Win a Free Scholarship for my Tarot Course!

Emma (who posted on
September 5, 2020 at 5:58 pm)
Sue O (who posted on September 6, 2020 at 4:12 am)

Congratulations Emma and Sue! I look forward to having you in my class 🙂

A big huge thank you to everyone who entered ♥ It took me all evening to read each and every post and I have to say…I am impressed. So many of these entries were really, really good and choosing a winner was not an easy task. Thank you everyone for taking the time to be creative and share your thoughts on these cards – you are all bright and shining Tarot stars 🙂



I realize that times are tough right now and not everyone can afford to take my 4-week Tarot course (even if they really, really want to!).

I decided to offer a free scholarship for one student….and then a very generous student of mine (who wishes to remain anonymous) offered to pay the tuition for one lucky person – so now there are TWO scholarships available!

So…if you’d like to enter to win a free scholarship to my upcoming course The Daily Tarot Girl’s Guide to Intuitive Tarot Reading, here’s how to qualify….


1) You must actually want to take my course. So if you’re not familiar with it, take a peek over here and make sure it’s your cup of tea!

2) Have a look at the 3 cards below – they have advice for you about the week ahead. Using ONE SENTENCE PER CARD (yes, I know that’s hard!), what do you think that advice/message is?

*Please feel free to get creative here. Have fun with this! Be as serious or playful as you like. Your interpretations may or may not match the “book meanings” of the cards – that’s okay!

3) Post your interpretation in the comment section below.

The deadline for entering this challenge/contest is Monday, Sept 7th @ 12 noon PDT. I will post an update to this blog post, announcing the winners on Monday evening!!!

Good luck & have fun 🙂

Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba

143 thoughts on “Win a Free Scholarship for my Tarot Course!”

  1. In the beginning of the week…
    …an opportunity will present itself, one that will result in prosperity, like a dream coming true.

    By the middle of the week…
    …others will notice your good tidings and grow envious of your “wealth; in such a manner, that you will be called to stand and defend yourself.

    At the end of the week…
    …the same ones that you defended against, will seek your wisdom and guidance by way of connecting with them on an emotional level; thereby, resulting in forgiveness and love.

  2. Thank you, Kate, for this amazing opportunity! I loved your reading; the Everyday Witch Tarot (which I learned about from you) is now one of my favorite decks. I have felt drawn to Tarot for a long time, and when I happened to see your contest with just about an hour left before the submission deadline, I took it as a sign that I should take a chance. It would be a privilege to take your course! So here goes:

    1. In the midst of the endless changes of life, there some constants, like cats batting around bits of fluff, and you can choose to focus on change or constancy.

    2. When you are the focus of attention, will you shrink back into a defensive crouch and assume violence, or will you rise to the occasion to turn the encounter to joy, and show everyone how to dance?

    3. By nourishing the earth and those around you, you nourish yourself.

    Thanks again! Many blessings to you and all who take this course!

  3. Hello Kate, I’ve been following your blog for several years with much enthusiasm however I haven’t had the time or money to partake in one of your courses. Both my kids returned to school full time this week and with a big career change on the horizon for me, I now find myself in a position to do something for myself – and that is focusing on my tarot and spiritual development. What a fantastic kind gesture from you and your anonymous friend.

    Here are my interpretations…

    1) Wheel of Fortune – come on down and spin the Wheel of Fortune for a chance to control your own destiny and manifest your dreams!

    2) Seven of Wands – you’ve come so far on your path to success yet now is the time that you will need to stand your ground and fight for what is rightfully yours – and you will succeed!

    3) Queen of Cups – following your turbulent journey you are now holding your heart in her hands – looking for a way to connect with your emotions and find peace and serenity.

  4. 1. The upcoming week will gift you with a rare chance, that you probably could not even hope for.
    2. This chance may be related to a goal that is quite hard to achieve. Lots of folks may be involved, and majority being your rivals rather than supporters. But despite all the odds, you will get what you want.
    3. This victory of yours will bring you peace and comfort, it will allow you to develop spiritually and emotionally and will provide you with nurturing energy for the upcoming months or even years.
    P.S. These cards describe this competition situation pretty well😀

  5. *********
    •• Wheel•• Beg. of week- An AWESOME opportunity will be awarded to me, a Scholarship to Daily Girl’s Guide to Intuitive Tarot Reading!!!!

    •• 7 Wands•• Middle of Week- Advices myself to stay strong as feelings of ‘did I deserve to win’ after reading all the other seriously great entries.

    •• Queen Cups•• End of Week- I will embrace my luck and feel emotionally confident, excited, gracious, and ready to learn from an inspiring teacher (Kate😁).

  6. *********
    •• Wheel••. Beg. if week- An AWESOME opportunity will be awarded to me, a Scholarship to Daily Girl’s Guide to Intuitive Tarot Reading!!!!

    •• 7 Wands•• Middle of Week- Advices myself you stay strong as feelings of ‘did I deserve to win’ after reading all the other seriously great entries.

    •• Queen Cups•• End of Week- I will embrace my luck and feel emotionally confident, excited, gracious, and ready to learn from an inspiring teacher (Kate😁).

  7. Card one the Wheel of Fortune: take chances for your desires for great things or for the taking.

    Card 2 7 wands: known and unknown some unknown or against you have confidence in your abilities to overcome.

