Tarot Reading for May 23 – 29

Here I am, in my cat room with Rhea, my current foster. She likes to stare at me with horror and disgust while I read Tarot. Oh Rhea! And I’ve chosen one of my sexiest decks for this week’s reading – the Erotic Fantasy Tarot….

Have a good week!

4 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for May 23 – 29”

  1. Hi Kate, I wasn’t going to leave a message but then I thought, go on, be brave! My take on these cards is rather different. I am half way along The Camino in Spain at this moment in time. The world is undergoing a huge cosmic shift, and many people are waking up, including me! But mine, as you know, began with bereavement. I will try to keep it brief! Yes, the first colourful card is about enjoying your earthly riches (pentacles), but then the black crow messenger has flown in (on her hand) from the adjoining grey/black card, 3 of wands (fire/light)…”it is time to leave behind those earthly riches and go on a different journey. Cross the veil of darkness/illusions into the light” . The lady turns her back on the darkness/the excess, and strikes out to seek the truth. With the Hierophant, she becomes a student of the light, of the divine. There is a pyramid in the background, it has an Egyptian/alien feel to it…because we are all beings of light- the ancients knew- who need to learn/remember where we come from, and start being the change we want to see in the world…spreading our light! That is the global message right now! Lightworkers go to work!

  2. Hi Kate!

    The Hierophant puzzles me. Yes, counsel from within or from someone else. On the other hand, the persona shown appears so “bare bone” and “creepy” as you said. It could mean incorporating only the basic essentials of a beaten path. Paring down the path/direction using our intuition or traditional wisdom would be the way to go. Your thoughts?

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