Tarot Reading for June 14 – 20

Today it’s rainy, cloudy and chilly and I just felt like reading with a deck that feels warm and cozy and familiar – so I reached for my Everyday Witch Tarot

Have a good week ♥

2 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for June 14 – 20”

  1. Angela J Elliott

    I love your interpretation of the 5 of wands! Conflicts and squabbling within me – different aspects of me competing for expression. Lots of food for thought there – thank you!

  2. Hello Kate. Quick take on the 5oW. That’s where I work! I had to laugh when I saw it come up. Besides that part of it – the cauldron(s) in 5oW – it’s out of control, the AoC is in control. The cauldron I see as representing a/the container of which we speak (ie, emotions, feelings,actions, etc). Thanks again, my favorite deck! courtesy of you!

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