    Card three the Queen cups: do love beautiful strong woman bring happiness do you possibly my life.

  8. 1) When opportunities arise this week, decide your path quickly, know you are strong, and you will do what is best for your family and self.
    2) Others may try to take your power this week and push you against your will, but stay strong, protect your heart, and do what you know is rightfully good regardless of what others may think.
    3) As water can give life, be prepared to help others (especially those that others may not choose to help) and by doing so, you will start to transform and birth your internal development.
    *All 3 cards resonate the #7: 7 stripes, 7 wands, 7 fish ~ Your week ahead will end with a feeling of completion.
    Thank you 🙂

  9. It’s time to stop deliberating and planning for all eventualities and remember that sometimes in life it’s necessary to give something a go, to take a chance on something, to spin the wheel!

    Time to dig deep and defend your position, but first check whether some of those accusatory fingers belong to your own hand, and if so, what are they trying to point out?

    Queen of Cups has arrived for the weekend to balance the week wonderfully with a simple message – if you can, go and visit your favourite water body, be it river, lake or sea and practice being truly open, without expectations  –  to whatever feelings and insights may come to you there.

    I thought I’d have a cheeky spin of the wheel, without expectations 😉
    Good luck, everyone!

  10. The Wheel is spinning, but we’re not going anywhere but home. No matter what comes up, stand your ground and don’t back down. At the end of the week, take some time to ground your emotions and chill.

  11. 1. As The Wheel of Fortune shows up to shake things up and inform you that a much larger plan is in action, you may experience life from the metaphorical passenger’s seat for a while.
    2. Seven of Wands says face up to this situation – assert your point of view, stand by what you value and never compromise or settle for less.
    3. Queen of Cups says mastery of emotional integrity – the ability to always look on the bright side of things, utilizing sensitivity and relying on intuitive ability rather than common sense.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to pursue to my dreams !!!!

  12. Hi Kate,
    From the other side of the world (Israel), really excited about this opportunity, thanks.

    1. Accept the randomness that brought you to this point, let go of blame and frustration.

    2. Embrace the forceful energy within you, it will lead you to…

    3. Fruitful results, peacefulness and self love. You might feel insecure now, but you have power to overcome all self doubt and become the queen of your week goal.

  13. Wheel of Fortune Card: House at the top of the wheel indicates Fortune on the rise for any issue regarding where you live, her have us in the the wheel so you can handle it

    7 of Wands: Others may point at you as the problem, psychic attack, strong energetic boundaries necessary

    Queen of Cops: On the edge of the water with bare feet, connected to ones emotions yet grounded,

  14. Elizabeth Castillo

    The witch’s enigmatic smile encourages you to come up and take a spin and become an active participant in the next chapter of your life

    You are a fearless witch, armed with your wand and trusty side kick, you’re ready to defend your principles

    Queen of cups is urging us fishes and cats to take the time to blend both our intuition and logic to deepen our understanding

  15. Kate,
    I dont know if this is going to make it to you. I desperately need some guidance and mentoring. Im stuck I watch you all the time and I get alot out of your videos but I could soar to new heights if I was able to take your course so here goes.
    Card #1: life is always changing cycles starting and ending.
    Card#2: Do not be too quick to react, be still.
    Card#3: trust your gut get in touch with your emotions.
    Short and sweet Kate. I want nothing more than to get unstuck and be the best reader I can be. I want to help others it’s truly my calling.
    Thank you

  16. Hi Kate
    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Your life is going through a new season one that offers you real growth on a spiritual level , you’ll find these changes challenging but continue along the path despite all the resistance that you meet. Be on the look out for a woman who’s compassionate and intuitive, She’ll help you get tot he heart of the issue and support you on your journey.

    Gwen 🙂

  17. Hello Kate,
    I really, really want to take your course!!! Thank you to you and Your anonymous friend who is helping someone take this class who can’t afford to right now but wants to so-so badly!!
    My message for the week is with these 3 cards are:
    1. Be aware of your own power over your destiny, change and opportunities are coming you way.
    2. You are an unstoppable force who is confident in your beliefs and willing to fight for them.
    3. You must be openminded to the existence of unknown treasures that we know very little of so we may learn from them.

    I feel very optimistic this reading is saying an opportunity (being chosen for the scholarship for this class) is something I want to fight for so I may learn the beautiful treasures Kate has to offer to me.
    Thank you for the chance!!

    1. It is time to take a chance.

      Do not be put off by all the other entries.

      After doing the course….. I will feel a much deeper emotional connection to the Tarot cards.

  18. Step right up, stroke the charming cat for good luck, and take your turn at the Wheel of Fortune. Yes, there are many people thrusting their Wands, vying for Kate’s attention but you, too, deserve an opportunity to become a confident tarot reader through the esteemed Daily Tarot Girl. You are an intuitive, caring Queen of Cups with a goal of helping and nurturing others through Tarot, and here is an opportunity to attain your goal.

    Thank you!

  19. (Wheel) Step into your destiny by taking the tarot course.
    (7 of Wands) You have lots of competition for a place in the class
    (Queen of Cups) Oh, the gifts you’ll receive if you follow your heart.

