Tarot Reading for March 9 – 15

I am using the Playful Heart Tarot for this week’s Tarot reading…

Have a good week!

3 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for March 9 – 15”

  1. Hi, Kate
    I really liked the colors in this deck. The 6 of Cups had me somewhat confused as there are two herons or storks at the top of the card which at first I thought were eating a yellow baby chick! (LoL!) I now think they are eating lily pads.
    The Temperance card also has a large cup in which the figure is pouring all of her ideas and creativity into in order to create something fun and exciting. The fun colored strawberry is just one of her zany creations.
    This weeks reading is telling me to lighten up and do something creative and fun. Thank you for the reading.


  2. Hi Kate, I so related to your reading for March 9 – 15. It certainly struck a few chords for me at the moment (and I rather like the cuteness of the Playful Heart Tarot🙂). I could hardly believe it when the third card in the reading was Temperance and you talked about mixing the paint and getting the pencils out…although you were speaking metaphorically, a few days ago I enrolled on an art therapy online course and my husband, who is in England at the moment, bought me a special set of colouring pencils and an art book (only yesterday, in fact) while out shopping! So it’s a ‘spot’ on reading for me as I walk away from a certain (not bad) period in my life and look for new and inspiring pathways and hopefully a brighter period on the domestic front.
    It’s always fascinating for me to see your interpretation of a 3 card weekly spread.
    Thanks, Kate 🙂

    PS. I was interested to learn that you foster cats and enjoy seeing them on your videos from time to time. A friendly cat (now nicknamed Pitstop) adopted us about a year ago and has become a regular visitor in our very rural situation.

    PPS. I recently finished reading one of the books recommended on your website ‘À Magical Course in Tarot’ and must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the writer’s style, as well as finding it informative and easy to read.

    On a final note, I have a cousin who has lived in Sidney BC for many years! We still email each other occasionally.

    1. Hi Joyce!
      I’m so happy my reading resonated with you 🙂
      Isn’t it funny how cats will adopt people? I have a friend who has three cats and all of them were strays that just started hanging out at her place.
      Good to hear you enjoyed “A Magical Course in Tarot” – it’s one of my faves!


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