January 2014

The World: “Skip the babyshower and go to Vegas”

fridays with veronica
Veronica Noir, The Daily Tarot Girl’s evil counterpart, is here to kick some sense into you with her uncompassionate style of Tarot reading. She usually writes these half-drunk, so take her advice with a grain of salt…or a tablespoon!

the world 2
Morgan Greer Tarot

You are a multifaceted creature – never forget it! That is what The World is sayin’ to me today.

There are many different aspects to your personality and who you are, so don’t let yourself get pigeonholed into any silly “roles” or “personas” – the world is wide open!

Lets take a gander at this card, shall we? The naked lady in the center is dancing inside an ovally, egg shaped space – and if that’s not blatant vagina symbolism, well then I don’t know what is! And she grasps a phallic object in each hand (lucky bitch).

There is something wonderfully hermaphroditic about The World and its message is that you must be both receptive and active in order to truly be Queen (or King) of your surroundings.

Make a to-do list AND meditate. Let go of trying to control everything AND make a plan of action. Say YES to things that make you feel open and free (like a trip to Vegas!) and NO to things that make you want to crawl back in bed (like a friend’s boring baby-shower).

You get the idea! Open yourself to the world by opening up to all aspects of yourself without judgement.

Because I am nosy, I want to know…how will you be expressing your “masculine” and “feminine” sides this weekend? Tell me in the comments below!

angel card e-course 2

Take action on those hot ideas you have!

fridays with veronicaVeronica Noir is the Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin. She is a new age vamp who bellydances, reads Tarot and eats men for breakfast. Let’s see what diabolical advice she has for us today…

brilliant idea
Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Believe it or not, but you’ve had some ideas lately. Some may even call them “brilliant”. Although personally, I think that’s a bit of a stretch.

They’re okay. Your ideas are okay. In fact, they are pretty darn decent.

But if you don’t act on your ideas, they become like farts on the wind. Like a dream that you remember when you awaken but don’t bother writing down….your ideas are in danger of fading away, never to be remembered again.

Do something dammit! Take action!

That yellow angel on the unicorn isn’t just mucking about with that lightning bolt – he means business! And its time you began taking yourself (and your ideas) more seriously.

Write it all down, make little mini-action steps and for heaven’s sake, don’t let other people’s ridiculous opinions pollute your mind. This week is about YOUR ideas!

How to See YOUR Life in the Cards

Let’s get personal.

Did you know that each card in your Tarot deck symbolizes a particular event, person, place or thing in your life?

Here’s a little Tarot trick that will help you remember the meanings of each Tarot card AND connect to your Tarot deck like it was your long lost twin. Major bang for your buck.

Now snuggle up with a hot mug of chai and let me share this trick with you and tell you a story…

Step One

First, go through your Tarot cards and pick out the card that seems to be saying “pick meeeeee!”

Or, if your feeling all emo, pick the card you despise the most.

Now ask yourself: what does this card remind me of? What part of my life is it referring to?

What is the feeling evoked by this card? When in your life did you feel that feeling most strongly?

If you feel like writing, you can record your thoughts in your Tarot Journal.

My Horror Story

The card I chose for this exercise was the Three of Swords. Not because I like this card, but because it evokes a very horrific memory for me…

three of swords 2
Three of Swords from the Robin Wood Tarot

It was 1995. I was at my high school Valentine’s Day dance, trying to work up the nerve to ask my “crush” to dance.

I had been obsessing over this particular boy and his deliciously hairless legs for an eternity (at least 4 weeks) and all I wanted was to press my body up against him for three solid minutes while TLC’s “Red Light Special” warbled in the background. I wasn’t asking for much.

“Do you want to dance?” I asked, very nonchalantly I might add. (I had been mentally rehearsing this moment for weeks!)

And he went “Pfffft”, rolling his eyes and awkwardly looking away. “I promised someone else a dance and now I’m looking for them.”

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! My life came crashing down around me with the sudden, shocking, piercing realization that this boy with the shiny bowl cut hair did not like me back. HE DID NOT LIKE ME BACK!

I was forever jaded.

And that’s how you do it! Pick a card and then take a trip down memory lane. Now, if your own “memory lane” is pitch dark or bubbling with excrement, just skip straight to step two…

Step Two

Take things even further by asking: what aspect of my present life does this card symbolize?