  20. Thank you for the opportunity, Kate. That’s so generous of your part!

    The lessons I got from the cards are:
    #1 Wheel of Fortune – Adopt a positive and uplifting posture from the challenges this week proposes because you never know where good fortune will manifest in your life.
    #2 Seven of Wands – Learn how to defend yourself, after all a good Witch always has a magical spell under her sleeve.
    #3 Queen of Cups – Let your energy flow and share with love the lessons you’ve learned.

    Take care!

  21. Card 1
    Things are about to turn around for you your luck is in but it all depends on decision s you make
    Card 2
    You will have to fight hard to knock down obstacles in your way but keep the faith
    3. Your hard work has paid off and you shall eat at the top table basked in sunshine and light all your bad luck is behind you and you will swim and not sink…

  22. 1. You have an abundance of good choices coming up for new opportunities.
    2. You will need to maneuver through many decisions which will require you to concentrate and focus.
    3. Be open and share of yourself, your skills, your advice, your abilities and whatever you have to offer with those around you.

  23. Flip a coin, roll the dice, spin the wheel – take a risk for a change.

    Tell everyone who’s on your back to get fucked.

    Take the day off and go to the beach.

  24. Anything can happen this week, so be prepared. You may feel like you’re beset on all fronts, that you’re backed into a corner, but you have the high ground, so be strong and fight the good fight, and you’ll get through it. The Queen of Cups shows that if you keep an open heart you’ll find your inner calm and, at the end of the week, you’ll emerge from the tumult just fine and everything will be looking up.

  25. Tracie Mansberger

    1. Trust yourself to use all the tools available to you.
    2. You can overcome the obstacles and self doubt.
    3. The connected life you are working toward is within reach.

  26. (Wheel) A chance for a new opportunity is at hand.
    (6-Wands) But there are other people who want the same chance and want to knock you out of the running of the opportunity.
    (Queen of Cups) A kind empathic woman will use her intuition and help as many as she can,

  27. Thankyou for this opportunity Kate.
    Below is what comes to my mind after seeing the cards.
    This week destiny and fate will be in your favour so go ahead and enjoy the that lottery ticket and participate in contests will be surprised that things will spin in your favour.
    There could be tough competition from others but dont worry..just defend your self and stay aware and strong .
    You will win just remember that and believe in your self.

    The final card says that you are extremely intuitive and this week what ever you decide and choose with intuition will lead you to victory. So go ahead and listen to that inner voice and just believe in your self and your intuition this will win!

  28. Thanks Kate for this opportunity… 🙂

    I needed to look up the meanings of each card, as I’m not versed in true Tarot meanings. These are the basic meanings for these three cards:
    The wheel of fortune is about new beginnings,
    The seven of wands is about challenges, competition and authority
    The Queen of cups is about being loving, tenderhearted, intuitive…

    However, the big picture that I truly feel is this: This three card reading speaks about the opportunity the person who receives the scholarship will have, the challenges that they will come across and overcome and the opening of their intuitive side which will allow them opportunities to help others with their readings.

    Thanks again, Deb 🙂

  29. Thank you for this opportunity Kate! I enjoy watching your videos on YouTube. Here is my interpretation of this three card layout…

    I see this as a new opportunity to learn Tarot (Wheel of Fortune). And it is important to not give up on my dreams and goals even if I’m feeling challenged (7 of Wands). If I am awarded this opportunity I’ll probably spend my time learning at my local park or take the tarot to the beach (Queen of Cups)!

  30. 1. Manifesting time is here so thunk positive,
    2. Even tho you might feel back into a corner, you are strong enough to get through it, with your guides helping you,
    3. You will be abundant in emotions ands material things.

  31. Card #1: Anything can happen this week so be ready.

    Card #2: There is a strong possibility that you might find yourself in a challenging situation, but you should keep your chin up and stand your ground.

    Card #3: There will also be an opportunity for you to relax and nurture yourself by spending time with loved ones and/or in nature.

  32. This week, relinquish control to follow the winds of change. Remember, that you have the upper hand and the advantageous position to overcome any obstacle. Be ready to listen with your heart and lend a compassionate ear to a friend in need.

  33. 1.What you want is in front of you, all you have to do is set your intentions and watch your life dreams unfold.
    2.The path may seem fraught with challenges but keep going as you are about to reach a pivotal stage in your journey.
    3. You arrive at the point you have been wishing for and are blessed with abundance in all forms, love, wealth and gratitude, you have arrived.

  34. Wheel of Fortune: your life is always turning with the card facing right up means change is coming your way for the better.

    Seven if wands: You are having a difficult time and are struggling with the decision of which way to go. But you must stand grounded and fight for what you believe in.

    Queen of cups: You have a heart of gold, always being the mother figure and protective with a sense of kindness always with open arms.

  35. 1-Time for tryingyour luck in this free spin wheel to earn this scholarship
    2-strike out the funniest idea from this competition to earn this free scholarship
    3-the queen 0f cups(daily tarot girl )willawardyou for your answers

  36. Hi Kate, I’m posting my interpretation again because I don’t see it in the comments below and was afraid it might not have gone through. I hope that’s ok. Thank you for this generous opportunity.

