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Planning for the future? Don’t!

Veronica is my evil, Tarot reading twin and she’s one sick puppy. She abhors the idea of saving for retirement, thinks university is for suckers and goes braless to Jazzercise class. Good God, we are such opposites! But I love … Continue reading

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It’s Okay to be a Jerk Today

Veronica is my evil twin. And oh my god is she evil! The contents of her Kindle are filthy, filthy, filthy, and her mind isn’t much better. The advice she gives via her Tarot cards is one stop short of … Continue reading

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King of Swords ~ Tarot Card for Friday

The King of Swords blasts into our day in the form of an overly rational friend or negative naysayer. Take these people with a grain of salt and stay true to your own beliefs about what is true for you. … Continue reading

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