Tarot Reading for Feb 24 – Mar 1st

Um, it’s almost March already?! What happened? Okay, so for this reading I’m using my Playful Heart Tarot, which is my new favourite deck!

Have a great week!

4 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Feb 24 – Mar 1st”

  1. Hi Kate, thanks for this reading. I saw your unboxing of this deck as well. It’s a really delightful deck.
    I like the artist’s interpretation of the 10 Swords. This is a card for which I’ve changed my feelings over time as a result of readings and listening to others’ interpretations. What strikes me in this particular card is that it is a balloon, but it’s not been deflated by the swords, just pinned down. The crooked smile on the balloon makes me feel hopeful – the balloon is uncomfortable, but will be up again in a minute 🙂
    As well, perversely, the 10 Swords kinda makes me think of acupuncture – sharp objects redirecting energy, sort of painful but you’re better for it – I think – never had acupuncture…
    Anyway, many thanks again, Kate, for this lovely reading!

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