    1). While your concerned about what life may bring, remember to pay attention to the little things right in front of you.
    2). Be ready to shift your perspective when your attention and energy is pulled many directions.
    3). Remember to take some time to ground and replenish yourself emotionally so you can better manage all the little things.

  37. Times have changed and now just might be the right time to take a chance on something that has been on your mind for quite awhile. You may feel defensive about the choice you are about to make, and fear what people are going to think about what you are doing. Despite your fears, there will be someone to mentor you through this process, someone who will be there to support you during this time.

  38. 1. The only thing you can count on is change, so be prepared for a change in luck.
    2. You might be feeling personally attacked by more than one person, don’t let yourself be or feel victimized
    3. If you take care of all of your responsibilities for the week, the weekend you should be able to relax, unwind, do whatever you want!❤

  39. Life’s a crapshoot. Sometimes things go against you. Stay calm and tap into your intuition to escape the drama.

  40. 1) This week offers so many possibilities, go for it.
    2) But you might feel insecure, defenceless but stand for your beliefs and maintain control. You’ve got this.
    3) Abundance is at your feet, follow your intuition, be creative, embrace life.

  41. Wow! I love the energy of this deck 🙂

    My interpretation goes as follows:

    1) The WHEEL: The time has come to get in touch with your inner guidance at a deeper level.

    2) Seven of WANDS: Even though you face multiple challenges, you have within the power and wisdom to face your fears and align even better with your truth.

    3)Queen of CUPS: After all the inner and outer work you’ll have a time to enjoy the beauty and light of your Higher Self in harmony with all sentient beings.

    Thanks for this change, Daily Tarot Girl!

  42. Card #1: Bring an open and confident attitude to the new week, and you can learn from and better handle whatever life throws your way.

    Card #2: Midweek, sticking to your guns can seem challenging, but perhaps see it as an opportunity to define your true values and motivations.

    Card #3: At the end of the week, cool your energy and mood by shifting your attentions from yourself to others, and sensing their needs.

  43. You need to trust that you are protected from Spirit (Wheel of fortune) and to be willing to give a fight (7 of Wands) in order to protect what is deep inside your heart (Queen of Cups).

  44. Wheel of Fortune:
    This week you make a decision, there will be many options available to choose from.

    Seven of Wands:
    People around you may question your decision this week so remain confidant you made right decision for you.

    Queen of Cups:
    The Queen of Cups is serene and calm while releasing the small fish trapped in the seashell and like her, by the end of the week, you will feel relaxed and free from any self-doubt of whether you made the right decision or not.

  45. 1. Take a chance and apply for the new job – see what happens I’ve got nothing to lose!

    2. There’s no need to defend my actions or justify my decision if I’m happy with my decision .

    3. Now relax – don’t stress about the job application , be with my children and just be happy !

  46. You have inspired me to use the cards as a vehicle to tap into my inner wisdom, which has been an extraordinary resource for me during my own grief. I’d love to do this course and connect more with you and your work!

    1. Wheel of Fortune: An invitation to sit on the feeling that each moment is a new beginning. Luck and chance. A reminder that it’s up to us to make choices to improve or emotional, mental and physical life. The Wheel says:’Don’t feel the world is against you, join in the cosmic dance and be part of the show, be your own choreographer’.

    2. Seven of Wands: Defiance and self-belief. A grounding card to assert our needs and set boundaries with ourselves and others. We will encounter our demons, shadows and fears that might stop us and make us feel fragile, however, this card invite us to resit those inner critics and find our own alignment from a place full of love.

    3. Queen of cups: Emotional understanding and a truly feeling of compassion towards others is what we need more than ever. This card transmits the importance of connecting with our communities with a tender heart and open ribcage to grow on a personal and collective level.

    sending love to everyone,


  47. A scholarship for this course would be truly invaluable, thank you for the opportunity. Here’s my interpretation of the spread:

    Many opportunities may present themselves in both obvious or unexpected ways, greet them all with warm curiousity and be open to the multitude of ways the paths from them may each unfold.
    You may feel the need to stand your ground or be on the defensive but that may only be at the surface value, stand firm in your light and creative prowess, and with a little help, you may be able to see the opportunities for growth and progression blossom all around you.
    A true master of your emotional intellect, you are able to use the wisdom and insight of your collective experiences to help guide your decision making and raise the vibration of yourself and those around you, both near and far, your grace of emotional grounding is a true pillar of strength to lean on this coming week.

  48. This week will draw a conclusion to a problem that has been troubling you. You can overcome the challenge and have success. As you are a loving caring person now is the time to put forward your own dreams and visions, dedicate yourself to what makes you happy.

    This is a truly wonderful opportunity and sending good luck to everyone who enters. Thank you for opening this scholarship. Highest of regards, Clair

  49. Kim paula Reeves

    Wheel of fortune 🔮 wow lovely card, there is a bit, now if you carry on being defensive about your emotions your not going to get the outcome you wanted so you need to calm down and try to get your emotions in check before you go forward with your plans, so let’s keep this wheel going in the right direction and that’s in the good of all and yourself, there maybe someone around you ( fire sign ) who is very defensive about how nothing bothers you realy, , they seem confused and a bit angry 😠, hey that’s ok because you no that you have your emotional state in tact and your driving your life in a solid direction because you no where your going, try not to let your intuition make you defensive either ok because you need your emotions in a solid form at the moment, think this fire sign no’s your on your way out the gate and is feeling it , I also see that if your starting a Project this will make you feel POWERFUL and will give you more confidence, you no your worth and if you don’t well you will soon enough 😀 hey I would say forget the haters and Concentrate on yourself and where your going 😀

  50. 1. Although you don’t have control over the outcome of the situation, it’s better right now to be playing than watching from the side. This way you open to opportunities that can only come from spinning the wheel.

