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Reeta (who posted on 2021/03/12 at 4:08 pm)
Natalia Segal (who posted on 2021/03/12 at 6:32 pm)

Congratulations Reeta and Natalia! I look forward to having you in my class 🙂

A big huge thank you to everyone who entered ♥ It took me all evening to read each and every post (I’m writing this at 12:32 am) and honestly I was blown away by all the beautiful interpretations and creative responses.

Choosing just two winners was tough. Very tough! Thank you everyone for taking the time to be creative and share your thoughts on these cards – you are all beautiful Tarot readers full of wisdom and love ♥


Registration just opened for my 4-week Tarot course Reading Tarot for Others, with classes starting on March 31st.

I realize that not everyone is in a financial position to take my course, even if they really, really want to. So I’m offering two free scholarships for two lucky Tarot students!

If you’d like to enter to win a free scholarship to my upcoming course The Daily Tarot Girl’s Guide to Reading Tarot for Others, here’s how to qualify….


1) Make sure you actually want to take my course. So if you’re not familiar with it, take a peek over here and make sure it’s your cup of tea!

2) Have a look at the 3 cards below – they have advice for you about the week ahead. Using ONE SENTENCE PER CARD (yes, I know that’s hard!), what do you think that advice/message is?

*Please feel free to get creative here. Have fun with this! Be as serious or playful as you like. Your interpretations may or may not match the “book meanings” of the cards – that’s okay!

3) Post your interpretation in the comment section below.
(*Again, please keep it to ONE SENTENCE PER CARD – I plan on reading each and every post and if everyone writes a novel it makes it hard for me!)

The deadline for entering this challenge/contest is Tuesday, March 16 @ 12 noon PDT. I will post an update to this blog post, announcing the winners on Tuesday evening!!!

Good luck & have fun 🙂

Cards below are (from left to right): Knight of Wands, Ace of Cups, The Hanged Man.

Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake & Elisabeth Alba

141 thoughts on “Win a Free Scholarship for my Tarot Course!”

  1. Knight of wands: Go on that journey but be aware of the unexpected things you can encounter on the way.
    Ace of Cups: You have the resources and the talent to work your magic or to start that project you have in mind.
    Hanged man: Take time and choose a different perspective to see the situation.

  2. Jolanta Campbell

    You are flying to new lands and to a fresh adventure as an enthusiastic and self oriented, fiery individual.
    You will receive a precious gift of new opportunity, healing, higher understanding and maybe a new love, and if you maintain
    them wisely, you will make the world a more happy and bright place to live in.
    You will have a chance to reevaluate and change your previous values and lifestyle and you will be able to see the world with a brand new pair of eyes, from a completely different perspective and insight.


  3. Knight of wands: I’m pure energy, and I know exactly where I’m headed

    Ace of cups: I allow myself to flow

    The Hanged man: Light and darkness are necessary for our existence, understanding it is key

  4. Card 1: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, make a plan to see it through…

    Card 2: Bibbidi Bobbidi Bae, friends and loves help you on your way…

    Card 3: Bibbidi Bobbid Bee, a new perspective holds the key…

  5. Gene Meregillano

    Knight of Wands: Be ready to jump into action.
    Ace of Cups: Opportunity for a new connection or relationship is coming!
    Hanged Man: Find new ways to solve a problem.

  6. I think the Knight of Wands is telling you to be confident in your decisions, and don’t be distracted by something that will cloud an opportunity coming.

    The Ace of Cups is saying that there is something coming up, and it is a good opportunity. You will want to move forward.

    But the Hanged Man is telling you to gather information and knowledge before rushing straight in.

  7. Knight of wands: facing ones demons head on and forging ahead despite the odds.
    Ace of cups: measure progress by taking a fresh look and within focusing on new feelings and emotions that may be emerging.
    Hanged man: accept the struggle and sacrifices needed to reach your innermost aspirations

  8. Knight of Wands : Make the choice to move forward with any career or training plans

    Ace of Cups: That very soon we will be able celebrate and meet our family and friends

    Hanged Man: I have to give up some stuff to be able to go forward with other choices

  9. Cassandra Labaume

    Knight of Wands: The beginning of the week I’m being reminded to finish my projects that I started.

    Ace of Cups: The middle of the week Wednesday the 17th is my birthday so it’s saying girl go out there and celebrate, socialize and make some new friends.

    The Hanged Man: By the end of the week I realize that my current situation is not ideal for me anymore but I feel stuck in it and I’m unsure of which path is the correct path to take.

  10. “You are on fire early in the week as you actively pursue the goals you have set for yourself! By midweek, your excitement has turned inward and you feel warmth, a nurturing for your goals. You simmer down during the weekend, pausing to reflect on the actions from earlier in the week.”

