Tarot Reading for April 25 – May 1

I can’t believe April is almost over….what?! Like what am I even doing with my life? 😉 For this week’s reading, I’m using the Modern Love Tarot by Ethony…

Have a great week 🙂

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  1. Kate, remember me, from the UK? I feel inspired to leave a comment because you start by saying ‘What am I doing with my life’ … listen to your explanation of The Empress…and The Fool !…just let go, let life unfold…sometimes just being here is enough! It’s the ego that thinks it has to DO something. We may indeed have a purpose, but we discover that all in good time. You’re unique vibration is reverberating out into the world…just keep doing what you’re doing….just being YOU…letting things unfold naturally…like the water flows naturally…it is even showing you that YOU are enough…the girl is looking at herself in the water, as you said, like a mirror. You mentioned the different directions they are all looking in….you could say The Empress is your SOUL looking straight at you, saying ‘YOU are enough my child’, The Fool is looking up and has her arms open to SPIRIT, which again says ‘YOU are enough, you are the universe, use your intuition, take that leap, and let spirit guide you’…and the girl in the 6 of Cups sees herself. I see that I am enough. I am the universe. The cards all SEE YOU…YOU are enough…and you are guided and protected on your journey, not just this week, but always.

    As you said, be kind to yourself…there’s the water again…more going with the gentle flow…as the Tao says ‘be like water’…

    I’m nurturing and manifesting something big…and this week I’m setting out to start The Camino pilgrimage in Spain…so Venus in the SCALLOP SHELL and the fool…is me setting out on my journey into the unknown, with just my intuition ….and I will just go with the flow, and trust that I am guided and protected by the universe. Sending you all positive vibes…and keep dancing! Lisa 🙏

    1. This was beautiful Lisa – thank you 🙂 I love what you wrote here ♥ It’s so true!!! I hope you have a wonderful time doing The Camino trail this week – that’s really exciting!!!

  2. This reading really resonated with me this week. I am going through big changes and need to do my best and then trust they will work out. Also to be gentle and nurturing with myself as dealing with losing someone close to me. Thanks Kate…the cards really spoke to me this week.

  3. It looks to me like the woman in the 6 of cups is seeing her younger self in the reflection.

  4. Hi Kate!
    I was intrigued to see the painting behind the Fool – The Birth of Venus by the famous Botticelli. That painting supports the imagery of the Empress as well as the Six of Cups. Do we need to contemplate the many facets of the Empress (Fool looking up), integrate it or journal about it (Six of Cups looking down), and then move forward (Empress looking at us) as the Venus emerging from the shell?

    Your thoughts?

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