Tarot Reading for Nov 7 – 13

I was still in a bit of a spooky, Halloween vibe/mood so I chose to use the Shadowland Tarot for this week’s reading! I really should use this deck more often….it’s really fun to read with 🙂

Have a good week 🙂

8 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Nov 7 – 13”

  1. Hi Kate, New subscriber here have just found your channel and really enjoying your videos. I am an aspiring tarot reader who is trying to gain confidence to go out in the big scary world and read for live people lol. I see the bat as being wrapped up as if in a cacoon. I feel like he is being protective of himself and self-comforting. His eyes are big and bright as though he knows why he needs to be in this position but because the card is dark imagery, maybe as you suggested with the previous cards, he needs to do some inner work. The other similarity I noticed between the 7 pentacles and the empress was all the green on both cards and with pentacles being an earth element could suggest we need to become more grounded. Thanks for the reading.

  2. Hey Kate! Your video was 12:39 minutes: that’s 12:12 = Angel Number for growth, change and rebirth. Reduces to 33 = a wake up call from the Master Teacher! You talk about ‘tending your garden’ with the first card – 7 of Pentacles – and weeding out stuff that doesn’t support your growth. Well, funnily enough, I used to be a professional gardener, and I think it’s time for me to plant my roots elsewhere – I’m probably like a weed in your garden Kate! And The Universe has advised me to sow my seeds elsewhere! So this is my last comment you will be pleased to know! Indeed, some of my seeds are germinating, so I need to go and tend them! The second card – The Empress – is about Birthing a New World – which is what this Big Shift is all about. We are right in the middle of a powerful portal, which will close on 11/11/22. The Hanged Man confirms it is time to see things from a different perspective, but it is the individual’s choice. It was no coincidence that you experienced a sudden darkness in the room, especially while using the Shadowland Tarot, as it is time for everyone to wake up from the darkness, from the shadows, and tend to their inner garden to find their spark, the light. After all, it was the 7 of Pentacles – 7 is a very spiritual number. In shamanism the bat represents the ability to walk between the worlds, and that is what we are being called to do; to reconnect with spirit. Marie Nicole noted the bats shining eyes – yes, time to see the light, focus on your spiritual connection….your inner world, rather than the outer world. The light is within you. It’s the same message from the universe over and over again anyway. It’s time to not just focus on the weekly message, it’s about the higher/cosmic persepective. NOW is crunch time. Time to see the bigger picture. Yes, these cards relate to daily life, but we now need to focus on what’s happening globally. And the only way life for everyone is going to get better is if we all tend to our inner garden; heal ourselves before we can heal the world. Yes, you talk about impotence and frustration. I am trying to get the divine message out there, but is anybody listening? It’s not a game anymore, although it has been fun! Meditation YES! I recommend that to everyone. I am confident we can do this. If we all make a conscious effort to take time out on a regular basis to tend our inner garden, and nurture our spiritual growth, our souls will eventually bloom in the Garden of Eden as beautiful blossoms. Namaste, Lisa 🙏

    1. As always, thank you Lisa for sharing your insights here ♥ You are always welcome here!!! But I can’t help but wonder – with all your ideas and your way with words, have you thought about starting your own blog? Could be a wonderful new way to sow your seeds 🙂

      1. Thanks Kate, great idea. It has crossed my mind, but I haven’t been called to do that…yet! LOL …I am writing a book, and I need to focus on that. Namaste 🙏

      2. Well…I sort of am with my daily TikTok which I continued after sharing my Camino journey….The Dancing Pilgrim 💃🥾🥾🐺🐒…keep dancing amigos!

  3. Hey Kate! I like your interpretation of 7 of Pentacles — weeding our efforts & energy. The Empress and the Hanged Man share the same energy, 3 and 12-3: one expanding (Empress) and one streamlining (Hanged Man). Colors are darker for the bat but the bat has 2 beams (light) for its eyes — focus.

    I think these 2 major cards support nicely the “weeding” you described. A back and forth between the 2 major cards during the week will probably get interesting and worthwhile results.

    Thank you.

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