    2. You will be confronted by obstacles and adversaries, some internal and some external. Stand your ground, this will bring the passion to continue with what is working and strength to release what is not. Don’t be too proud to learn from this situation.

    3. By the end of the week you will feel a renewed confidence in your intuition, strengthend by the outcome and peacefully powerful. This calm knowing overflows to those close to you and they benefit from your nurturing presence.

    1. Oops didn’t get the one sentence rule, let me try again…..

      1. Although you can’t know the outcome of your situation, keep spinning the wheel as this will bring opportunities that will move you closer to your goal.

      2. You may have to defend yourself and your actions and this will give you passion and insight into what is working and what needs to change in order to move forward.

      3. By the end of the week you will have more confidence in your intuition and yourself and be fillied with a feeling of peaceful power that will overflow to those close to you.

  51. You may be a little bored and wish to take a chance and play that game of life roulette this week.

    However, the outcome can potentially be less than positive so you may want to sharpen your wit, put your armour on and get ready for a fight.

    All is not lost, because by the end of the week you will get the chance to do something nice for someone (you will know who it is) and things will settle for you.

  52. 1.) Like a cat trying to choose our favorite reward, we have an open invitation to spin the wheel until we land on our “jackpot treat”, as our supreme “Cat Daddy”, Jackson Galaxy, would put it.

    2.) However, with so many choices, we must take caution and prepare ourselves before pouncing on anything, so we don’t become overwhelmed.

    3.) Upon reaching a decision, we receive our jackpot treat and feel content, but we must remember to let go of the things that limit us because we still need to nuture and stroke our pussy.*

    *Aw, crap! I think Veronica must’ve hacked my device. It’s not letting me edit this! Oh well. Sigh.

  53. Hi, I would love the scholarship and will interpret the cards as I see it from my perspective of having a brick and mortar business in the corona time. I read the cards past, current moment and future.
    1 – The past months have brought many changes
    2 – Currently you are fighting to keep your company running
    3 – This week a caring person offers you help wich helps you be more intuitive and that feeds your soul and lifepath.

  54. Isabelle Mirela Pociumb

    1. New ideas about moving or change something important appear on your mind, but take care, may be it is just an illusion, ask your angels to guide you.
    2. Keep your eyes open to some people and dont’ forget about real friend which always protect you.
    3. Be generous, help others and you’ll have soon prosperity, abundence and love in your life.

  55. In the past you have felt stressed but the source of these stressors is out of you control, so try to focus on what you can change to help put your mind at ease and leave the universe to what it will.
    Currently, things are not always as they seem, as our perceptions that can deceive us and keep us from understanding a situation objectively.
    The future is fertile, forgiving, and you can expect possibilities to manifest, though not always as you expect, so keep an open mind.

  56. First of all, I want to thank you for your generosity and wonderful offer. I can say that you are amazing and it would be a great honor for me to learn from you.

    This is how I would interpret the cards:

    Card 1: The wheel of fortune turns, giving you the opportunity to make the right choices in your life.
    Card 2: To do that, you have to stand up for yourself, believing in your inner feeling that you are doing the right thing.
    Card 3: Then your intuition will lead you on the right path of fulfilling your purpose in this life.

  57. #1 It may feel like the luck of the draw right now so keep your eyes and ears open.

    #2 You (and your familiar) may feel under siege but you confidently stand your ground.

    #3 Life rejoices with your loving, nurturing spirit and because of that you are always in flow.

  58. card 1 – your fortune is about to change, as the wheel is spun.
    card 2 – you will have to stand your ground, but know that you are supported by the universe (and by your familiar)
    card 3 – a beautiful outcome, joy and abundance

  59. Gene Meregillano

    Ok, here goes nothing…

    1. A good turn of events will bring me closer to one of my my goals.
    2. I’ll still have to prove myself and make the effort, it be easy.
    3. Whether or not I achieve that goal, I will be satisfied and better off from the experience and I will have grown emotionally as well.

  60. My week is going to starts off pretty well, and it will seem like I can do no wrong because the Universe has my back. However, by the middle of the week, I am going to have to defend myself for some amazingly “brilliant” Sagittarian comments I made about how unattractive my coworkers’ children look in their new school photos. Yet I need not worry because by the week’s end I will be at the beach relaxing by the water and have forgotten all about my upset workmates.

  61. Card 1: The witchy Vanna White is about to spin the wheel of fortune on your behalf, and she’s inviting you to ask yourself whether you feel lucky right now.

    Card 2: It’s possible you may be faced with a challenge or two, but you have not only your magic to assist you, but your feline helper, and anyone who has ever tangled with a cat knows that they don’t lose a battle!

    Card 3: Remember, we are never alone, and if we’re open to it, help will come to us from even the unlikeliest of allies.

