Unboxing The Cosma Visions Oracle!

The Cosma Visions Oracle is artist James R. Eads latest deck! He is also the creator of Light Visions and Prisma Visions Tarot and Green Glyphs Lenormand deck (all stunning, five star decks, in my opinion).

This deck was inspired by the spiritual journey we take between lives, which is a topic I’ve been fascinated by for most of my life (even when I was a weird kid).

Join me as I unbox this deck and take it for a test drive…

*To purchase or learn more about The Cosma Visions Oracle, go here.

First of all, I really love this deck – the cards feel luxurious and almost decadent with their lush colors and sumptuous images.

Beauty and high quality are what make this deck stand out from most of the decks I own and the gorgeous, sturdy box just adds to the enjoyment of these cards. I own three other decks by James and all of them are like this – high quality and super gorgeous.

These cards are thick and sturdy and have a matte finish – my fave! Edges are shiny dark blue/blackish, which is a nice departure from the typical gold.

A unique feature of this deck (and Jame’s other two Tarot decks) is how the minors, when lined up in order, form a continuous scene – I demonstrate this in my video above at 12:56.

Even though it’s called an Oracle deck, it follows the same structure of a Tarot deck but the major arcana and court cards have been renamed and re-imagined. Because of this, you might need to spend a bit of time getting to know this deck before you really hit the ground running with readings.

I suspect I will mostly use this deck for doing self readings and Tarot journalling, mainly because the images really beg to be contemplated (not quickly interpreted). This is a great deck to help you slow down and feel into the cards and really connect deeply with your intuition ♥

To purchase (or learn more) about the Cosma Visions Oracle, go here: https://cosma-visions-tarot.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders


2 thoughts on “Unboxing The Cosma Visions Oracle!”

  1. Hi Kate,
    A very interesting deck. I love the colors and the story built from one card to another. We could contemplate the story in phases/segments as well.
    The interpretation of the 9 of swords (defensiveness facing life) complements strangely the 7 of swords (tiptoeing through life) of your summer reading for me. The next step, 2 of cups seems to mirror the 2 of cups of that summer reading as well. However, today’s reading speaks about the higher self and the summer reading spoke about earth relationships.
    The bridge though is the turning point: it speaks about blending to finally find peace and serenity (sun and moon; ying and yang; extrovert and introvert).
    This deck is probably helpful when we need to envision/paint our spiritual journey through the humdrum and everyday life.

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