Should Tarot Readers Charge For Their “Gift”?

There is something that I occasionally hear people say that drives me batshit crazy.

It is this:

I don’t charge for giving readings because being able to read is a gift so therefore I would never charge someone for it.”

Ummm….what the f*ck?!

I typically hear this from readers of all types – tarot, psychic, mediumship, etc and it often carries a whiff of judgement upon those readers who do charge for their services.

Before I launch into a big rant about this, I first want to say that there are some very good reasons that readers recoil at the idea of charging for their talents. I felt this way in the beginning and I’ll tell you why in a minute.

Now for the rant…

Believing that it’s wrong to charge money for your talents or “gifts” is like saying that if you are really good at something then you should not make money at it because that is somehow unfair for everyone.

But what does that mean? Is it only okay to make money from doing things you aren’t very good at or don’t really enjoy? What kind of world would we be creating if we believed this? I know – a world where everyone is miserable and no one is doing what they are meant to do.

I think the hesitation some readers (or artists and healers for that matter) feel about charging for their “talents” stems from some misguided concept of “honest work” and making an “honest living” which dictates that you must work hard at doing something you don’t really enjoy in exchange for a meager paycheck so you can survive. Anything more attracts suspicion!

This is a totally outdated, ridiculous idea, but so many of us still have this belief nestled far back in the dark recesses of our minds, whether we know it or not. It’s time to let it go.

Are Tarot reading skills really a “gift”?

giftAlmost all readers I know have worked tirelessly at honing their skills. No one pops out of the womb being able to read Tarot. Even the most accurate psychics and mediums must study and practice to have better command of their “gift”.

When I first picked up a deck of cards, I had no idea what to do with them! I read tons of books, practiced like crazy and took courses in psychic development, reiki and counselling.

The ability to give good readings may be a gift, but its a gift with no instruction manual! It requires training and practice….which does not come free.

My Wish…

Whether you already read tarot professionally or would like to transition from doing free to paid readings, I hope what I have to say here helps you in some way. And whether you feel totally A-okay with charging others or if you feel slightly apprehensive or downright icky about it – I hope what you read here helps you sort out your feelings.


Why accepting money for a Tarot reading can feel….awful

Over the years, there have been times that I felt awkward about making money from reading Tarot. I no longer feel this way, but below are the main “issues” that I struggled with and how I overcame them.

1) Tarot gets a sleazy rap

Tarot reading, along with other types of readings (astrology, psychic, etc) is often judged by the general public to be a charlatan’s gig, and Tarot readers to be modern day snake oil salesmen, taking advantage of gullible people by promising them answers to their problems and glimpses into the future.

So what will it be? Bigger boobs, a vibrator or a tarot reading?

When I was a teenager I used to read Cosmopolitan all the time (no wonder I was so messed up!) and I remember at the very back there were tons of little ads for diet pills, sex toys, breast enhancing creams, psychic hotlines, LaToya Jackson and….Tarot readers.

Not charging money for giving a reading eliminates the risk of being accused of being a scammer who is out to take people’s money.

How to shift this: You can’t control what other people think of you, but you can control how you think of you. Get clear on why you want to give Tarot readings, develop strong ethics and boundaries and be clear and honest about what you can and cannot do during your readings. Once I did these things, my fear of others judgements totally evaporated.


2) You just want to help people

As a Tarot reader, you aren’t out to exploit people. You want to help, heal and guide those you read for.

When I first started reading Tarot professionally, I noticed that many clients came to me during times of crisis or struggle and taking their money in exchange for a reading – particularly when I knew they didn’t have much money – made me feel like I was in some way benefiting from their troubles.

Mother Theresa. Not me.

Many of us who view Tarot reading as a helping profession also believe that in a healthy society, help should be freely given and compassion and guidance shouldn’t carry a price tag like everything else.

How to shift this: In a perfect world we would all be able to help each other, express our gifts, do what we love and not worry about money, bills and having enough food to survive. Maybe some of us even have a distant memory of some utopia where things were like this.

However….we need to acknowledge that we don’t live in that world just yet – right now we have bills to pay and it’s not like we can just call up our gas or electric company and say “oh, I can’t afford to pay the heating bill this month, so how about a Tarot reading coupon instead?”

If readers didn’t charge for readings, they would have to get other jobs which would eat up time and energy that could be spent on giving readings. Which would mean they are no longer using their “gift” to help others. Silliness!


3) Am I really good enough?

Almost all Tarot readers, at some point, struggle with confidence issues. The major benefit of not charging money for your readings is that it dampens performance anxiety and lets you relax. If you deliver a terrible reading, its not like your client will be angry with you for running off into the night clutching their money and laughing like a drunken gypsy!