  62. Hi Kate I watch your advice every week. I lie alone and wanted to do your course but I am on an age pension which one can really only just exist so I thought I would try for scholar ship.
    Wheel of fortune means you if you cannot have what you like, you Must like what you have as the wheel will turn tomorrow for you, and the sun will shine for you.
    Seven of wands means the witch is being challenged, but holding her own magic wand and with the cat protecting her she overcome all adversary
    Queen of cups, a sympathetic loving person who knows of the witches problems is offering her sympathy and sustenance. And soothing her troubled time as well as showing that her world can be a warm and inviting place.

  63. Step right up my friend and play,
    let’s choose the next direction is your way.
    Now this next part may make you queazy,
    but growing pains are never easy.
    The storm will calm, the sun will rise,
    your time is now to claim your prize.

  64. Thank you for this generous opportunity, Kate. Here are my one sentence interpretations of the cards above:

    1). While your concerned about what life may bring, remember to pay attention to the little things right in front of you.
    2). Be ready to shift your perspective when your attention and energy is pulled many directions.
    3). Remember to take some time to ground and replenish yourself emotionally.

  65. Thank you for this opportunity Kate! I love watching your videos on YouTube. Here is my interpretation:

    Life is an ever-changing cycle, and opportunities (like this lol) will present themselves for a limited time. You need to firmly stand your ground and realize your strength and potential as it is important to never give up on your dreams or ideas. If you’re feeling intimidated, surrounding yourself with nature or going to a quiet, peaceful place is key for keeping a positive mindset.

  66. How fun! Thank you for this opportunity 🙂

    10 – Wheel of Fortune
    Positive changes are coming but you do not have the power to choose or control them.

    7 of Wands
    You may have to be courageous in defense of your ideals but remembering who you are and your many gifts will get you through.

    Queen of Cups
    You know and understand what is needed and now you must trust that you already have everything you need to provide it.

  67. 1. This week several opportunities will be present for you, you will have to choose one.
    2. You will face obstacles trying to prevent your from walking along your path.
    3. Rest assure everything will be born easily, you have all you need to get it.

  68. Thank you for this opportunity! I have been wanting to take your course but haven’t been able to so far.

    #1 So many opportunities and choices ahead of you
    #2 Hold your ground, there will be many who do not agree with you and will try to dissuade you
    #3 In the end you will find your way with kindness, peace and love

  69. 1. Take a chance and choose something that you might have been afraid to try until now- the universe has your best interests at heart
    2. You will face obstacles, but have confidence that you are a boss ass witch and will be able to take on whatever is in your way.
    3. Pushing through the bullshit will lead you to a place of new beginnings and growth.

  70. 1) Wheel of fortune Hello old friend, what are we changing this time?

    2) Seven Wands: You again! What are we going after this time?

    4) Queen Cups: I know, I know. I’ve put my shields up.

  71. Big worldwide Plans are in the works for many & too many will be very dependent on these changes coming & the observer notices the details.

  72. 🎡 Freewill will pull you in many directions this week.

    💈 The direction you choose will provide a guided lesson,through unexpected conflict.

    🍷 You will get an overwhelming sense of emotions but nothing you can’t handle, as you have now transitioned from the student to teaching the lesson.

  73. Card #1 the opportunities are great at this time the choice is yours 😊
    Card#2 no matter what anyone tells you what you should or should not do stand your ground!
    Card #3 you are the master of your own emotions to what ever you want to create❤️

  74. The Wheel of Fortune is telling you that all the abundance in life is all around and available to you.
    The Seven of Wands is saying Stand your ground with determination, don’t let outside forces detour you from your path.
    The Queen of Cups says to allow your nurturing side to use the wisdom of your emotions to lovely receive and give to yourself and others in a balanced way.

  75. The universe challenges you through unexpected turn of events (change of luck).
    That makes you feel backed in a courner against those you once thought were your trip(friends)
    trying to protect your “emotional sanity “your peace of mind is at play .

  76. Marsharee harley

    1.Life is constantly changing so cherish the moments in your life and look for good opportunities
    2. You are working hard towards your goal and yet someone is attempting to block your path, you can persevere if you stand your ground.

    3.People will come to you seeking advice because they trust you and know you’ll have the right answer for them.

  77. 1. Take a chance on something that you have been wanting to do but we’re either afraid or unsure about.
    2. No matter what adversity is facing you have faith in yourself that you can and will come out a winner in the end.
    3. Be grateful for all you have. The abundance of the earth will sustain you as you give back to others.

  78. Bernice Beardsley

    The first card, life changes are coming, could be blessings, so watch for signs and sincronisities.
    The second card, being on the defensive of all you’ve worked for.
    The third, being there with compassion for anyone who needs some loving and companionate advice

  79. 1. The wheel shows that things are changing around
    2. The seven wands are feeling that with the change it feels like it backing you in to a corner
    3. With the queen showing the that the change coming it be with a lot love and there be a lot of abundance Cooma to you

  80. Things in the universe seem to be happening hap hazardous and this feel out of control. It can be easy too feel like everything is against You. But, have faith things will work out for the best and all things will come to light in time, Just Have Faith.

