Tarot Reading for Sept 12 – 18

Here is your Tarot forecast for the week ahead! For this week’s reading, I’m using my new fave Tarot deck – Tarot of the Abyss

Have a good week!

2 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Sept 12 – 18”

  1. Kate, you have a twinkle in your eyes and rosie cheeks! Let’s all renew the twinkle in our eyes and, when we get to work, we will also have rosie cheeks! LOL …So here goes – I’ve tried to be concise with message from Spirit. Yes, all earth cards – a message to humanity from our planet Mother Earth; 3 of Pentacles – we have to work together to restore the balance – the hands on the rope makes me think of the saying ‘toe the line’ – which I had to look up – it refers to runners in a race with their toes on the starting line. Or should it be tug of war, which could also apply? Or the need to perform magic, like in the Indian rope trick? We’re in a race now to restore the balance on the planet, and the sooner we start the better! Yes, you said ‘a project bigger than yourself’ – you can’t get much bigger than saving the planet! You also said, it’s an invitation – yes, an invitation with the Ace of Pentacles – to start the race! If we ‘pull’ together we will literally haul ourselves out of the darkness (1st card black) into the light (second card white) – did you see how the tree represents Jesus on the cross? He represents the light, the seed you need to find, to plant and grow, within you – Christ consciousness – the mass awakening – 5D. This is where the real ‘fruit’ lies – the tree (of life) is laden with fruit. And I think the fact that you reversed your deck is significant. I think of the 9 of Pentacles as the Garden of Eden – abundance – but it was upside down, representing the current inbalance here. If we restore the balance, earth will be like the Garden of Eden – heaven on earth – but we have to do the work (3 of Pentacles). You mention the ‘bird in the hand’ (is worth two in the bush) which reminds me of that saying – I looked it up – it is an ancient saying and is also in the Bible – meaning it’s better to hold onto something one has than to risk losing it by trying to get something better – I think this can be applied to the earth; look after it or you’ll lose it, and life will become harder and harder, eg mass extinction, no fish in 30 years time, no trees, no insects, lack of water, polluted soil…need I go on! So it’s all about restoring the balance in your own life – yes – so that, then, we can restore the balance of the planet and live in harmony with Mother Earth, and each other! This is also reflected in both the numerology of the cards and the length of your video. 16:26 – reduced to 7 & 8 – the chariot and strength – we need to be strong and charge ahead and get on with it. Reduced to 15 – The Devil -reduced to 6 (The Lovers) – representing the journey from darkness to light/love. And finally 3 + 1 + 9 = 13 – Death – transformation – reduced to 4 – which is all about having a strong foundation upon which to build. We need to rebuild and restore our home planet earth, for a better, brighter future…and walk in beauty like the indigenous peoples teach, and who ‘have a rich inner life, and look through spirit eyes’ (Sandra Ingerman) Where’s our twinkle gone folks? Rebuild your connection…Namaste, Lisa ?

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