The Fool – Tarot Meanings Deep Dive!

Welcome to my brand new Tarot Meanings Deep Dive series! Each week I’ll be taking you on a Tarot journey into ONE major arcana card.

Join me as I dive into The Fool to reveal his secrets, wisdom, dark side and most importantly – what he’s trying to tell you about YOUR life!

Have your pen and notebook handy, grab yourself a bevy and get comfy….


New beginnings, adventure, lust for life, fresh start, trust, risk, optimism, possibilities yet undiscovered


0, sun, cliff edge, head up, small pack on a stick

The Darkside of The Fool

Too trusting, too risky, naively optimistic, foolish, lacking awareness.

1. New Beginnings

The Fool is all about new beginnings and fresh starts! When he appears in a reading, it’s to remind you to look for opportunities for learning, adventure and new experiences. Each day is a chance for a fresh start!

Journalling questions:

♥ Think of a time in your life when you experienced a new beginning or fresh start…

♥ Are there any opportunities right NOW to try something new?

2. Risk & Adventure

The Fool encourages you to get outside your comfort zone, take a risk (symbol: cliff edge) and embrace adventure! It’s important to pack light when making a fresh start (symbol: tiny bag on stick).

Journalling questions:

♥ What is your relationship to risk taking in your life?

♥ How often do you go outside your comfort zone? And how far?

♥ What is something you’ve been wanting to try? What mini-risk can you take?

3. Trust & Optimism

The Fool advises you to cultivate trust and optimism – the secret ingredient to a life filled with adventure, growth, learning and new experiences! The sun, along with The Fool’s head tilted upward, symbolizes optimism and looking on the bright side.

Journalling questions:

♥ What is your relationship with optimism like? What helps you cultivate optimism?

♥ How true is this statement: “I trust in life”?

When I sat down to journal about this, I realized that anytime I feel anxious about something, it’s because I don’t trust in life. But how does one cultivate trust in a world where bad things do happen and “staying safe” 100% of the time isn’t possible?

The epiphany I had is that trust in life means trusting that in the end, all will be well – my soul is eternal, I am more than my body and everything serves a purpose in the end, once the big picture is seen. Embracing this perspective on things has allowed me to shed some of my fear and inhibitions.

The Wisdom of The Fool

The Wisdom of The Fool is to always look for possibilities, see the opportunity for adventure, take a risk every now and then and trust that life takes you where you need to be.

Tell me your thoughts!

Did you enjoy this exercise? Did you learn anything new about The Fool? Or about yourself? Let me know in the comments below…

♥ Join me next week as I dive into The Magician – the Tarot’s ultimate manifestor and trickster!

11 thoughts on “The Fool – Tarot Meanings Deep Dive!”

  1. Good morning, Kate. I just spent part of a beautiful Saturday morning listening to this video and wanted to say thank you for doing this series. Your thought-provoking journaling questions have really opened my eyes to how risk averse I have become. I see that only minimal spiritual growth can occur if I am always playing it safe! I am going to attempt to push things a bit further in my life. Now, I may not be ready to leap off the edge, but I can start by peeking over! Thanks again and Blessed Be. Amy

    1. Amy! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed this video and the journalling questions and that it’s led you to discover some things about yourself 🙂 I can relate – I seem to become more risk-averse the older, too. Cheers to “peeking over the edge”!

  2. Thanks Kate,
    I really enjoyed listening to your views on the Fool, especially when you talked about trusting in life, had a “moment ” as you said that very sentence a butterfly flutted across my yard.
    Looking forward to the next video.

  3. I love this!! I’ve been wanting to revisit my cards, and this may be just the thing to give a kick in the pants! I’m bookmarking this for later. Thank you ?

  4. Hi Kate,
    Oh I am so grateful that you are doing a series like this concentrating on one card at a time!!! I absolutely love your interpretations for the cards in your weekly 3 card draw. But you doing this takes it to a much better level. I will be looking forward to next week and beyond!!! I still say you are the best Tarot teacher out there!!! Sending Much Love to you Kate!!!

  5. This is such a wonderful series!! Thank you so much for offering this deeper dive into the more nuanced aspects of each card. These journal prompts are top tier and I can’t wait to dig in!! I’m already looking forward to next week!

  6. Hi Kate!
    I enjoyed your video very much and look forward to seeing the rest of the cards! Funny, something directed me to check my mail and I saw your Blog about the Major Arcana, and you were beginning with THE FOOL – Ah! Perfect! Just in time! Starting at the very beginning! (I am one of those people who hate missing the beginning of anything – a movie, a classroom, …. I like to be there right at the beginning when it starts). So perfect!

    I agree with you, the best way to connect with a card is to, in some way, connect it to yourself, or someone you know. That way you have a ‘personal connection.’ I have a hard time doing this though. I have only connected a few so far. in my personal life.

    So one thing you made me think about was, the lad was looking up, and I always was worried for him that he would drop a hundred feet over the cliff. But you suggested that it could be possible that maybe there was another little ledge under him. Maybe there is just a step down? Maybe he would only drop a foot or two…..maybe…..hmmm, I never thought about that.
    The other thing I was wondering, what about those WHITE mountains in the background? They actually stand out to me – let’s see, well mountains are challenges I believe and white is of purity – perhaps the mountains suggest new and pure, (untested) and possibilities yet to be discovered.
    I also liked the way you said that the “0” that the FOOL represents is like a “portal into possibilities.” I like that.

    I look forward to the rest of the Major Arcana! Keep up the great work! Loving it!

    Take care. Stay safe!


  7. I have entered your mailing list again, but I have been on it for a very long time in fact quite a number of years, and enjoy you clear explanations of cards. Blessed be Freda

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