Tarot Reading for March 7 – 13

So I have a new foster kitty now – meet Rhea! In this video, she’s basically hiding on the ceiling. Very crafty of her. The foster kitty I introduced in last week’s video has returned to her old foster home since she wasn’t eating (or drinking!) at my place – turns out she just missed the cat at the other place, lol!

Have a good week!

3 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for March 7 – 13”

  1. Hi Kate!
    what I liked about this week’s reading is the idea that the Ace of Swords and the Chariot are two cards representing self-confidence and believing in yourself, something that I’ve struggled with my whole life, but which I’m slowly turning around. So yes, they are wonderful two cards to see in this week’s reading. I also loved the idea, which you pointed out in last week’s reading as well about the Chariot, that unless we incorporate our whole self into our sense of who we are and what we want, we cannot truly move forward in life. Of course, this is easier said than done, but it’s definite food for thought.
    Thanks once again for your empowering and motivational readings that are a beacon of light for the week ahead.
    Maria Koufaki

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