  11. Life is offering an invitation to choose whether or not to engage in a challenging situation, while knowing you have resources and enough bravery. Whatever you choose, move forward with a heart of love and peace towards yourself, others and the situation. Then take time to integrate your experience and allow it to shift you into someone wiser.

  12. Knight of wands: Less thinking more action, it is time to take on that project you’ve been putting off.

    Ace of cups: You’re creative juices are flowing and this will be a great time to put your energy into what you’re trying to grow.

    The Hanged man: Take a step back, reflect, and look what is making you feel stuck in a different perspective, this is just a momentary pause.

  13. M and T- I feel things are going to come up fast, so keep your actions steady and cool.
    W and TH- Midweek, is going to be a nurturing and heart felt energy, what is most important.
    F, S and S- Reflecting our week, we are going to see observe things a little different, using a balance of our heads and heart.

    Thank you Kate!

  14. The beginning of the week is about doing things and getting things done, taking advantage of that fiery energy.

    Midweek I am overjoyed with all that I have accomplished this week.

    By the weekend I am ready to just hang out and not do much of anything, I have earned it!

    Overall, a very productive week ahead.

  15. I love that idea!

    1)You want and you’re ready to take on this challenge.
    2)You’re fuelled by this new and sincere feeling, that something great is on his way.
    3)But you’re stuck in your”no, this is too good to be true, I prefer to let the others try they’re more likely to succeed than me”

  16. Knight of Wands – Face your challenges, even if they seem scary, you can take them on.
    Ace of Cups – Give and receive love, but most importantly don’t forget to love yourself.
    The Hanged Man – Explore a different perspective and practice some yoga.

  17. Knight of Wands – The aspect of the Knight suggests a level of guard and protection but also activity and the nobleness to protect what is right and The wand could imply a search for a protection or a guarding of something less definitive but perhaps more magical/spiritual/elevated.
    Ace of Cups – Suggests that I am constantly looking to fill my cup of life but have to be careful not to let it over flow (or shatter!)
    The Hanged Man – I am stuck and need some guidance, I need some help cutting the rope so that I can move on.

  18. Hello, Kate! Here’s my interpretations of the cards:

    Knight of Wands – Are you truly TRULY ready to “take down” that dragon?

    Ace of Cups – Maybe you need to slow down, breathe and rest inside of yourself; let your inner garden surround you and embrace you and you embrace it to recover youserlf.

    The Hanged Man – Meditate and turn to your inner self to search your confidence. This hanged man has a special face expression, he’s in that strange position but he is meditating. And the key in his hand… he has the answer inside of him, he just has to look and find his confidence.

  19. Knight of Wands; Be alert to changes while being mentally prepared for Challenges.

    Ace of Cups; Growth has brought you to a positive path or contentment with your choices.

    The Hanged man; Choice may be required, take your time, don’t rush, think it through.

  20. Knight of sticks AKA the chimera – I am half horse and I like to get the hell outta Dodge on the reg

    Ace of cups AKA it’s showtime – I am a fairy tale castle with middle fingers for parapets where you can put your feet up and write an ode to your lover’s glorious saliva

    The hanged man AKA opposite day – my boots were made for non action where many think it is called for

    General theme: Nothing’s shocking

  21. K- Forge ahead, even though you may have obstacles ahead, you have your friends/family (cat) and tools (wand and mind) to get you through this!
    A of C- As you move past the Knight card the universe will be sending you a gift, keep your eyes open, don’t miss it!!
    Hang- You feel stuck, take some time to contemplate your situation, but remember, you’re not really stuck …… you have the keys to free yourself at anytime.

  22. Knight of Wands – Face your challenges – even if they seem scary – you can take them on.
    Ace of Cups – Give and receive love, but most importantly don’t forget to love yourself.
    The Hanged Man – Explore a different perspective and practice some yoga.

  23. Knight of Wands – there’s a challenge in the corner and you’ll have to prepare yourself, but wait for the right time to unleash your power.
    Ace of Cups – This power requires peace of mind, so let the emotions overflow your heart.
    The Hanged Man – Every battle changes us somehow, so take a rest and think about the lessons the storm taught you.

  24. Now is the right time for me to start working towards my goal.
    Do not be afraid to ask for help.
    Let go of all of the distractions you have been using to stay stuck.

  25. Knight of Wands – don’t let fear take over, you can make it though by being strong.

    Ace of Cups – take time out to connect with your high self.

    The Hanged Man – you have the key to turn your situation around.