  81. Melissa Robinson

    Things are shifting and moving forward, just as the seasons are changing my ideas and path is also. Not all may agree with my choices, but I’m now ready to stand up for my beliefs and I realize that I am choosing for myself and what makes me happy. I need to take a well needed moment of self-care, things and events have been moving quickly but now is my chance to enjoy my moment.

  82. Despite the uncertainty of the last month, the beginning of the week offers a break from pressure and an opportunity for enjoyment and playfulness.

    People around me are tense and defensive but I must continue to not take these attacks personally.

    Things will flow more naturally if I am not forceful and surrender to the changes ocurring naturally.

  83. Life is about to take a new path.
    Others in life may not understand and put up some resistance.
    Stay true to yourself and follow your heart.

  84. Carmen Feliciano

    I would love to win a free tarot course.
    There’s going to be many ups & downs & challenges with other’s but at at the end, you will show compassionate towards others.

  85. Opportunities are abundant giving you a chance to expand your experiences for the better. Changes often bring about opposition causing you to look deeply into what you desire truly for better growth. From deep within your emotional being a new kinder, softer, loving way is breaking through from lessons learned towards a greater happiness and strength.

  86. #1 Give it a try; new knowledge can take you anywhere!
    #2 Communication is key and forging ahead despite obstacles will be beneficial.
    #3 Having the ability and desire is half the battle; support and encouragement abounds.

  87. Deborah Peterson

    My intepretation would be: You are in luck, your luck is going to change for good. Be prepared and make a good face to destiny.
    7 of wands. Just run and go for it. You will win destiny this time. Luck as said befor is on your side.
    Queen of Cups. Use your intuition this week to reach your destiny. Everything is on your side. You´ll make it.

  88. Tania Sneeringer

    You are being given another opportunity to alter your course/path to match what it is that you wish to align with.

    Through wanting change and making those changes, obstactles and challenges that stands in your way will be highlighted to push through and this wont be easy but if you dont react to it in the same way as before, youll breakthrough them.

    These changes will bring you to a calmer more balanced and aligned state of mind on all levels and its exactly what you need at this time to move forward.

  89. Wheel of fortune: start the week off with a new project.
    Seven of Wands: There will be obstacles that you will work through.
    Queen of cups: The outcome will develop your self esteem and intuition.

  90. Reposted I Made a typo in my email address

    1. The Wheel of Fortune says- Who knows what crazy thing will surprise you this week!
    2. The Seven of Wands reminds you to not give in and honor your boundaries.
    3. The Queen of Cups says it is ok to feel compassion for others and follow your own feelings at the same time 💞

  91. 1. The Wheel of Fortune says- Who knows what crazy thing will surprise you this week!
    2. The Seven of Wands reminds you to not give in and honor your boundaries.
    3. The Queen of Cups says it is ok to feel compassion for others and follow your own feelings at the same time 💞

  92. When the wheel of life spins be prepared for change.
    When it feels like everything is coming at you at once assertively stand your ground.
    When the heavy emotions hit like a tidal wave let yourself feel and allow them to flow through you.

    Thank you for this opportunity and gift.

  93. Okh…
    When i saw your course i was excited but when i saw the price… i took my steps back but lets see now if i ave any chance…🌿
    1)wheen of luck says it’s all up to you whether you want to eel lucky or not as her handis on the whell she can move it the way she want. Yes our luck is in our hand, if we are trying we are lucky if not then we are not
    2) seven of wands represents here the act, look how ready she is to fight with all her power she is determined is is all ready to take this step. People wann challenge her but she is like, COME ON, I AM HERE. FACE ME.
    3) Now queen of cups… she is so motherly, full of love and compassion. She is giving love to others and people are happy around her. A cool breeze in the environment even some cats are on her chair but she is so motherly she allowed them to play around her… it’s all about love. She is full of love.

  94. Love this deck!

    1)The week ahead will be full of possibilities and choices, ANYTHING is possible. 2)Some of these possibilities will have you feeling “backed into a corner”, threatened in some way. 3)But everything will end on a good note, with what feels like abundance at your fingertips (and some super cute kitties).

  95. Margaret Wilcock

    My interpretation of the three cards. Incidentally, I would love to do your tarot course. I think you are awesome. Wheel of Fortune: there is a new ‘spin’ of life coming in our energies right now. Seven Wands: not everyone is feeling the same way, so being open to criticism means at times we need to take a stand, and speak up for our own beliefs. Queen Cups: if we speak with love, no matter what we feel about things, then love will come back to us in many ways.

  96. Hi! I am a tech in a pharmacy, so here is my pharmacy interpretation…

    X Wheel of Fortune- will you get the gentle pharmacist to give your flu shot or the recent pharmacy school grad?
    Seven of Wands – Looking at that needle from the flu shot, feeling the fear and getting my immunization!
    Queen of cups – After your immunization, you give yourself tons of self love, take a long, relaxing bath with essential oils and a delicious beverage of your choosing.

  97. Wheel: The wheel goes up and down, but you got Attitude. Two Feet on the Ground, and a cat, so lookout world. The center of the wheel is constant. Stay in the center!

    Seven Wands: Dang, somebody always has something to say about your business! Hold your ground and don’t worry about Georgie (that’s the cat), she can take care of herself. Opposition will dissipate if you stand firm.

