Tarot Reading for Feb 15 – 21

Happy Valentines! For this week’s reading, I’m using my trusty old Everyday Witch Tarot…

For those of you wondering about my foster kitty Diesella, she is coming along really well. She purrs now when I pet her and stretches out on the windowsill and sleeps while I work on my laptop beside her. And two days ago, she finally stopped trying to bite me when I’d first go in for a pet. I will be sure to include her in next week’s video ♥

Have a great week 🙂

1 thought on “Tarot Reading for Feb 15 – 21”

  1. Interesting cards for the wk! I’m coming at it late, but better than never! I like how you moved ahead and then put the energies together in the Lovers card for midweek. I see perhaps the combining /forming a partnership with your inner and external strengths. Thank you for the wkly readings! I love this deck and use it a lot, too! 🙂

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