  26. Knight of Wands: Don’t let the scary things distract you from your journey.
    Ace of Cups: Stay calm and be confident in who you are.
    The Hanged Man: Allow the blood to rush to your head so you can feel safe and warm.

  27. Samantha Simmons

    K of W- A newfound passion is driving you forward and you re feeling energetic to pursue the adventure’s call to action, but careful not to let your focus cause you to be impulsive or have unrealistic expectations.
    A of C- Difficulty letting go of the emotional pain from your past stops you from accepting and enjoying the fresh start that life has waiting for you, and this obstacle is what’s keeping you trom reaching emotional fulfillment!
    Hanged Man- Moving forward Tarot advises you release the emotional burdens from your past in preparation to accept new beginnings of a fresh start, but it’s important to refrain from making decisions or moving on with your plans for the time being to ensure you’ve reflected on all the options and found the best course of action.

  28. Knight of wands – A male in his twenty’s to thirty’s is an adventurous type of person who is also brave and cheerful.😊

    Ace of cups- A spiritual woman who can be a little emotional at times ( I guess she maybe upset coz her cups overflowing onto her cat) 😂

    Hanged man- No need to just hang around, think about it by looking the situation from a more positive angle.

  29. Knight of Wands – The power to transform the darkest emotions and fears from a distance is to approach it from a distance.
    Ace of Cups – Stand still with your emotions and feel it from where you are, and all the insights you need will emerge.
    The Hanged Man – If you feel like your freedom is clipped, remember it’s during this time where you see things from a new perspective.

  30. Knight of Wands : Following my passion
    Ace of Cups : I’m in the mood for love
    12 Hanged Man : I’m reviewing the situation

  31. Knight of Wands – It’s time to face your fears – but it’s a good idea to take some support with you !
    Ace of Cups- Something great is cooking up for you – all you have to do is care for it and let it simmer !
    The Hanged Man – Relax, you’ve got the power to resolve any obstacle – but there’s no rush – enjoy some peaceful “you” time !

  32. Anna M Thompson

    Knight of wands, stepping out of my comfort zone into new territory.
    Ace of cups , finding something I love to do.
    Hanged man, evaluating my new chapter.

    Stepping out of my comfort zone to pursue what I love, but it will have it’s challenges and I should pace myself.

  33. Knight of wands: Put your passion, zeal to use to overcome the challenges ahead.
    Ace of cups: Listen to and nurture your heart’s words, so that you don’t miss on the Universe’s guidance.
    The Hanged man: Seems you are tied up now, but relax, everything happens at the divine timing.

  34. 1st card: you are ready to take on new creative endeavors and conquer your past demons.
    2nd card: This happening as you are experiencing a spiritual awakening which will direct this new energy, and help you let go of things that no longer are serving you!
    3rd Card: You will need to take a purposeful pause in your present ways of doing in order to look at things from this new vantage point.

  35. Knight of Wands – Beginning of the week will bring actions with good intentions that could open you up to new possibilities.
    Ace of Cups- Middle of the week you may feel more open to creative/emotional expression from events that happened earlier in the week.
    Hanged Man – The weekend will have you seeking within and reflecting on your current perspective.

  36. Tiziana Amagda Morgana

    PS you told this is the weekly forecast. But if it was a reading for a client I would have done a different interpretation if the client was a man or a woman. The Knight of Wands is chasing a woman for Sex. If the client is a man, he is the Knight. If is a woman, there is a man around, but he doesn’t love her, he only want sex. Then, something happens: the man falls in love. For a love potion, or simply because he experiences something new, something he had never felt before. And at the end, he has to change is prospective about relationships. If it is about a love potion, he is bonded too (it is not a good thing for me, I am a Wiccan… but hey, this is a Witchy deck and it is talking to me…). It is simply Love, he could feel trapped, without his freedom. But maybe he will love being trapped by Love.

  37. Knight of wands: Getting ahead and pursue
    Ace of cups: mass consciousness
    Hanged man: that you tap into ‘out there’ to attain enlightenment and intuition or hunches

  38. Tiziana Amagda Morgana

    I have not this deck, but it is beautiful. I tried to link the cards to build a story but I couldn’t reach, so reading one by one.

    The Knight of Wands is flying towards a new venture. It takes courage, but he is ready.

    The Witch in Ace of Cups has just made a love potion. It is still hot and she is bringing it to her client. I find this image very inusual for Ace of Cups and I had to check twice (and also wrote Queen of Cups by mistake. Just corrected)

    The Hanged Man usually suggests you have to sacrifice something to obtain an outcome, or you have to surrender, or change perspective. But this onetells me it’s a magic trial… it remembers me about a young Houdini. The challenge is simply less dangerous because there is no water around.

