Tarot Reading for Sept 25 – Oct 1

Before we dive into this week’s reading, I want to let you know that I’m having a scholarship contest for my upcoming 4 week Tarot course – Go HERE for all the details!

Okay, now onto the reading! I’m out in nature with my This Might Hurt Tarot for this reading…

Have a good week šŸ™‚

1 thought on “Tarot Reading for Sept 25 – Oct 1”

  1. The Hierophant is card that beckons
    Me. Though I am traditional in my approach to love and life I am quite unorthodox and creative in my relationships. I respect and admire my cadre of women friends- as if they know how to live well while Iā€™m still learning. As strong and capable as I appear my heart is mushy and very tender and getting more
    Tender as I continue to meditate.
    Id like to benefit others by winning scholarship for the upcoming tarot

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