Tarot Reading for Sept 26 – Oct 2

For this week’s reading, I’m joined by my chatty kitty Merlina and I’m using The Light Seer’s Tarot….


Have a great week 🙂

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  1. Hello Kate and Merlina! I just wanted to add to your thoughts with some numerology for anyone who’s interested, because it is fascinating how it compliments the cards. Before I watched the reading, out of curiosity I checked the recording length – 12:03 – which could be read as 12 and 3 – both powerful spiritual numbers, then 12 reduces to 3, so the time could be taken as 3:03 or 33. It is interesting to note that Angel number 303 is about peace and harmony. It means that very soon your life will go back on track, and once again, you’ll feel peaceful and calm, which is reflected in the cards. 3 + 3 = 6 which is about unconditional love, balance and harmony. Then there’s the Master Number 33 which you can look up if you’re interested! The numerology is about being prepared to expand and increase your spiritual development and awareness, which is also reflected in the cards, and you actually say “question your thoughts and beliefs” and you also pointed out the stars. The first card -7- is what I call the spiritual number, and the leading horse is white, representing spirit, and Melina, your BLACK cat tried to distract you from your divination as you talked about it, when the BLACK horse also represents material/physical life, which distracts us from our spiritual connection. The chariot tells us it is time to get the balance right – and you noticed the duality in the first two cards – ending on a 3 which is mind, body, spirit, or the 3 worlds, represented by the Celtic spiral on her back; the three women embraced together as one. They have moved away from duality, and embrace the one consciousness from which we are born (of water – cups) and have found peace, love (pink sky) and harmony. In the 8 of Swords, in the mirror, her hands are tied, but she is not actually bound. She is only bound by her thoughts. So it’s all about questioning our beliefs like you said. We look up to the stars and celebrate because we come from the light, from the stars. And, to push the boundaries even further, The Plough/Big Dipper/Great Bear, shown on this card, is associated with the Arcturians…other highly intellectual energetic beings who are helping us through this challenging time of rising consciousness. I know how you like to talk about these things Kate from your interview the other day! So yes, the reading was all about questioning your beliefs, not taking things so seriously, and opening up your mind to a whole new and exciting world, and getting on with it, because we all need to wake up – the sooner the better – so that the New World can take shape, get back on track, and peace and calm will finally be the natural state on earth, balanced and harmonious, as it was always meant to be. We are all so very loved as spirit keeps reminding us – through Suzanne Giesemann’s Daily Way Message from Sanaya – and we are blessed, loved and supported in all that we do, whether we realise it or not…but actually we do need to start realising it! One last thing, 7 + 8 = 15, 1 + 5 = 6. So you could see the three cards as 3, 3, 3…or 63! Either way they are loving and supportive messages to encourage us on our journey. Namaste, Lisa ? It is a lengthy comment I know, but there are soooo many messages from spirit in the cards – love it! ?

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