    If I had to read these cards for a client without a specific question or spread, I wouldn’t be able to give an interpretation (and I read cards for other people since I began, in 1999. I took a 5 years pause in the middle to study Runes but it is a very long time the same. Anyway, I am still not very good at reading for myself, because my teacher told me we cannot read for ourselves, and she didn’t, if fact. She asked her best students, me included, to read for her).

  39. Kristie Meregillano

    Your week is going to start off with a rather large and complex challenge that will put your skills and energy to the test, but you will have time to indulge in a nice glass of wine with your feline friend midweek. However, by week’s end, you are going to need/want to lock yourself away and do some serious meditation before you feel completely whole again.

  40. Advice for the week ahead:
    As inspiration takes hold, grab those reins with confidence and act quickly (Knight of Wands). To succeed in this endeavour, balance the Knight of Wands’ fiery energy with the Ace of Cups’ compassionate and benevolent nature (Ace of Cups). With these steps in place, pause & reflect, and surrender control to opportunities (The Hanged Man).

  41. King of Wands– ready to fight whatever life throws at you in order to reach your dreams
    Ace of Cups–an abundance of new opportunities and beginnings are coming your way
    Hanged Man–Feeling trapped but you need to look at the situation from all angles and trust the universe in order to move forward

  42. Roxanna Bonilla

    1. Charged up, self confidence and ready for this course.
    2. New beginnings, new opportunities to make new friends.
    3. wanting to do something new but how or where to start.
    Sacrafice and be willing to change.

  43. KNIGHT OF WANDS: in a hurry to pursue
    ACE OF CUPS: health and divine feminine
    HANGED MAN: through spiritual means

  44. Knight of Wands- By taking advantage of this scholarship opportunity, if I’m chosen I’ll go on this amazing journey and learn how to read tarot for others with confidence!
    Ace of Cups- Taking this course will bring about an emotional fulfillment, and I know that reading the tarot for others is something my heart truly has a passion for!
    The Hanged Man- If I find myself feeling anxious or nervous by reading for others, I know I’ll learn helpful tips from this course to help me relax & reflect and let my intuition guide my thoughts for a fantastic reading!

  45. I’m on the right path and I’m strong enough to face any obstacles.
    ” Listen to your heart” the song came out from the Ace of cups.
    Hanged man tells me that this will help to unblock any suspension of movement that I am currently experiencing.

  46. The knight of wands something new is coming in or a message with news of opportunities .
    Ace of cups happy times feeling on top of the world
    Hanged man need to take a look at things from different perspective.

  47. The knight of wands fearlessly, if not naively, charges into the unknown hoping adventure will find him.
    The ace of cups suggests a start to an emotional journey and overflows with possibilities—in a reading with the night this may symbolize the adventure he is undertaking.
    The hanged man represents personal sacrifice for the greater good; he is a martyr on a path to change and reminds us that nothing comes without compromise.

  48. Card 1 – Someone Taking passionate action, charging in, to slay the dragon for You
    Card 2 – This person is coming in to fill up your cup of love
    Card 3 – Resulting in you gaining a new perspective in love

  49. You may be feeling a bit anxious to tackle the challenges in front of you this week. But all of that emotional energy could overwhelm your senses and logic. Take some time to meditate and on what has you so emotionally charged before you rush in and maybe the challenges won’t feel so daunting.

  50. There is adventure ahead, the fire in your soul wants you to race forward. You are full of the desire and your heart is telling you that it is the right thing to do. This adventure will give you a lot to think about and learn from in the end. You will take many lessons from this journey.

  51. Knight of wands- Ambitious-loves challenge and pursues challenges
    Ace of cups-it could be creative, spiritual and romantic
    Hanged man- Transformation,changes , Birth of newidea and opportunities

  52. knight of wands: be carefull what you wishing for
    ace of cups: relax, everything gonna be ok
    hanged man: give yourself time, maybe meditate

  53. Knight of Wands- I will start my week with an adventure that will bring me to great heights: which is for me, my 18th birthday adventure this Monday.

    Ace of Cups- My midweek will be bring me to feel calm and enlightened, as will be seeing things in a different perspective from before, now as an adult.

    The Hanged Man- As I had my week started with an adventure, then reaching a somehow enlightening by midweek, my weekend would be serenely satisfying.

  54. Card 1 this is the right time to take action and follow your passion
    Card 2 an opportunity has arisen to follow your hearts desire and do something you love
    Card 3 stop procrastinating you have had time to reflect on what you want time now to make a move

  55. Knight of wands this is the right ime to take action and follow your passion
    Ace of cups an opportunity has arisen to follow your hearts desire and do something you love
    Hanged man stop procrastinating you have had time to reflect on what you want time now to make a move

  56. Knight of wands: Stay focused on my journey, don’t let outside influences distract me from what it is I want to achieve this week.

