Tarot Reading for June 28 – July 4

I did this reading in my cat foster room with my new kitty Paradise ♥ Paradise is shy but very affectionate and sweet and my two cats are fascinated by her.

I’m using the Crystal Visions Tarot for this week’s reading…

Have a lovely week 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for June 28 – July 4”

  1. Elizabeth Wagenheim

    This is my first visit to your blog/Youtube channel and will make the weekly readings a part of my routine. I’m a student of Tarot and I loved listening to you explain and make the cards accessible. Thank you!

  2. I loved the full moon days ago, and I’m so excited to see it show up for next week’s reading! A bit of a “harsh” full moon this month, but a lovely one. Curious about the card showing up for next week, and what could unfold! 😀

    I want to point out that the Four of Cups has this slice of the moon. I wonder whether it could be related to as the full moon’s energy dissipates, stagnancy could have some relation. :O Pointing this out in case anyone reading this could get any insights from it!

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