Joy is Like an STD

Meet my evil, Tarot reading twin Veronica! Feeling lost? In need of some good advice? Well, you’ve come to the wrong place. Veronica loves nothing more than telling other people how to live (and ruin) their lives in spectacular fashion. So take her advice. If you dare…

Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba

Joy is like an STD…it’s contagious!

When you radiate giddy vibes, you effect everyone and everything that’s in your orbit. Lucky them!

From the bursting sun, to the bursting pregnant belly, to the bursting sunflowers, everything in this card seems to be squealing “weeeee! Here we go!”

The Sun is saying “the most rebellious thing you can do right now is allow joy to flow through you!”

But there’s lots of crap that gets in the way. Like the temptation to argue with someone in the comment section of a YouTube video, or the fact it’s laundry day and you need to vacuum.

Joy suckers are around every corner. But so what?

The Sun itself is no different – it gives us skin cancer and wrinkles, yet we need it for vitamin D or we die. Go figure!

So my point is, celebrate life this weekend – even the mundane and crappy aspects of it. Don’t wait for perfection to allow yourself the unfettered joy that is your birthright! Enjoy it NOW!

Also, as a side note, do you think The Sun kind of looks like an exploding ovary?

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2 Responses to Joy is Like an STD

  1. Teresa Alonso says:

    “Don’t wait for perfection to allow yourself the unfettered joy that is your birthright!” A real piece of advice, Veronica!! Cheers!!

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