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Veronica’s advice: Skip the babyshower and go to Vegas

Veronica Noir, my evil counterpart, is too busy lounging on a yacht in the Hawaiian Islands – surrounded by glistening boy-toys –  to write today’s reading. So I’ve taken an old reading from a year ago and I’m totally recycling … Continue reading

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The World: “Skip the babyshower and go to Vegas”

Veronica Noir, The Daily Tarot Girl’s evil counterpart, is here to kick some sense into you with her uncompassionate style of Tarot reading. She usually writes these half-drunk, so take her advice with a grain of salt…or a tablespoon! You … Continue reading

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Why You Shouldn’t Set Goals this Year…

Veronica Noir is a reader of smut, drinker of cocktails and all round horrible person. She is the Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin and unfortunately for you, she also reads Tarot…. This is the time of year when you usually … Continue reading

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