    Queen Cups: Well, it’s been quite a week. Time to have a Relax and a bit of Magical Mystical Nature interaction, and… look after the Kitties.

  98. Wheel of Fortune – start the week with completing a goal; something you have wanted to do but not had the time or energy to complete it.

    Seven of Wands – Middle of the week stand your ground on the decisions and goals you have completed; they are yours and no one else’s

    Queen of cups – End of week be enjoying some self-care and family/friend time; you have earned it

    1. It is time to get playful and ready for change with the many options that are opening up for me right now.
      I am ready to defend for what I believe in and the universe has my back.
      My cup of gentle love and care overflows.

  99. 1. Put your week into the hands of fate,
    2. Commence in a battle, you will win and not have to wait,
    3. Good times are ahead, your week will be great!

    (You may even win a scholarship from Kate!)

    1. oh my god, you’re my kindred tarot spirit. Haha! I forced myself to make my post before reading anyone else’s comments and also ended up deciding to do my reading in a poem 🙂 Your spin gave me a huge smile.

  100. Things will turn around in your life and you may feel that you don’t have control. There will be challenges, but don’t give up. Hold om and everything will calmed down. You will feel inner peace

  101. #1: “Look forward to the times ahead, no matter how absurd things can get!”

    #2: “Fight the good fight by not letting your struggles ruin your day!”

    #3: “The coast is clear, so chill out and enjoy your day with your surroundings.”

    Gave it my best shot!

  102. Card one: wheel of fortune — embracing change as the only constant of life (since the wheel is always turning), and not giving into the temptation to resist what might be beyond our control.

    Card two: seven of wands — having faith in our own beliefs in the face of external (or even, internal) criticism, and perseverance when it comes to holding our ground and having our own backs.

    Card three: queen of cups — stepping into our emotional strength, embodying the nature of lucid water (since water are equivalent to emotions in this suit), holding space and being kind towards ourselves and the people around us.

  103. I would absolutely love to be able to take your course!

    Wheel of Fortune – I have been struggling lately to let go and trust in life lately, so I believe this card is telling me to do just that. The wheel will keep spinning and I need to have faith that even though I’m down now, I’ll come back up inevitably.

    Seven of Wands – I feel like life has been coming at me nonstop lately, it’s been a constant struggle to get by. I’ve made it this far though, so I just need to keep pushing on.

    Queen of Cups – Things will finally start to calm down this week and I will be able to just have a break from the constant struggles/battles life has thrown at me lately. This break will give me the time I’ve needed to sort through my feelings and check in with myself.

  104. Natalya Gisilevich

    1. Maybe I can’t control everything that happens to me, but I need to stay calm in order to control how I deal with it.

    2. Before I stand my ground, I try be sure that it’s the right ground to stand on and that it’s important to be standing there.

    3. I should not overthink in order to not miss important things in front of me, but I need to trust my intuition to unstuck myself and move forward.

  105. Card 1: Lucky are those, not who get exactly what they want, but are happy to receive whatever life throws at them and have the attitude of making the best of it.

    Card 2: When something has got your hackles up, and you’re in that claw-their-eyes-out fight mode, it can be hard to see who’s the real enemy and who could actually be coming over to your side to help you.

    Card 3: Regard your own reflection with calmness, just see and feel what is there with patience and acceptance.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  106. Veronica Contreras

    These cards say to me:
    1) You are ready to manifest your dream of being a wonderful magical tarot princess.
    2) You need to stand your ground and fight off all other enticing tarot courses and follow your heart to the one and only, Daily Tarot Girl Guide to Intuitive Reading Course!!
    3) Allow for Queen Kate to guide you through this beautiful journey of the Tarot, which will result in wonderful happy giddy feelings. 🙂

  107. Natalya Gisilevich

    1) Maybe I can’t control everything that happens to me, but I stay calm and can control how I deal with it.

    2) Before I stand my ground, I try be sure that it’s the right ground to stand on and that it’s important to be standing there.

    3) I should not overthink but instead to use and trust intuition to solve problems.

  108. Jessica Contreras

    1. The women realized she can turn her life around and has all the tools she needs to be powerful manifestor.

    2. Stand your ground even when no one believes. Keep to yourself because people like to take words out of context. People talking bad.

    3. You have more than enough. Peaceful and serene are your best friends now. Life is good.

    1. Hello and this is my interpretation of the three cards.
      1.your life is evolving.
      2.make sure you stand up for what you believe in.
      3.use your heart.

  109. Jessica Contreras

    1. The women realized she can turn her life around and has all the tools she needs to be powerful manifestor.

    2. Stand your ground even when no one believes. Keep to yourself because people like to take words out of context. People talking bad.

    3. You have more than enough. Peaceful and serene are your best friends now.

  110. My interpretation of the three cards
    Card one: creating a life that you desire in this moment in Time

    Card 2: you may need to defined that choice against the bullies

    Card 3: now that your done dealing with everyone’s shit, take care of yourself and love yourself

  111. 1. Pay careful attention to the helpful advice that your smart cat has been sending you.

    2. Don’t let negative thoughts and advice keep you from believing in yourself.

    3. Bottle all fears, throw them far out into the waters, and enjoy the freedom this gives to you.

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