Tarot Reading for April 17 – 23

This reading got off to a rough start (you’ll see) and then ended with my cat repeatedly flopping all over the cards! She can be a real ham when she wants to be. Nevertheless it’s a nice spread of cards for the week ahead 🙂

I’m using the Slavic Legends Tarot by Taroteca Studio in this reading…

Have a good week!
And stay tuned….I’ll be offering a free Tarot workshop in the next week or so ♥


3 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for April 17 – 23”

  1. Love the cat, love the cat love her. We lost two cats last year & it has been so very lonesome and lonely – I was just lost. So Melina from afar is my guy (Othello also black) is reaching out to comfort me through your baby from the other side.

    Your awesome talents, I meant you are a very natural spiritual leader for groups or congregations or similar.

  2. Great reading for me – have an in person job interview on Tuesday and take the King Wands as GREAT news, and will ignore the reversal ……….I am driven, focused, passionate, and make my way so perfect card for me. I take it as super ++++ the King of Wands! The interview has been awhile coming & I think all will transpire this time.

    Need to rest, not struggle, been really burned out & stressed lots going on w home improvement and maintenance so ready to CHILL on every front. Appreciate the unhurried life and present moment of the NOW. You could be a Unity or Science of Mind so much – you are so ++++ where have you been all my life?!

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