September 2020

Unboxing the Zodiac Goddess Power Deck!

Join me as I unbox the Zodiac Goddess Power Deck by Kathy Crabbe!

The Zodiac Goddess Power Deck is a new oracle deck by Kathy Crabbe, creator of the Lefty Oracle Deck and Elfin Ally Oracle. It blends two awesome things – the Zodiac signs and goddesses!

Order this deck here:

What I love about this deck is that it helps me better understand and connect with each astrological sign, as well as various goddess energies. The cards are beautiful, fun to work with and are a wonderful addition to my oracle deck collection!

This deck would be great for those new to oracle cards, as well as seasoned oracle and Tarot readers. The cards are fairly easy to connect with (thanks to Kathy’s gorgeous artwork!) and read right out of the box and it comes with a handy booklet, as well as some helpful info on the inside of the box (see video above for details).

I can’t wait to spend a bit more time getting to know these goddesses and journalling with them ♥

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Mystery, Illusions and….Cellulite Cream

Meet my evil, Tarot reading twin Veronica! Feeling lost? In need of some good advice? Well, you’ve come to the wrong place. Veronica loves nothing more than telling other people how to live (and ruin) their lives in spectacular fashion. So take her advice. If you dare…

The Cook’s Tarot by Judith Mackay Stirt

Things aren’t always what they seem. Illusions are everywhere!

I for one like to wear push up bras, lash extensions and deodorant. Now everyone thinks my B.O. smells like ylang ylang and vanilla! So mysterious.

The Moon tells us that we possess the ability to create illusions so that others see us how we’d like to be seen – whether it’s the perky breasted version of you or the blissfully happy, “so blessed” social media version of you.

Which is great!

But The Moon has a dark side (literally AND figuratively). While you fool everyone into thinking you have 4″ eyelashes, you are equally fooled by stuff.

Once I spent $80 on cellulite cream because I thought it would make me hotter than I already am. It didn’t work. I’m still just garden variety hot and not super hot. Oh well. At least my ass smells like vanilla caramel.

The Moon asks you – what illusions are you buying into? What illusions are you trying to create? And what’s the most you’ve ever spent on cellulite cream? I want to know…

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Unboxing The Cosma Visions Oracle!

The Cosma Visions Oracle is artist James R. Eads latest deck! He is also the creator of Light Visions and Prisma Visions Tarot and Green Glyphs Lenormand deck (all stunning, five star decks, in my opinion).

This deck was inspired by the spiritual journey we take between lives, which is a topic I’ve been fascinated by for most of my life (even when I was a weird kid).

Join me as I unbox this deck and take it for a test drive…

*To purchase or learn more about The Cosma Visions Oracle, go here.

First of all, I really love this deck – the cards feel luxurious and almost decadent with their lush colors and sumptuous images.

Beauty and high quality are what make this deck stand out from most of the decks I own and the gorgeous, sturdy box just adds to the enjoyment of these cards. I own three other decks by James and all of them are like this – high quality and super gorgeous.

These cards are thick and sturdy and have a matte finish – my fave! Edges are shiny dark blue/blackish, which is a nice departure from the typical gold.

A unique feature of this deck (and Jame’s other two Tarot decks) is how the minors, when lined up in order, form a continuous scene – I demonstrate this in my video above at 12:56.

Even though it’s called an Oracle deck, it follows the same structure of a Tarot deck but the major arcana and court cards have been renamed and re-imagined. Because of this, you might need to spend a bit of time getting to know this deck before you really hit the ground running with readings.

I suspect I will mostly use this deck for doing self readings and Tarot journalling, mainly because the images really beg to be contemplated (not quickly interpreted). This is a great deck to help you slow down and feel into the cards and really connect deeply with your intuition ♥

To purchase (or learn more) about the Cosma Visions Oracle, go here:


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The Tower: Disaster or Boner?

Meet my evil, Tarot reading twin Veronica! Feeling lost? In need of some good advice? Well, you’ve come to the wrong place. Veronica loves nothing more than telling other people how to live (and ruin) their lives in spectacular fashion. So take her advice. If you dare…

Hanson Roberts Tarot

The Tower represents sudden change that makes you question everything.


Just when you start getting comfy, life reminds you that it’s uncertain and unpredictable. Fuuuuuck!

In the blink of an eye, your life can go from being a fairytale to a nightmare – or from being like a Hallmark Christmas movie to a hardcore porno.

I know which one I’d prefer 😉

So the question is…when the rug gets pulled out from under you, will you hop on it and go for a magic carpet ride?

How you answer this next question will determine your fate….

When you look at The Tower, do you see a crumbling building or an exploding phallus?

I prefer to see the glass half full, so I see a boner. And what is a boner if not a signpost pointing you in the direction of where you need to go?

Wait, that didn’t make sense.

The Tower symbolizes an ejaculating phallus which symbolizes a life force energy so powerful it cannot be contained within the confines of such a rigid construct, and that rigid construct is your life.

Wow, so much symbolism my head is spinning.

You were born to LIVE! You were born to colour OUTSIDE the lines! Enough with all these uptight plans, my dear. Time to spread your sexy wings and recreate your life from the ground up!

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Unboxing The Deck of Character!

The Deck of Character is a fun, fresh, modern oracle designed not just for readings but for sparking conversations – with both your friends and your “higher self”!

I’ve been having tons of fun with these cards over the Summer and it’s amazing how a simple drawing can spark so many creative ideas and insights. I have yet to use this deck with friends, but I feel like even those who’ve never read a card before could read these – they are that easy and relatable!

Something I forgot to mention in this video is that I’ve been using this deck for creative writing and journalling and it’s amazing at sparking inspiration. Ideas for characters, plot lines, etc come pouring out of me when I have these cards at the ready.

Check out The Deck of Character here:

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Joy is Like an STD

Meet my evil, Tarot reading twin Veronica! Feeling lost? In need of some good advice? Well, you’ve come to the wrong place. Veronica loves nothing more than telling other people how to live (and ruin) their lives in spectacular fashion. So take her advice. If you dare…

Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba

Joy is like an STD…it’s contagious!

When you radiate giddy vibes, you effect everyone and everything that’s in your orbit. Lucky them!

From the bursting sun, to the bursting pregnant belly, to the bursting sunflowers, everything in this card seems to be squealing “weeeee! Here we go!”

The Sun is saying “the most rebellious thing you can do right now is allow joy to flow through you!”

But there’s lots of crap that gets in the way. Like the temptation to argue with someone in the comment section of a YouTube video, or the fact it’s laundry day and you need to vacuum.

Joy suckers are around every corner. But so what?

The Sun itself is no different – it gives us skin cancer and wrinkles, yet we need it for vitamin D or we die. Go figure!

So my point is, celebrate life this weekend – even the mundane and crappy aspects of it. Don’t wait for perfection to allow yourself the unfettered joy that is your birthright! Enjoy it NOW!

Also, as a side note, do you think The Sun kind of looks like an exploding ovary?

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Get Your Tarot Questions Ready!

Got questions about Tarot? I hope so!

I’ll be live on my YouTube channel on Thursday, Sept 10th @ 12 noon PDT, ready to chat Tarot with you 🙂

From learning the Tarot card meanings, to feeling more confident while giving a reading, I’m here to share my knowledge, advice and Tarot tips with you ♥

The replay will be available to watch right here on my blog (see below…)



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