Doing this simple task will make your Tarot card(s) relevant to your life NOW.

Personally, the Three of Swords sums up how I feel every time my date movie suggestions get shot down by my partner. Which is pretty much all the time.


Step Three

Now if you really want to take this Tarot exercise even further, do it for:

  • All the cards you can’t stand! (for me this is the Five of Swords and that cold bitch Justice)
  • The cards you really love
  • The cards that confuse the hell out of you!

 Have fun with this and tell me how it went in the comments below…

The Page of Cups’ unusual advice…

fridays with veronicaVeronica Noir is a mysteriously delinquent Tarot reader who travels the world, diving with sharks and dancing on tabletops. Her advice is horrific at best, yet often surprisingly helpful. Let’s see what she has to say about the Page of Cups

page of cups
Housewives Tarot

Happy Friday! The Page of Cups is a sneaky little twerp and he is here with a very specific message just for you:

“I know you sometimes get depressed when you go on Facebook and see that everyone seems to be having a better time than you. But don’t be fooled. Most of those people are totally miserable. Party on!”

Gosh, what a strange thing for him to just say out of the blue. Oh well, that’s the Page of Cups for you!

Have some fun this weekend by focusing on doing silly, unproductive things – like finger-painting, collecting rocks on the beach, googling dirty words, rolling around naked in a pile of mud – you know, the usual “inner child” stuff.

The more fun you have, the less you will resent those assholes on Facebook for pretending to be having the time of their lives 24-7.

In the comments below tell me what silly things you have planned this weekend…

Sexy times on the horizon! Six of Swords tells all…

fridays with veronicaVeronica is The Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin. She is a whip cracking dominatrix by night and a professional napper by day. When she isn’t giving dreadful Tarot readings on this blog, you can find her spying on her neighbors, writing smutty stories and getting up to all kinds of mischief! Here’s her take on the Six of Swords

six of swords
New Palladini Tarot

This weekend is all about traveling to greener land.

Last week, you declared everything was total shit and now you are setting sail for less-shittier pastures. Congratulations!

You have a clearer picture on where your going, your making phone calls, taking notes, getting your act together. Good for you.

But the Six of Swords reminds me of something I once read in a self-help book I stole from my good twin Kate – wherever you go, you take yourself with you. 

You can change the scene and the players, but if you keep your head down and ignore your own role in the shit charade, then you are doomed to re-create the same drama wherever you are. You must shift your thoughts before you truly shift your reality. But lets not talk about that….

Lets talk about the golden boat your riding in (see card above) and those green virgin hills your about to plunder. Things are looking good! Sexy times are on the horizon…if only you’d look up! If only you’d look up!

In the comments below, tell me what kind of shift/change your making this week (god I love being nosy!)

Should Tarot Readers Charge For Their “Gift”?

There is something that I occasionally hear people say that drives me batshit crazy.

It is this:

I don’t charge for giving readings because being able to read is a gift so therefore I would never charge someone for it.”

Ummm….what the f*ck?!

I typically hear this from readers of all types – tarot, psychic, mediumship, etc and it often carries a whiff of judgement upon those readers who do charge for their services.

Before I launch into a big rant about this, I first want to say that there are some very good reasons that readers recoil at the idea of charging for their talents. I felt this way in the beginning and I’ll tell you why in a minute.

Now for the rant…

Believing that it’s wrong to charge money for your talents or “gifts” is like saying that if you are really good at something then you should not make money at it because that is somehow unfair for everyone.

But what does that mean? Is it only okay to make money from doing things you aren’t very good at or don’t really enjoy? What kind of world would we be creating if we believed this? I know – a world where everyone is miserable and no one is doing what they are meant to do.

I think the hesitation some readers (or artists and healers for that matter) feel about charging for their “talents” stems from some misguided concept of “honest work” and making an “honest living” which dictates that you must work hard at doing something you don’t really enjoy in exchange for a meager paycheck so you can survive. Anything more attracts suspicion!

This is a totally outdated, ridiculous idea, but so many of us still have this belief nestled far back in the dark recesses of our minds, whether we know it or not. It’s time to let it go.

Are Tarot reading skills really a “gift”?

giftAlmost all readers I know have worked tirelessly at honing their skills. No one pops out of the womb being able to read Tarot. Even the most accurate psychics and mediums must study and practice to have better command of their “gift”.

