Tarot Reading for Feb 19 – 25

This week’s reading kind of shocked me – if you watch it, you’ll soon see why! It’s definitely a week for new beginnings, that’s for sure! I’m using the Genius Garden Tarot by Jessi Huntenburg for this reading….

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Have a good week ♥

6 thoughts on “Tarot Reading for Feb 19 – 25”

  1. Hi Kate! Super interesting reading this week! I am going to Washington D.C. this week for a work conference that could yield a lot of new opportunities, really looking forward to it. This reading was very encouraging! I leave on Tuesday and think I will do my own 3-card reading Monday night and compare. Might give me a few more insights. Excellent as always!

  2. Hello and thank you. I draw three cards of my own and flip them over as you reveal each of your cars. My first this week was the Ace of Cups..then the Ace of Swords..Eight of Wands my third…I have been feeling proactive this am! Have a good week!

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