    Ace of cups: A lovely reminder that positive change is ahead if I keep focused on what it is I truly want.

    Hanged man: Whilst life might feel tied up at the moment and not moving forward as I would like, remember, I always have the key, and therefore the power to release my blocks and move forward in the direction I want to go. 🙏

  57. Knight of Wands: Face the dragon with all your fire! Believe in yourself! You have what it takes.
    Ace of Cups: our emotions and subconsious are here FOR us, not TO us. Listen deeply! They are eye-opening doors.
    Temperance: see the larger picture, shift your view and surrender! Sometimes what’s in our hands is not what we do, but through what lenses we see.
    Story: whatever challenge you are facing, listen to what your emotions, intuition and subconscious are saying, change your perspective and surrender to them!

      1. Thank you, Kate! It means the world to me that you took the time to read all the beautiful answers and I cannot wait to start the course! I’m glad that you are my mentor 🙂

  58. Knight of Wands – learning to release my inner Harry Potter but not like some wierd 40 year old man child, in a cool way, to playfully overcome my demons and fears and tackle them head on.

    Ace of cups – I will learn to touch more upon the feminine energies in my life, to calm my mind, to connect on a deeper level so I can listen and trust my heart and follow my intuition.

    The hanged man – I think to myself, where’s that damn cat when you need him when your world has turned upside down but in reality, I can learn to become comfortable in this brave new world

  59. At present, something major is taking all of your attention, rightly so, yet be aware that someone or something else also requires your careful attention now.

    Allow an abundance of gratitude to pour through you and out of you, bringing blessings and gifts galore to everyone around you.

    Become comfortable with discomfort as you relax into your current circumstances, trusting that you always have the key, you are the key.

      1. Thank you, Kate! Your encouragement means a lot to me. I am excited to enroll in your course.

  60. 1. Be fearless; God’s are there to help and guide you, success awaits
    2. Happiness, prosperity, divine blessings and peace
    3. Stalemate, some time for restrictions to be lifted.

  61. Knight of wands: Take creative inspired action and try to stretch your limit just a little bit.
    Ace of cups: Be open and look for something new in your life that feels good because it will be there.
    The hanged man: Look at your situation from a new perspective and you will see that your experience of the situation will improve as well as it might be a better outcome than staying with the old way of thinking.

  62. 1 The Knight of wands suggest that be adventurous and go with the flow
    2 The Ace of Cups says the be at peace you are going to be happy and contended.
    3 The hanged Man says that you may feel stuck right now just have a bit of patience things are going to change and be in your favor.

  63. Ace of wands: I have so much passion in the creative messages I want to share with you.
    Ace of cups: I have so much unconditional love to share and give you.
    Hangman: I’m sorry I’m stuck right now as I need to come home to my soul first before I can do all this but when I do I’ll be here for you.

  64. These cards feel very relevant for me right now! Knight of Wands is telling me to hold onto my magic tight. Yes I’m entering into the fire and I already am hesitating and upset with worry but I have it within me. Hold onto my strength tightly too. My magic is in my hands. Trust in my intuition
    Ace of Cups strongly feels to be my mum showing up for me. She’s always with me but is guiding me atm and letting me know something is brewing and to stay peaceful. I’m overflowing with worry but it will be ok. From this will come growth and new beginnings for my 2 girls and they will have happiness and peace in their lives.
    The Hanged Man tells me more from the first two cards. I feel strung out and in knots. In a state of being stuck. But it’s not hopeless, there is peace and there is the countryside I long for and I know the key to everything is in my hands. I have all I need to create change in my life 💗

  65. Kim Brackenridge

    Knight of Wands – Off you go, very determined even though you see the challenges and unpredictability of the dragon on the horizon, you are confident that if you skirt the edges, you will evade him and reach your destination.

    Ace of Cups – You have much to offer with the overflowing cup of emotion falling onto the plant below, providing nourishment to help the plant (love) thrive whilst you look on with a sense of bliss and contentment, confident and knowing that with divine timing, the universe will provide.

    The Hanged Man – Suspended between heaven and earth … pause … open your eyes and you will gain a new perspective – a sense of enlightenment.

  66. Knight of wands :-Immediate impression of movements,enthusiasm, vigour. (The master of the aims.)
    Ace of cups :-Opportunities currently exist in your life of happiness, love, joy.(The gift of life.)
    The hanged man :-one part that it express the relation, in one of its aspects, between the divine and the universe. (following a higher calling intuition and self improvement.)


