Win a Free Scholarship for my Tarot Course!

UPDATE: The winners are….

Shelly Jablonski and Vern Lim

Congratulations to Shelly and Vern! I look forward to having you in my class ?

A huge thank you to everyone who entered ♥ I read through each and every comment and you can imagine it wasn’t easy to narrow it down to just two winners. I really loved so many of your responses and interpretations.

Thank you again for taking the time to participate in this exercise and share your Tarot insights with me, may you all find inspiration, joy and warmth on your Tarot journeys!



Registration just opened for my 4-week Tarot course The Daily Tarot Girl’s Guide to Intuitive Tarot Reading, with classes starting on October 5th.

I realize that not everyone is in a financial position to take my course, even if they really, really want to. So I’m offering two free scholarships for two lucky Tarot students!

If you’d like to enter to win a free scholarship for my upcoming course on  Intuitive Tarot Reading, here’s how to qualify….


1) Make sure you actually want to take my course. So if you’re not familiar with it, take a peek over here and make sure it’s your cup of tea!

2) Have a look at the 3 cards below – they have advice for YOU about YOUR week ahead. Using ONE SENTENCE PER CARD (yes, I know that’s hard!), what do you think that advice/message is?

*Please feel free to get creative here. Have fun with this! Be as serious or playful as you like. Your interpretations may or may not match the “book meanings” of the cards – that’s okay!

3) Post your interpretation in the comment section below.
(*Again, please keep it to ONE SENTENCE PER CARD – I plan on reading each and every post and if everyone writes a novel it makes it hard for me!)

The deadline for entering this challenge/contest is Monday, Sept 19 @ 12 noon PDT. I will post an update to this blog post, announcing the winners on Monday evening!!!

Good luck & have fun ?

Cards below are (from left to right): 7 of Pentacles, Ace of Pentacles, 10 of Cups
Deck: Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle

39 thoughts on “Win a Free Scholarship for my Tarot Course!”

  1. 7 of pentacles is about patiently waiting for the results after putting your time and energy into something.

    Ace of pentacles represents an opportunity to have a new beginning in work, business, family , self care that has the potential to yield pleasant results.

    10 of cups is about feeling emotionally and spiritually fulfilled. Being at a place where there is shared happiness, joy and contentment.

  2. The Seven of Pentacles is reminding us that this is a process, be patient.

    That Ace of Pentacles is reminding us to be careful of the circle we keep. Make sure everyone it is of the light and on our side.

    The Ten of Cups is to remember the victories, even when the going gets rough!

  3. 7 of pentacles:
    As many creative ideas for business endeavors you have , make sure you pick the one most aligned with your hearts desires and that your passionate about

    Ace of pentacles:
    The opportunity that you felt the most passionate about was divinely guided . With so much to take from along the way

    10 of cups :
    When aligning with your purpose & staying true to your journey will come with much rewards of happiness in love & abundance & security .

  4. 7.P
    Take a step back from what you’ve been working on and how you’ve been approaching it, to decide what to nourish and what to amputate.

    Now that editing has provided room for the new path and opportunity that resonates more authentically.

    That streamlined sense of self makes the other noise fall away; focus and stabilized sense of fulfillment from knowing your own path.

    Thanks! That was fun!

  5. Hey kate! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I always ? at your courses and think, my husband would kill me! Lol. We haven’t been so lucky as of late. But I’m manifesting my lil ? out for this lol.
    I did mine in a past, present and future spread, I hope that’s cool. ?

    Past: You have done well in the past and it shows (monetarily or energy wise) especially after your full assessment of your project, you have learned/gained a lot!
    Present: The Ace of Pentcles comes to tell you that you were on a good track before, but it can get better with this burst of ace energy & it’s time to work, use this energy, & start something bigger & better than before!!
    Future: This card is telling you that if you stay on track with the present and keep it going, you will create something fantastic, peaceful, harmonious and be financial stable/ possibly well off, for yourself and the many fam and friends you have created close bonds with.

    Damn Kate… One sentence is harder than I thought! Thanks again! Xoxo ?

  6. 7 of Pentacles: Breathe, take a step back and focus on the whole picture; the seeds have been planted and patience is paramount.

    Ace of Pentacles: New inspiration, energy and clarity will encourage and assist me in continuing to nurture and move closer to my goal.

    10 of Cups: Oh the joy of manifestation, and heart-felt gratitude to those who supported me while striving to reach my goal!

  7. Card 1
    Take a step back and assess the results of my time and attention for this cycle and decide if I’m still on the right path or changes need to be made.
    Card 2
    Be mindful that a helping hand is coming to me as I narrow my attention towards the manifestation of my soul’s calling by taking small action steps to reopen my practice.
    Card 3
    Look towards the future with faith from a place of connection, gratitude and wholeness, knowing all that my soul desires is already a reality and to trust in something bigger than myself.

    Thank you for the opportunity Kate.

  8. The seven of pentacles reminds me to keep my mind motivated and open towards the upcoming week. If I can do that, more opportunities will open up as shown by the ace of pentacles. The hard work will lead to emotional satisfaction and overall, a better mental environment as shown by 10 of cups.

