Unboxing the Spacious Tarot!

The older and more irritable I get, the more I have come to appreciate decks that have a simple art style – you know, something that leaves you lots of room to breathe and contemplate. The Spacious Tarot excels at doing just that!

Join me as I go through The Spacious Tarot by Carrie Mallon and Annie Ruygt – showing you each card and then doing a two card reading at the very end (intended to be relevant to whomever is drawn to watch this video!)

To purchase The Spacious Tarot: https://thespacioustarot.com/

I can really see myself using this deck in my professional Tarot readings. The cards feel safe and non-threatening without being soft and wimpy and the deck in general just feels good – in both a physical and energetic sense.

I looked at images of this deck online and thought that looks like a great deck! but when I saw the cards in person for the first time it was a totally different experience – I was really touched by how some of the Majors were depicted. The High Priestess is breathtaking and I love how The Fool makes you feel like you are right there, about to leap off a cliff!

What I like most about this deck is how refreshing it feels – no clutter, no annoying people, just beautiful energy, animals and Tarot symbols.

I’ll be using this deck for my next weekly reading, so stay tuned!

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