    Hi this is my reading

    1st card : stop procrastinate and take a step into your goal.
    2nd card: do not neglect the needs of your heart and keeping time for nourrish your soul

    last card: the key you are looking for is hidden inside you, take the time to dive into your own wisdom

  68. Your ideas & energy are great but don’t be too hasty, go slowly, there is more happening here than you can see.
    There is someone new approaching who will be of great support to you.
    Listen to your intuition, it has messages that will come to you at the right time, let it show you when that is.

  69. There is a potential difficulty or challenge at the beginning of the week but it’s my choice whether I engage it or not (ie. it is possible that it won’t become a problem). Midweek will be a time of peace and abundance; a great time to create, share and nurture. The end of the week will be the time to stop and surrender the situation at hand, with reflection a new perspective will be achieved. 🙂

  70. knight of wands : you only live once so be bold , be fearless and do what u love

    Ace of cups : focus on self love and a new or renewed love is coming your way

    Hanged man : expect delays , but such delays give us time to look at things from a new perspective, there is no rushing Devine timing after all .

  71. Knight of wands :-Immediate impression of movements,entusiasm,vigour.(The master of the aims.)
    Ace of cups :-Oppurtunities currently exist in your life of happiness, love, joy. (The gift of life.)
    The Hanged man :-One part that it express the relation, in one of its aspects, better divine and universe. (following a higher calling intuition and self improvement.)

  72. Knight Of Wands: This card advices me to take active action towards something am excited/ passionate about(Advice taken already as am partcipating for scholarship to learn tarot from you😊)
    Ace of Cups : This card suggest me to be ready to welcome any offer/opportunity related to creativity/passion/love or healing as it’s going to bring emotional fulfillment.

    Hanged Man: This cards advices to pause, meditate and see things from different perspective wherever required and surrender to the Universe to bring desired outcome.

  73. You think you are ready to rush into the future right now.

    Wait for a message and you will receive love from your creative self.

    Spend some time slowing down in meditation and contemplate your best path.

  74. Gunmeher Juneja

    In the past the querent has taken action towards something thta he/she is passionate about and this is going to result in a new beginning flowing for the querent but he/she must keep a look out with broader perspectives to be able to tap into this new beginning since it may not be exactly coming in the manner that the querent was looking for but it’s definitely there.

  75. Knight of Wands: Take action/steps towards your passion ( Advice taken: partcipating for this scholarship to learn tarot from you)

    Ace of cups: Be ready to welcome an opportunity/offer related to love/healing or creativity from the Universe which will bring joy and positivity.

    Hanged Man: Advice is to stop taking any action and take a break and meditate on what needs to be changed (perspective,attitude/approach or anything) if I want desired/ different outcome in something.

  76. Knight of Wands: This has to do with how we move through life in our creative and ego-realm. It is a quick, fiery movement and may invite us to make haste with our plans. We might want to be cautious about moving too quickly into territory that we have no considered with our logic and inner voice.

    Ace of Cups: We are being invited to consider a new emotional circumstance. This may have to do with how we view someone important in our life, as in a deepening of friendship or fondness, or it may suggest that we take a different path than we had considered. Often our lives filled with love and emotion can look quite different than we had planned, so the Ace of Cups invites a new perspective and a chance to explore a part of our relationship(s) that we had not previously considered.

    Whether by our own hand or inspired by someone else, The Hanged Man gives us the opportunity to see our world from a completely new perspective. In some decks, the posture in this card can seem like a punishment but if you look closely, it resembles many yogic poses and if we are willing to submit to this new perspective, we can learn so much and move through this process with very little contraction.

  77. A new idea or venture will/has come to you, and it is totally worth pursuing! It will feel right and you will ace it. You won’t see results straight away though, you will need to hang in there.

  78. Knightodwands – do not delay time to move on your chosen path
    Ace of cups- right now you are enjoying the fruits
    Hanged man – so calm and peaceful within

  79. Rebecca L Kimble

    Knight of wands, many hurdles ahead, keep your eyes open, ace of cups, your choices are heading down a positive path,hanged man, let go of baggage the past is the past.

  80. Kimberlee Ravan

    Knight of Wands: Gear up because you’re bout to charge head first into the hardest battle you’ve dealt with yet.
    Ace of Cups: As one door closes another opens same as if you lose a love within you will be soon to see many more opportunities for love are yours for the taking & always remember rejection is Gods protection.
    The Hanged Man: They’ve always said that Love is about making sacrifices for the ones to whom you love but with you sacrificing something of importance is for you to gain be able to gain love within yourself.

