance to stand their ground – whether it be referring to mental, emotional , spiritual or physical… or any or all… The blending of card 1 (Ace – 1) and the 3rd card (7) – 1 and 7 does come up in the middle card of 17. and the landscapes when blended, have similarities to the moon card… love your readings Kate!

  3. Kiyasu Oka says:

    …. I just noticed that the person is wearing orange-ish pants while there is also orange in the moon card (I guess that tan-yellow-brown-ish dog or wolf counts!).

    What if the red dog is actually the red shoes in the third card? And the “orange” dog (wolf?) is actually the orange pants in the third card?

    But the first card was so peaceful and there is no red!

    I wonder also whether the water scorpion standing up like that is similar to the 6 sticks standing upwards? Perhaps that water scorpion has become the 6 sticks?!

    The first card, hand is coming out from solid clouds (firm clouds with firm black border around its outer linings!) while the second and third card has these “foggy” and blurry clouds…. the second card has the foggy part mixed with the sparkling thngs, but the third card is like the foggy-ness became wide and wied!!! So foggy back there!!!!

  4. Kiyasu Oka says:

    The first thing I noticed is that the yellow things are all so “small” in the three cards! This is probably the only thing that stood out to me!

    First card: only the pentacle is yellow, and kind of only takes up a small portion of the card
    Second card: small yellow sparkling(?) things, thin and narrow spikes, and that yellow moon shape on the top right inside the round whole moon is also “small area”
    Third card: the person’s inside clothes is yellow and is divided… left, middle, and right… like the yellow got “separated.”

    The spikes in the second card is the only thing that jumped out to me…. I really hope they are not some Spikes of Doom or something XD; Now that I write this, I also saw that annoyed expression on that person’s face… like, spikes is growing outwards and she is frustrated that she grew spikes outward. Then, the dog and wolf has this expression too.

    Now that I write this, I just noticed the person in the third card also has this expression…. in some ways is similar to the facial expressions on the second card!

    Hmmmm….. darn it, I am not sure what to make of this reading ^^;

    I really like how you pointed out what you first saw though — about the path leading to the mountains and how the pentacle became that moon! It is my favorite part of the video!

    So…. hmmm…. let’s see… that Pentacle becomes that spiked, annoyed moon. It kinda looks like she is annoyed by the howling too?! Like, “Aww come on, can you people or dogs just shut up?! I’m trying to think!!!! These spikes that are growing outwards FROM my round body is SO annoying, and I am not sure why!” Then the third card, the person’s facial expression kind of looks… numb? Or maybe it is “same usual thing… shoo shoo!”

    Hmmm…. not really sure what to make of this XD;

    • Kiyasu Oka says:

      OH! And one more thing!!!!

      I just noticed that the third card ALSO has the “path to the mountain”!!! Did you notice it, Kate? There is this river-like path down there and it looks like this guy (or girl? XD) is standing on the mountains!!!!!

      So, first card: smooth, plain bath to the mountains FAR away!! But before you get there, there is a Gate of Welcome that you have to pass through…. Could mean that after you leave your fertile soil of planting the seed, the journey will be tough?

      Second card: the path is less smooth… you see these “lines” inside the path… also that there is different altitudes of the path which is different from the first card (where the path is only “plain surface,” even though the green grass could be “uneven” on the left and right sides of the path, it is still “plain surface” in terms of altitude!!) There are also these two white “sticks” or barrier-like things on the Moon card…. standing tall… and compare this to the Gate of Welcome in the first card, it looks like the gate has widened (but lost its top, and instead replaced with that freaking moon). The mountains also grown more, the went from “white” to “darker gray”….

      AND there is that water scorpion (shrimp? something else? nah, I will call it “water scorpion”) maybe popping out of the water in that card and maybe heading towards the red dog… and you can see that the ripples has a certain pattern and there is a rock nearby the grass!! The rock could symbolize the mountains…

      Also that the red one is howling while the tan-yellow-ish one is… I don’t know, but that facial expression and how it is SORT OF yellow-ish….

