Tarot Reading for Jan 22 – 28

For this week’s reading, I’m dusting of my New Palladini Tarot deck – a deck I bought many years ago but haven’t read with in a while. So let’s jump in and see what ideas, insights and suggestions the Tarot cards have for us for the week ahead…

Wish you were more organized? Don’t fret! I’ve made you 3 Tarot planning sheets to help you organize your week (or day) with Tarot ♥ Grab them right here.

Have a great week 🙂

4 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Jan 22 – 28”

  1. Kate! Great reading! I love your approach. And that friendly Six of Cups has an extra dollop of meaning for me as I’ve adopted a new cat and we’re aiming/hoping for friendliness’ 😻😻😻😻

  2. I loved this weeks reading! Thank you. I often do a personal spread of cards to compare with your draw. The weekend is six of cups of your spread and nine of cups for mine. I hope everyone enjoys a faith based enjoyment of themselves and the plants, trees, and beautiful thought and nature surrounding us!

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