Tarot Reading for October 7 – 13

It’s finally October! My favorite month of all time. This is when I go into full on nesting mode – I’ve stocked up on puzzles to do over the winter and I’ve got a stack of books waiting patiently on my coffee table. If I have to go into lockdown this Winter, I’m all set.

I’m using the Dark Mansion Tarot for this week’s reading…

Have a good week 🙂

1 thought on “Tarot Reading for October 7 – 13”

  1. Hi Kate!
    The cards represent to a “T” the environment I’m stepping into — new position. I’ve worked there years ago — a true castle.
    So, it is the Hierophant (training is follow the rules, no question or very few). The other 2 cards are the “hats” I have to wear to be successful. Intuition, creativity, and super organized! :):) Being the proactive type, I’ve already started a plan, and gathering my details.
    Thank you for the heads up!

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