Save the World…by NOT Being an Assh*le!

Guess what? After a 2 year hiatus, My evil twin Veronica is baaaaack! And she has everything I don’t….copious cleavage, hordes of cute guys trailing after her and a hankering for day drinking. She’s here to ejaculate some sass and giggle into your day with her Tarot “wisdom” and terrible life advice.

Hezicos Tarot by Mary Griffin

If you think saving the planet involves doing a bunch of stuff, you’re wrong. As usual.

If you’re serious about making this world a better place and you’re not just in it for the endless virtue-signalling, circle jerk of social media, then listen up…

You don’t actually need to do anything.

Just DON’T be an asshole!

It’s that simple.

But don’t try to be nice. Don’t try to be a “good person” because then you’d be doing something and you’d probably just fuck it up.

The Four of Swords is telling you to DO LESS. And most importantly – THINK LESS. Not in a dumb sort of way but in a relaxing sort of way.

I know everyone tells you you’re supposed to shoot for the stars and bust through your blocks and be the best version of yourself, but…. the world is also full of assholes, so maybe there’s a correlation?

Do less. Want less. Be less. Fuck things up less.

Make that your mantra for the weekend and you’re good to go!

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10 Responses to Save the World…by NOT Being an Assh*le!

  1. Marie Nicole says:

    Usually I work weekends (Friday thru Sunday). For once, I’m off today Saturday.

    Played outside all day – taking care of plants, walking on trails, picking last blackberries, listening to the birds and watched the wild turkeys take their flight up in the trees!
    That’s the 4 of Swords!

    Great Veronica!

  2. Paul Cleague says:

    Veronica Noir for President!

  3. Steve Gamerdinger says:

    Interesting. Today is the start of a rare three day weekend, and earlier this evening I decided to rest, relax, and recharge. No to do list. The Four of Swords represents exactly what I have in mind. Already have a snack, a large cup of chamomile tea, meditation music playing, and lavender incense burning. Cheers!

  4. Jessica Kovach says:

    Lol, I love this so much Veronica! The best advice I’ve heard.

  5. lol, love it. Sooooo missed Veronica!

  6. Felipe Zahtariam says:

    I had to read this! Thanks Veronica! LOL

  7. Denise says:

    yeah! totally right!!! Cheers!

  8. Teresa Alonso says:

    You’re damn right, Veronica!! Cheers to you!! 🙂

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