Tarot Reading for Feb 17 – 23

Here is your Tarot reading for the week ahead, complete with help from my cats! I’m using the Shadowscapes Tarot for this reading…

Have a good week 🙂

6 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Feb 17 – 23”

  1. Hi, Kate. 🙂 Wonderful tarot reading.

    I had a question about one of your spreads. I think it’s called the Crush’s Secret Fantasy spread. I just need help interpreting the cards I pulled.

    1. Crush’s secret fantasy & deepest desire: 6 of Rods (Wands)
    * 9 of Pentacles
    * 10 of Pentacles

    2. How to make your crush powerless to your charms: 9 of Rods
    * Page of Cups
    * The Empress

    3. Sexy potential: You and your crush (in bed): King of Pentacles
    * Knight of Cups
    * Knight of Rods

    And the Devil fell out as I finished the reading.

      1. Melisah M Jenkins

        You’re welcome, Kate. 😊 I think I’ll try the spread again with a clearer mind. Lol.

        I apologize I didn’t see your reply until now. But I’ll be sure to try out more of your spreads in the future and document them in my new tarot bullet journal. 🙂

  2. Hi Kate,
    Thanks for a nice reading and reflection. Always look forward to your weekly readings.

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