    I am excited. I’ve wanted to do the course or a few years and I’ve entered the drawing to see if I can win!

  9. Hi Kate,
    This is the message I intuit from the cards:
    7 of Pentacles – Be patient
    Ace of Pentacles – A path is opening
    10 of Cups – It is time to let go of the past

  10. Seven of Pentacles: Patience and Perseverance will pay off.
    Ace of Pentacles: This is an absolute yes to your question.
    Ten of Cups: A cycle comes to an end.

  11. In order to bring my goals to a productive fruition, I need to be responsible and play an active role in making that happen and be open to learning lessons along the way as I am waiting to harvest the fruit of my labor.

    I need to be thankful and remove fruit from my plant that I just harvested and offer that to the universe and hope that others may use any fruit seeds to plant, grow, and manifest what they need or want.

    I need to remember that fulfillment, prosperity and joy comes from relationships and that is what feeds the soul and offers love and connection not where one lives be it in the city or in the suburbs.

  12. This is such a lovely idea Kate.

    The seven of pentacles is saying it’s okay to pause, rest, reflect and enjoy myself this week- there’s an unexpected bank holiday in the UK tomorrow and I have been feeling flustered about less time to be productive but this card is saying a chill is a good idea, yay!

    The ace of pentacles is telling me a new opportunity or inspiration will present itself, possibly as a result of pausing and reflecting – taking the time to rest will actually be a productive thing in the longer term.

    I’m drawn to the outdoor setting in the ten of cups – autumn is my favourite season and this is telling me to spend plenty of time outside enjoying the crisper weather to get that lovely ten of cups fulfilment.

  13. Seven Of Pentacles: I feel reminded to stop and smell the roses, or count my blessings.

    Ace of Pentacles: It’s time to think and dream about the next big project.

    Ten of Cups: Make time for my immediate family and loved ones.

  14. Thank you for this chance 🙂
    The Seven of Pentacles The answers are growing all around you.
    Ace of Pentacles You didn’t expect what you have been shown.
    The Ten of Cups You need to look up from your work once in a while to celebrate.

  15. The hard work is working, take a moment to enjoy that.
    Receive the gifts that are offered to me at home and at work.
    Always celebrate the wins (gifts offered and results of hard work), for they are all around me and my family.

  16. The seven of Pentacles tells me that things are growing and developing in its own pace, I did put in the hard work and impatience won’t make it grow any faster.

    The Ace of Pentacles tells me it’s time to send that email and set the date which will start the process I have been im/patiently wanted to get going.

    The Ten of Cups tells me joy and good vibes is waiting on the other side, the emotional turmoil will calm substantially and the path made clear in which direction to move.

  17. 1. I have a lot of things to work on, so I need to prioritize which ones to do first.
    2. I can go out and enjoy the sun and connect with nature when I feel overwhelmed by my work.
    3. I can be more grateful and appreciate the time I spend with my kids and community.

  18. Catherine Livesey

    Seven of pentacles: There is much abundance around that I have fruitfully grown, however I am feeling unsure and anxious about what to water next.

    Ace of penticles: A new opportunity will come my way, I need to hold and nurture it and await for it to blossom to show me more.

    10 of cups: Celebrate all the beauty that I have created and love, there is so much to be joyous for.

  19. 7 of Pentacles: There could be a lot of things we are struggling to grow and wondering which pentacle needs to be prioritized, nourished and cared for and what is already ripe for picking.

    Ace of Pentacles: This card reminds us not too sit too long on saying yes to certain opportunities just because we feel we may not be ready or our plans need more time to be “perfected”.

    10 of Cups: Reminds us the importance of community—be it our family or friends that we can turn to and ask support from could help us find solutions instead of overthinking/overanalyzing things too much on our own (7 of Pentacles)

  20. Michael Papasidero

    Hi Kate! I think the message the tarot has for me is:

    Seven of pentacles – Even though I have been working diligently on my career and my efforts have been fruitful to an extent (I am a nurse and have recently been given more responsibility in training new nurses), I still can’t help but feel something is missing and I have been looking for an opportunity to do something different.

    Ace of pentacles – I may be receiving news of a new opportunity this week, maybe it is the news of my admission into the graduate program I applied for– or maybe it is the news that I received this scholarship and will be starting to nurture a budding interest of mine!

    Ten of cups – it will be important for me moving into these new changes to lean into feelings of comfort, security, and groundedness to help me move forward.

  21. Here goes …
    She is looking sadly at a flourishing plant. As if saying good bye with one last watering. Then the Ace looks like a promising event is happening that takes away the sadness and the last card shows the fulfillment of the decision as either leaving for good or someone arriving but nevertheless a decision made.
    I have zero knowledge of the meaning of these. I am only going by seeing. Thanks so much!

