Unboxing the Zodiac Goddess Power Deck!

Join me as I unbox the Zodiac Goddess Power Deck by Kathy Crabbe!

The Zodiac Goddess Power Deck is a new oracle deck by Kathy Crabbe, creator of the Lefty Oracle Deck and Elfin Ally Oracle. It blends two awesome things – the Zodiac signs and goddesses!

Order this deck here: https://www.kathycrabbe.com/zodiac-deck

What I love about this deck is that it helps me better understand and connect with each astrological sign, as well as various goddess energies. The cards are beautiful, fun to work with and are a wonderful addition to my oracle deck collection!

This deck would be great for those new to oracle cards, as well as seasoned oracle and Tarot readers. The cards are fairly easy to connect with (thanks to Kathy’s gorgeous artwork!) and read right out of the box and it comes with a handy booklet, as well as some helpful info on the inside of the box (see video above for details).

I can’t wait to spend a bit more time getting to know these goddesses and journalling with them ♥

3 thoughts on “Unboxing the Zodiac Goddess Power Deck!”

  1. Hi Kate!

    I love the colors of this deck -blue, purple. I’ve worked for years w/ astro — almost second nature by now. On the other hand, the mix of goddess and astro signs … It would be a challenge for me to interpret a card. I would question myself, are we referring to top level generalities of the basic Zodiac sign and who is the goddess of a Zodiac sign? Is she the spiritual persona of the Zodiac sign?
    Knowing your Sun sign is not your true self without knowing your Ascendant. The Ascendant is your personality and with years, the personality takes over. Furthermore, there are so much more in someone’s chart to know.
    Anyway, I look forward to see you using it for a weekly reading and learn more about it.

    1. Thanks for all your comments Marie – very insightful!

      I will say that when I painted and wrote all the material for this deck that I was in full on channeling mode. I spent much time (in the 1990’s) researching goddesses from an astrological viewpoint based on the very few books out there that talked about this. Then I set aside a month to tune in to Mama Moon as she flowed through each sign (spending 2.5 days in a sign) and during this time I channeled the energy of that sign full on – and paintings, creative writing, stories flowed out until I really felt that I knew that zodiac sign and the goddesses associated with the sign on a cellular level – this was such a deep, intuitive experience that I was even dreaming about the signs and goddess and getting to know them on a subconscious dream level as well. It was probably one of the most amazing learning experiences of my life.

      I also definitely agree that Sun Sign astrology is shallow and as an astrologer since 1992 I encourage everyone to explore their charts in more detail.

      Sending Blessings,
      Kathy Crabbe
      Soul Reader, Artist, Astrologer since 1992

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