Tarot Reading for April 6 – 12

For this week’s Tarot card reading I’m joined by my foster kitty Dalia and I’m using The Spacious Tarot

Stay healthy and have a good week 🙂


7 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for April 6 – 12”

  1. Great reading Kate! Under the circumstances that we are all (mostly?) experiencing now, I found it pertinent to our thinking (Swords), as so many are at home – I’m thinking – that many are doing a lot of thinking, as they would normally be working, etc.
    They have also just reported heart damage in some patients that didn’t have it before. I also view the 3oS as a “this too shall pass” card, however, in the case of this deck – the cracks must be attended to, if not, they can become bigger, causing more problems.
    When I first saw the Strength card I thought of the rose – it’s beauty – but also it’s protection – with the “social distancing” going on – we can be polite and gracious and strong – from a distance.
    Years ago I cut out a quote that said, “Boredom is a matter of choice, not circumstance.” I found this in the 70C this morning. We have so many choices – possibly not to our liking…
    All those thoughts in our head(s) coming at us (90S) causing confusion (70C), we must stop and smell the rose (the flower on the cactus – I don’t think the cactus rose really has a fragrance… ??)
    Lastly – the 30S – for some people there really will be heartbreak – and there lives will never be the same – (cracks in cement, ground, whatever – even when repaired, is often left with damage to the “integrity” of it).

  2. This was a great reading. I love the Strength Card. May I ask what deck is this card from.

    Thank you


  3. Thanks for another very interesting interpretation, Kate, with sensible advice for the week ahead. I found your comments about the Three of Swords particularly enlightening (if that’s the right word!) as this is a card which I often find hard to ‘read’. In fact I drew it from my pack a couple of days ago, when it was one of the cards I least expected and so felt a bit confused by its appearance…but now I have a better understanding, thanks to your reading today! I also enjoyed your interpretation of the Strength card, depicted by a cactus, rather than the ‘lady with the lion’ in more traditional decks. Stay well🙂

    1. Hi Joyce!
      I’m glad you enjoyed my reading 🙂 The 3 of Swords used to be a card I struggled with too, but over time I’ve managed to gain a deeper understanding of it. I’m so happy my interpretation was helpful for you!

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