  22. Seven pentacles- going in the right direction.
    Ace pentacles- Because they are two pentacles is stronger meaning. Rewards for hard work
    Ten of cups – time to celebrate with family and friends

  23. 1. Seven of Cups: Keep on staying hydrated by sipping on your favorite drink all throughout the workday, especially when you start to feel grumpy or impatient.

    2. Some beautiful new things (one big one in particular) will enter your life this week, so clear up some space in your schedule and home/workspace to be able to receive this gift.

    3. This week there will be these small, irreplaceable moments of joy and magic with the people you love that will fill your heart and make your inner child want to play and frolic and dance, so make sure your grumpy millenial ass looks up and takes a moment to breathe it all in and experience it fully.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity Kate! Have a great week yourself!

  24. 1. Don’t become frustrated and complacent in your efforts.
    2. The universe is about to hand you exactly what you’ve been working towards.
    3. It’s time to enjoy the fruits of my labors

  25. 7 of pentacles: you have worked hard all your life and now have experience / success in several areas, but you want more stability and need to choose an area to focus on.

    Ace of Pentacles: after much reflection you are spending time deciding which area to focus on with a new goal/ fresh direction from all your choices.

    10 of Pentacles:
    The final outcome will be successful and will provide financial stability and security for all your family and loved ones.

  26. 7 of Pentacles—Take a good look at all you have accomplished so far and think about what you might do to continue to make life meaningful, productive and worthwhile.

    Ace of Pentacles—jump at this new opportunity for prosperity, good health, and surrounding yourself with natural beauty.

    Ten of Cups—Appreciate all that you have received in life, especially in regards to love and happy relationships.

  27. 7 of pentacles: Be patient and don’t give up because you feel a bit stuck

    Ace of pentacles: new opportunities will come, but I need to work on them to see them succeed

    10 of cups: dont forget to celebrate the little things and enjoy what I have already accomplished

  28. Its necessary to be patient and don’t worry. It bring us a new material oportunity. To catch an unconditional love 😉

  29. I think seven of pentacles means to learn to be patient and wait and see what life can bring you during the time you are waiting. It’s okay to learn to be patient in the process because patience brings good things instead of rushing things and not getting what you want.

    The ace of pentacles would mean to take up an offer or opportunity that is being presented to us. To always manifest for great things and to be able to prosper on your new beginnings.

    And finally, the ten of cups would signify having fun with your younger self or to be happy with whoever you are in life. To also have a perfect harmony within you and the people that surround you.

  30. I’m holding a watering can indicating nourishment, surrounded by lush vegetation and signs of plenty, yet I’m in a contemplative pose, gazing down with arms folded as if blocking the largesse. Midweek I’m offered a reminder to value and appreciate the gifts I’m already holding. End of the week, I’ve offered my gifts to myself, my family and community and we all go forward to thrive.

  31. 7 of Pentacles:
    What I’m doing is working so keep it up.
    Ace of Pentacles:
    Oh boy, financial luck us coming my way!
    10 of Cups:
    I won! I won! Oh, the joy!!!

  32. If you invest your time and ressources wisely in building your financial stability, you and your family will enjoy abundance and emotional fulfillment.

  33. Waiting patiently for what you’ve worked hard for to finally come into existence. A gift, something you can have that’ll help provide for you and your family. This gift will bring emotional fulfilment and joy to you and your loved ones.

  34. The Seven of Pentacles at a personal level is telling me to stop and give more consideration to a difficult decision I am currently stressing over.
    The Ace of Pentacles is telling me to stop trying to study all aspects of the craft and instead focus on the ones that truly interest me.
    The Ten of Cups is telling me that if I follow the other two cards’ meanings, it will free up more energy to further my practice and grow happy in the process.
    Thanks Kate

  35. Hi Kate…thank you for this opportunity. 🙂 Here’s how i see these cards.

    Seven of pentacles: Put in the right work at the right time (as you do when nurturing a plant) and don’t rush through for quick results.

    Ace of Pentacles: if you build your efforts from the ground up (as seen in the lush garden), you will be able to reach for the sun and the stars.

    Ten of Cups: When you achieve your dreams, be grateful for those who supported you, express your gratitude, and share the joy with them.

    Thanks 🙂

  36. Seven of pentacles. Harvesting my dreams and being patient. Ace of pentacles. New beginning. Ten of cups. The realization of my dreams coming true.

    I met my twin flame this year and began meditating. Learned that I am an empath and my strength is meditation. I keep getting told I end up happy and not meant to be alone. We have been together in past lives but not for long. This life is when it happens

  37. The message for the seven of pentacles is too be patient and wait, the seeds have been planted we must now await the results.
    The message for ace of pentacles is that a tangible offer will be presented to you, it could be love offer/ promotion in career.
    The message for ten of cups could be there will be emotional fulfillment coming into your life, it tells us that there is happiness coming in all fronts.

  38. The Seven of Pentacles is encouraging us to pay attention to details in our work.

    That Ace of Pentacles is encouraging us to be selective with how we direct our energy and to avoid entities that may diffuse that energy.

    The Ten of Cups is encouraging us to celebrate our victories and to find our youthful exuberance even as our lives get more complicated

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