Unboxing the Animal Wisdom Oracle Cards!

As an animal lover, I absolutely adore decks that feature furry and feathered creatures and other little critters! There is something special about connecting with the animal kingdom at the same time I am connecting with my intuition.

Join me as I unbox Dr. Cara Gubbin’s Animal Wisdom Oracle Cards…

To purchase this deck: https://www.caragubbins.com/animal-wisdom-oracle-cards/

What I love most about these cards is that they are very straightforward and easy to use – anyone could read with these cards, even if you’re just picking up a deck of cards for the first time.

It’s also very easy to tap into the energy of each animal with these cards and the keywords help give a sense of the card and what it’s all about.

This deck comes with a helpful little guidebook to further explain each card.
The card stock is fairly thin and the finish is somewhere between glossy and matte.

This deck is for:
– Anyone wanting to tap into the energy of the animal kingdom
-Animal and nature lovers
– Beginners and experienced readers alike
-Those wanting a simple and straightforward tool for getting guidance

You can learn more about Dr. Cara Gubbins and her animal communication work right here: https://www.caragubbins.com/

And you can learn more about her deck right here: https://www.caragubbins.com/animal-wisdom-oracle-cards/