Tarot Reading for Dec 4 – 10

We’re diving into December and I chose a Wintery deck, The Slavic Legends Tarot for this week’s reading. So let’s see what themes, energies and ideas this week has in store for us…

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Have a great week!

6 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Dec 4 – 10”

  1. Your reading is exactly me. The red is my anger at certain individuals, The animal on card one is a BISON OR MOOSE. No 2 ia me cutting ties with these miscreants and three is getting the load off my back. You must have been looking over my shoulder to read this weeks events.
    I do love your predictions you are so near the truth this week. By the way I am also a ‘mad cat lover’ alas I do not have a cat any more as I feel Iam too old, and do not want to fall off the perch and leave a puss behind. Blessed be love Freda G xx

  2. I feel the red hat is a symbol of thoughts of frustration and resentment with the 10 of wands. Frustrated and resentful that she has to carry this burden but also determined to see through to the end.

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