  81. Spiritualesley

    K O W : Take Charge- Be The Hero In Your On Story

    A O C : Do You & Know That The Universe Had Your Back

    Hanged Man : Relax & Watch As Your Imagination Manifest On Earth

  82. The Seeker – A Triple Haiku

    Adventure calls you –
    The dragon flaps its red wings.
    Beware of its flames.

    Find wisdom within –
    fill your cup with inner strength.
    You have the answers.

    Surrender yourself
    to untie the mind’s hard knots –
    slay the beast within.

  83. Although you are raring to go in pursuit of the spark that has set your heart aflame, you know that you need to temper that fire for a while longer to reflect and ensure that your goal is in alignment with your soul. Connect to spirit and just feel when the time is right.

  84. kylee norfleet

    1. Heading towards something but you need to maintain focus and pay attention to what’s around you.
    2. The relationships you’ve cultivated, will cultivate are starting strengthen and deepen.
    3. Remember to always look at the situation for varying perspectives to better understand your path.

  85. Knight of Wands – adventure for adventures sake.

    Ace of Cups – stay open to the flow as all are allowed and all are held.

    The Hanged Man – surrender and reframe to a broader view.

  86. Knight of Wands – I know your impulse is to rush to Do The Thing, but cool your jets.
    Ace of Cups – There’s a ripple there; now wait for it to turn into a wave!
    The Hanged Man – You’re stuck in neutral; what are you going do but enjoy the scenery?

  87. Gregg Ballatore

    resourceful and determined to slay the dragon and save my love, i abandon all logic, adorned in the fools cape upon a flying broom i run at full speed , my epic aerial ascent is imminent, i then wonder, this broom does fly don’t it?…

    ace of cups
    omg glad thats over, the things a girl will do for love; ill use a less horny goat weed this time.

    the hanged man

    ok, the instructions said meditate on your situation for a course of action, if your hands and feet get numb and purple and your eyes bulge from the socket, youre there too long.

  88. Tania Sneeringer

    “Whistling sound” (from dragon) Joseph what are you waiting for? The mountains to disappear? Buddy you have to combat your fear and go for it. You have a broom and a trusted companion. On the other side of the mountain awaits your fair maiden with a love potion thats going to knock your socks off and her kitty is patiently waiting for your Roger too( black cat) but instead youre hanging around contemplating and making no movement towards what you know is waiting for you on the other side.

  89. Josue Gonzalez

    Knight of Wands – YOur magical adventure is about to begin.
    Ace of Cups – Keep in mind how magical you are and always keep nature in mind.
    The Hanged Man – Don’t victimize yourself for things that you can’t control.

  90. Knight of wands – Approach this week with spirited enthusiasm and adventure to get things done.
    Ace of cups – Once you open your heart and use this approach you can expect a significant flow of positive emotions.
    Hangedman – With that in mind, let go and surrender to the will of the Universe trusting that your intuition is guiding you .

  91. Advice for you about the week ahead?

    The Knight of Wands is a go getter, dashing out to take on the next challenge.

    The Ace of Cups is putting heart, soul and dedication into the next project.

    The Hanged Man is concerned with waiting, waiting for timing to be right, waiting for the emotional space to be right, waiting for the energy to be right.

    What a great set of cards to herald a new beginning. Showcasing readiness on a physical and emotional level while just waiting for that last piece of the puzzle to fall into place. Like winning a tarot course scholarship to consolidate educational needs before launching a career in Tarot reading.

    Scott Buchanan

  92. Knight of wands: The worst is over and you are stronger now because of it.
    Ace of Cups: Plan the year ahead, begin to see the glass half full, look for opportunity.
    Hanged man: Rest up, you are changing, time to evolve.

  93. Knight of wands: Journey ahead!
    Ace of cups: It will be joyful and full of contentment
    Hanged Man: Don’t rush things, be patient

  94. Knight of wands: You are definitely moving, get prepared.
    Ace of cups: Don’t worry, we have gifts that will support you.
    The Hanged Man: Remember that 3 breaks the tie. Still be thoughtful.

  95. Knight of Wands: Beware of someone or something blocking your path.
    Ace of Cups: Love is all around you.
    Hanged Man: There are many clouds hanging around you and you feel weighed down.

  96. Knight of Wands: You will feel energized and be inclined to rush ahead taking action with zest on something about which you feel passionate.
    Ace of Cups: This will result in new emotional starts or even delightful love connections happening for you.
    Hanged Man: However, it will work out best if you stop and take time to think things through, perhaps from a different perspective before continuing on.

  97. Knight of wands: this week is starting out for you like one big adventure! You are fearless and free, and about to embark on something new and exciting. Whether it be something creative or a new love interest, this week is going to be very exciting indeed! With fire in your belly you charge into the week with full gusto.