      I just noticed there are “small sticks” standing up on the Ace of Pentacles card, by the way. Then the sticks become the shorter grass near the water scorpion! Not sure what that mark at the bottom right of the Moon card is…

      Third card: STICKS!!!! (Phallus, for Veronica people!) The “small sticks” from the first card is now those LONG sticks!!! Notice how the in the first card it is grassy and has some length AND is at the bottom of the card. Then in the Moon card there are those “sticks” as grass near the water scorpion, AND there are “sticks” for those white barriers.

      The mountain that guy (or girl) is standing on still has the river path, and is like he/she is on top of THE world! But feeling numb…. and “blah” and “whatever”-ish…. sort of? XD

      Both the first two cards have the yellow “in” the sky, but the third card has the yellow INSIDE the person…. so it’s not a “up in the sky” thing any more… well, sort of, because the person is “on top” of the mountains and his/her body is still kinda “in” the sky.

      So both STICKS!!!! (I don’t know whether Veronica reads this)… in the first two cards are green, and notice how in the third card the green became WOOD (but still has some green leaves scattered through various parts of it).

      That thing at the bottom right of the Moon card also shows up on the bottom right of the third card…. and maybe even the first card too? So here’s another similarity for you! 😀

      Also notice that the third card, the person has uneven shoes!!! The shoe on the left of the card seems to be one of those slippery, almost falling down the cliff kind of “stand firm!” postures, while the longer (longer? bigger?) shoe is standing steadily and kinda “at peace.”

      It also looks like the sticks in the third card are ALL trying to “stand tall” or “grow upwards” or “move upwards” while the one stick that the person is holding is having this “cross” posture and all like “No, I don’t want to GROW upwards!!! Keep it down, keep it down, keep it DOWN!!! I am already at the TOP of this mountain, so what do you want anyway?! Pffft, all these annoying sticks!” (Except with less passion and aliveness because the person’s expression is like she is numb… she is emotion-less… maybe he/she lost the ability to FEEL emotions or at least passion, since this is a Wands card, and is all apathetic and bleak and numb over life’s “conflicts.”)

      Then the Moon card and the Wands card both have that “VII” on the top of the card…. except the “XVIII” looks like the Needles of doom forced it to the top!! So it’s very narrow and “stuck.” Like, it got pierced or somethng! Even the needles are shorter there — have you noticed? It looks like the needles are cut off OR either it got stuck inside the “body” of the XVIII.

      But the “VII” has a space between the top border of the card, in lighter blue, symbolizing freedom maybe… or space… and lighter blue sky, while the Moon card has a darker blue sky in a crowded, spiky space.

      But the first card? Just pure white…. FULL of space! White or blank-ness!

      Also notice that the third card, the background sky is all foggy!!… until you reach to the very top where the VII is, that is!

      There is also that “foggy” thing near the mountain part of the Moon card!

      But the first card is just pure white, pure emptiness, a lot of space for freedom and simple thinking.

      While the Moon card is like that moon is pissed or frustrated she has SO MUCH to think about, and wants to shut the dogs up.

      Third card is like because he/she has soooo much to think about, and she somehow denied feeling her passion any more… it was not as expected, perhaps. And all the conflicts made her numb…. so she doesn’t feel her passion, and she doesn’t exercise her numb brain. (OK, I’m pretty sure she is a girl now… I hope XD)

      The conflict was too much that she shut down her passion, so she is on top of the mountain but not feeling passion. “Meh, just the same old thing. Shoo shoo. Whatever. No need to grow taller, shoo!”

      OH, and notice there is a darker green that is a part of the Gate of Welcome in the first card…. and then now that gate became the darker green lands in the background of the second card… then in the third card, there are no more darker green background. Instead, the person wears the same light green shirt and became almost “whole” with it (divided off by the yellows!! The yellows!!! Related to the yellows from the Pentacle and Moon and the shiny stuff?!)

      SO…. what to make of these three cards? I am not sure XD; But I hope sharing what I noticed can help you figure something out! XD;;

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