When I first picked up a deck of cards, I had no idea what to do with them! I read tons of books, practiced like crazy and took courses in psychic development, reiki and counselling.

The ability to give good readings may be a gift, but its a gift with no instruction manual! It requires training and practice….which does not come free.

My Wish…

Whether you already read tarot professionally or would like to transition from doing free to paid readings, I hope what I have to say here helps you in some way. And whether you feel totally A-okay with charging others or if you feel slightly apprehensive or downright icky about it – I hope what you read here helps you sort out your feelings.


Why accepting money for a Tarot reading can feel….awful

Over the years, there have been times that I felt awkward about making money from reading Tarot. I no longer feel this way, but below are the main “issues” that I struggled with and how I overcame them.

1) Tarot gets a sleazy rap

Tarot reading, along with other types of readings (astrology, psychic, etc) is often judged by the general public to be a charlatan’s gig, and Tarot readers to be modern day snake oil salesmen, taking advantage of gullible people by promising them answers to their problems and glimpses into the future.

So what will it be? Bigger boobs, a vibrator or a tarot reading?

When I was a teenager I used to read Cosmopolitan all the time (no wonder I was so messed up!) and I remember at the very back there were tons of little ads for diet pills, sex toys, breast enhancing creams, psychic hotlines, LaToya Jackson and….Tarot readers.

Not charging money for giving a reading eliminates the risk of being accused of being a scammer who is out to take people’s money.

How to shift this: You can’t control what other people think of you, but you can control how you think of you. Get clear on why you want to give Tarot readings, develop strong ethics and boundaries and be clear and honest about what you can and cannot do during your readings. Once I did these things, my fear of others judgements totally evaporated.


2) You just want to help people

As a Tarot reader, you aren’t out to exploit people. You want to help, heal and guide those you read for.

When I first started reading Tarot professionally, I noticed that many clients came to me during times of crisis or struggle and taking their money in exchange for a reading – particularly when I knew they didn’t have much money – made me feel like I was in some way benefiting from their troubles.

Mother Theresa. Not me.

Many of us who view Tarot reading as a helping profession also believe that in a healthy society, help should be freely given and compassion and guidance shouldn’t carry a price tag like everything else.

How to shift this: In a perfect world we would all be able to help each other, express our gifts, do what we love and not worry about money, bills and having enough food to survive. Maybe some of us even have a distant memory of some utopia where things were like this.

However….we need to acknowledge that we don’t live in that world just yet – right now we have bills to pay and it’s not like we can just call up our gas or electric company and say “oh, I can’t afford to pay the heating bill this month, so how about a Tarot reading coupon instead?”

If readers didn’t charge for readings, they would have to get other jobs which would eat up time and energy that could be spent on giving readings. Which would mean they are no longer using their “gift” to help others. Silliness!


3) Am I really good enough?

Almost all Tarot readers, at some point, struggle with confidence issues. The major benefit of not charging money for your readings is that it dampens performance anxiety and lets you relax. If you deliver a terrible reading, its not like your client will be angry with you for running off into the night clutching their money and laughing like a drunken gypsy!

And I think that often this is the real reason many wonderful Tarot readers don’t like to charge for their service. Putting a price on what you do is making an unspoken promise to your client that your reading is going to be worth $____. If you aren’t 100% certain this is true, then it can feel very uncomfortable.

How to shift this: Do whatever it takes to gain confidence in your skills as a reader. This might mean doing free readings as practice – but make sure you get feedback from those you read for, as this will boost your confidence and trust in yourself.


But do you have to charge?

Keep in mind there is no rule that says you must charge money for giving Tarot readings. Maybe you just want to keep Tarot reading as a fun hobby or perhaps you would rather trade your Tarot skills for baked goods or sexual favors? I don’t judge 😉

My advice is to be intentional and deliberate about why you give readings and why you choose to either charge money or give them for free. If you give them for free, make sure you aren’t doing so out of guilt, low confidence levels or fear.

If you really don’t feel comfortable charging for your “gift”, then charge for the time and energy it takes to give a reading – because that, after all, is always worth something!

What do you think?

Please share your opinions and experiences in the comment section below – I would love to get your take on this hot topic!

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