Tarot Reading for June 20 – 26

For this week’s reading, I’m using the Modern Witch Tarot


Have a good week 🙂

4 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for June 20 – 26”

  1. Hola from Spain! I will try to be concise. Temperance is a Major Arcana card, it is a message from the divine inviting you to explore higher consciousness, and see things from a higher perspective. The triangle represents mind, body, spirit…balance and harmony. Follow the yellow brick road in the picture to the sun, the light…which is the next card- Wands! Become a student of the light. The girls red T-shirt mirrors the red angels wings in Temperance…encouraging you to fly in the face of adversity! Wands- fire- light-heat- desert…she is stood in a desert exploring the light! And in 7 of Swords- Air-Mind-Thoughts…the yellow ground has become the sky, the light. It is turned upside down- she sees things- understands things- from a different perspective-enlightened- and can be true to herself rather than trying to be something she is not in the outside world. 7 is a spiritual number and also represents victory…she is victorious and can steel (pun on the metal of the swords there!) away from the illusion…she has changed inside…she carries 5 swords with her. 5 represents change. The two left behind? Perhaps represent that she now has achieved balance on the inside as well as the outside? I will leave it there…adios amigos! Lisa

  2. Hi Kate!
    I looked at the cards from a color standpoint: Red (Temperance), Yellow/Orange (Page of Wands), and Blue (7 of Swords). So, the week opens with balancing our passion, learning how to overcome challenges, and finally using our subconscious (intuition) to leave and take what’s important (being honest with ourselves what we can really do). The intuition is present in all cards, all week but finally predominant for the weekend: up to us to finally decide quickly what to do!
    Probably, in line what’s on my plate these days … remodeling! 🙂 🙂

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