    Ace of cups: Now you are in full flow of adventure and spirit, you need to start losing the emotional baggage from the past which has been dragging you down. You are in control and it’s time to put your past behind you and live life to the fullest.

    Hanged man: after your whirlwind of a week, you have had a taste of adventure and spirit which is very much unlike your former self. You now are entering a period of contemplation and serenity, taking on board everything you have learnt and are able to see things from a different perspective now. You are not bound by your decisions yet – you are free to make your own choice. You must use this time wisely to reflect on what you have learnt this week with regards to moving forwards in either direction.

  98. knight of wands beware of challening times ahead
    ace of cups your thoughts are more powerful then you relise
    hanged man carma has been served

  99. Loraine Lawson

    Knight of Wands A young male moving forward and very passionate about something.
    Ace of Cups New beginnings the cup is overflowing with emotions.
    The Hanged Man He is a thinker and he feels trapped.

  100. Knight of Wands – The maiden in me wants to fly to distant lands to seek magic
    Ace of Cups – The mother in me wants to make magic in the here and now
    The Hanged Man – The crone in me knows…I nither need to seek magic nor make magic. For magic is already here. All I need is to change my perspective.

  101. Bring high energy this week to getting shit done , time for a new beginning and to bury the old ways onwards and upwards

  102. miss Lightbown

    The knight of wands
    An adventurous journey, with fear along the way
    Ace of Cups
    A bright character is there to help and encourage you
    The Hanged Man
    Don’t be weighed down by doubts and brush them aside.

  103. Claire Evelyn Frost

    Card 1 – Don’t be intimidated- you have got this….
    Card 2 – Your cup is spilling over and as there are 2 doves I think it’s to do with a relationship…
    Card 3 – You can get out of this situation if you really want to. You are holding the key to unlock the chains that you perceive to bind you…

  104. knight of wands: be carefull what you wish
    ace of cups: everything gonna be ok
    the hanged man: give yourself time maybe meditate

  105. Determine to take action towards my goal (Knight of Wands), and have some new emotional experience (Ace of Cups), and then meditate on it, trying to see a new perspective (the hanged man). 🙂

  106. Pamela Sterzer

    K of W- You’ve noticed the dragon in the room and it’s time to face it
    A of C – You’ve achieved so much growth and are now equipped with all the tools, skills, and supports you need to take the dragon head-on with kindness and compassion
    Hanged Man- In order to heal the dragon, you also need to let go of those old thoughts and behaviours that have been keeping you stagnant.

  107. Debbi Finkelstein

    This week you are ready to embark on an adventure and a new relationship is starting to form (which may or may not be the adventure itself). Towards the end of the week it is time to hang out and relax before transitioning into the new week ahead.

  108. Your decision to go off in a new direction was a good one, for you are happy, content and at peace with where you are now. Looks like you’re staying here for awhile.

  109. Being ready to act on the desire for change ( Knight of Wands)
    The renewed emotion that carries the passion of the knight (Ace of Cups)
    Having the wherewithal to allow the moment to come to you, rather than demand change ( The Hanged One)

  110. I have to step out of my comfort zone and be more confident

    The outcome will turn out great and love myself more

    I need to believe in myself and break free from my worries

  111. Mariann Hammersdal

    Knight of Wands: Adventure, here I come!
    Ace of Cups: Seek within.
    Hanged Man: Trust your intuition.

  112. Felipe Zahtariam

    Knight of Wands for the beginning of the week: Be the hero of your own adventure.

    Ace of Cups for the middle of the week: Go with the flow and let your heart glow.

    The Hanged Man for the weekend: It’s time to think and reflect like a grounded kid.

  113. I will enter the week optimistic and ready for any adventure, propelled forward by the knowing reassurance of those close to me that I can handle whatever challenges come across my path.
    Midweek brings a slower, more contemplative pace as situations arise that will bring feelings of gratitude and abundance in spite of recent challenges.
    The end of the week will be marked by a lovely solitude, perfect for an introvert like me who seeks and appreciates time alone at home at the end of a work week.

  114. Pursue and chase [Knight of Wands] for your own good [Ace of Cups]wisdom intuitively [the Hanged Man]

  115. Knight of wands: being ready for any and all challange

    Ace of cups: allowing what you deserve to grow thru love of oneself

    Hanged man: allowing yourself to see things from a diffrent perspective

  116. Cynthia Farina

    Knight of wands: heading toward new adventures.
    Ace of Cups: planting seeds and harvesting for a promising new year.
    Hanged man: not rushing into things trusting in the universe

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