Tarot Reading for Feb 1- 7

It’s February! And I’m reading with the Playful Heart Tarot deck…

A little backstory on my foster cat Diesella: she is a year old and she was living with a small colony of feral cats in an empty lot next to a small business. Now she’s in my foster room getting lots of love and attention ♥

She’s come a very long way since I got her three weeks ago. She now purrs and loves being pet and having her chin scratched. But she still attempts to bite me every time I first go in for a pet, and she still spits in my face when I first enter the room. Once I begin petting her she calms down, but she’s got a way to go yet before she’s adoptable.

Have a great week 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Feb 1- 7”

  1. Hell, I am a beginner but really enjoying your website. I found the reading really interesting especially the six of cups as I am going to have my first Coronavirus
    vaccination on Saturday. Certainly something to celebrate.


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