Your 2021 Tarot Forecast!

2020 was a bit of a sh*tstorm. Will 2021 be less of a sh*tstorm? Only time will tell, but my reading below hints that there’s plenty of good things to look forward to šŸ™‚

For my 2021 Tarot forecast, Iā€™m using the The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne (the deck I got for Christmas!) and using my 2021 Tarot Spread.

This reading is 43 min long (!), so make yourself a cup of tea and settle in…

New Years Tarot Spread PDF

Iā€™m sending you hugs and bright wishes for the New Year ā€“ I hope 2021 will be full of creativity, love, inspiration, good food and laughter!


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6 Responses to Your 2021 Tarot Forecast!

  1. D. Zemira says:

    I used this spread the other night with the Wild Unknown and what showed up disturbed me – one of the darkest reading of my life. (Dismal cards in all the wrong places, like II of Swords in #5 Main Purpose & Focus, X Wands in #6 Opportunities and III Swords in #9 Closing Message.)

    I had been feeling the emotions of these cards so that DID makes sense. My question, however, is since the spread is a 2021 forecast – at least that’s how I interpret it – for how long is the reading valid? (For me it felt like it was all immediate, not a forecast at all, except for the immediate future – yet that was not the intention when I began.) Strangely I’ve never raised this question before although I did hear Vincent Pitisci say something around 3 months.

    I’m curious to know what your thoughts might be on the duration of a reading and how you manage heavy readings.

    • Hi D,
      I don’t really see this spread as meaning “this is how your year will be” but rather “how you can make the most of this year”
      2 of swords in #5 could be seen as using your intuition and inner sight to make decisions this year, 5 of wands in #6 could be seen as an opportunity to resolve inner (and outer) conflicts, and 3 of swords could indicate the importance of healing your heart this year and allowing yourself to grieve – these are just some possible interpretations of these cards and I don’t really see them as bad cards by any means!
      But i love your question about how to deal with a heavy reading. I find that coming back to the reading in a few days and revisiting the cards can sometimes help. The “negative” and difficult cards can be seen in many different ways and it’s also important to look beyond the classic card meanings and look at the symbols in your reading as a whole – what patterns do you see? What symbols repeat themselves? All of this can help you pick out helpful details and insights.
      I think readings can feel heavy when we think they predict our future. But when you let go of that and see a reading as just simply giving you ideas and inspiration regarding what to focus on and pay attention to, it lifts some of that heaviness and lightens the experience šŸ™‚

  2. Susie says:

    Wow, I got so much out of this reading. So much of what you touched on for 2021 were things I find myself working on or needing to work on. Thank you Kate for your insight and guidance as we crawl out of such a challenging year. Best wishes for the new year and hopefully, the new way.

  3. Tanya says:

    Great reading Kate. This deck looked beautiful, but there seems to be a lot of bad reviews about the printing quality. Is the quality okay on your deck, and if so, where do you purchase the deck? Thanks.

    • The printing quality is great. Those bad reviews put me off buying it too, but I noticed that all of them were from a year ago and the new reviews are good so I think it’s safe to say the printing issue was fixed. I purchased mine through amazon.
      Glad you enjoyed the reading, Tanya šŸ™‚

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