Unboxing the Playful Heart Tarot by Kitten Chops

If you know me, you know I fucking LOVE cats! And I like happy stuff. I like feeling good and I like to do Tarot readings that leave me feeling uplifted. If you also like all of the above, you will love the Playful Heart Tarot!

Join me as I go through the Playful Heart Tarot by Kitten Chops – showing you each card and then doing a one card reading at the very end (intended to be relevant to whomever is drawn to watch this video!)

To purchase the Playful Heart Tarot: https://www.kittenchops.com/playful-heart-tarot

This is one of those decks that I’m going to save for personal use only (well, other than doing my weekly youtube readings!). I’ve been doing lots of journaling lately and this deck has really helped me in that process.

These cards are fun, cheerful and uplifting but are also surprisingly deep. This isn’t one of those fluff decks that make you smile but have no other purpose other than looking cute – oh no! This deck will help you root out your dark places and shine a light on them.

I think my favourite thing about this deck is how it helps you cultivate playfulness and joy in your day to day life, which is what I’m using it for right now!

I’ll be using this deck for my next weekly reading, so stay tuned!

Daily Tarot Girl