And I think that often this is the real reason many wonderful Tarot readers don’t like to charge for their service. Putting a price on what you do is making an unspoken promise to your client that your reading is going to be worth $____. If you aren’t 100% certain this is true, then it can feel very uncomfortable.

How to shift this: Do whatever it takes to gain confidence in your skills as a reader. This might mean doing free readings as practice – but make sure you get feedback from those you read for, as this will boost your confidence and trust in yourself.


But do you have to charge?

Keep in mind there is no rule that says you must charge money for giving Tarot readings. Maybe you just want to keep Tarot reading as a fun hobby or perhaps you would rather trade your Tarot skills for baked goods or sexual favors? I don’t judge 😉

My advice is to be intentional and deliberate about why you give readings and why you choose to either charge money or give them for free. If you give them for free, make sure you aren’t doing so out of guilt, low confidence levels or fear.

If you really don’t feel comfortable charging for your “gift”, then charge for the time and energy it takes to give a reading – because that, after all, is always worth something!

What do you think?

Please share your opinions and experiences in the comment section below – I would love to get your take on this hot topic!

58 thoughts on “Should Tarot Readers Charge For Their “Gift”?”

  1. I am a professional Spirit Medium. My divination tool is a spirit board. Most people hold a negative view of spirit (more commonly known as “Ouija”) boards. After making them realize how Hollywood is responsible for creating that fear through movies; they agree & I give them a reading. I always blow them away. But getting them to PAY is impossible. They know how highly skilled I am & still refuse to pay. I’m tearing my hair out. My rate is only $30 for the 1st hr & $15 each additional 1/2 hr after that. Any words of wisdom?

    1. Anita, here are my words of wisdom:
      Make sure you are clear about your fees when you initially book the reading – if they refuse to pay what you are asking, do not do the reading. I suppose you could always require your clients to pay you before you do the reading, which would eliminate any confusion over price, etc. It seems like your clients feel like paying is optional – make it clear that it isn’t an option, but a requirement. And if all else fails, you can always threaten to put a hex on them! That usually works for me 😉 They shouldn’t be messin with a witchy lady, LOl!

  2. I have never charge more than a cup of coffee or a cup of tea for a reading. That’s just how I was taught from my ancestors. They taught me that I should only ask for a cup of coffee or a cup of tea to drink while doing the readng. I guess that’s just how you were taught and while you’re actually doing the reading. I don’t frown upon those who charge.

  3. I’ve been reading Tarot of twenty-seven years, and finally took the plunge last week to read professionally, for money. I wrestled with this decision for years–for most of my life, I’ve felt that this was a “gift”, and you cannot monetize your gifts, can you? Well, I’m also an artist, and I’ve certainly been working my butt off for the past couple of years in an attempt to monetize that. Art is a gift. And I’m also a writer, and I’ve likewise been trying for the past ten years to monetize *that*. The ability to write is also a gift. So what’s the difference with Tarot? Answer: none. If you have an issue with taking money for doing readings, make it clear to your customers that you aren’t charging for your “gift”, but instead for your time and your expertise–they aren’t paying for the *messages* received; they’re paying the *messenger*, for whom it is going to take the same amount of time and expertise, regardless! The messages received during a reading are priceless, that is true, but not everyone has the time and expertise that you might have to offer!

    1. Well said, Michelle! I don’t know where that idea that we shouldn’t charge for our gifts came from, but it’s crazy.

  4. Hi, Kate. Hope you’re doing really well!

    I do NOT charge my friends/family members for readings, however, I do ask that they make a small ($10 or more) donation to a local animal shelter or local animal society – that is my preference, being an animal lover – but I ask that they at least just give something back to Mother Nature as a thanks for their spirit guides connecting to mine during the reading.

    I DO charge clients because I do feel that I have a service that is worth paying for. Psychologically, people really do WANT to pay for something because often when it’s free, we have the mentality that it isn’t worth anything. When we pay for something, we treat it with a bit more respect, if you will.

    1. Sage, I totally agree 100%. In fact, I was offered something for free today and I hesitated only because it was free – I assumed it was just another thing I didn’t need. Now if it had been for sale – I would have felt a bit differently! we’re always told that everyone loves “free”, but I don’t know, sometimes I think that isn’t true!
      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  5. Deniz Yorukoglu

    Thank you for bringing this topic up, Kate! As always, it is a delight to read your insights and opinions. And as a person who almost recently shifted her beliefs on charging money for a reading, you are really bang on with the issues that hold people back.

    I was one of those believers who thought charging money for readings, astrological interpretations, healing sessions, etc. was wrong because I was feeling as if I was taking my gift/ability for granted, and helping others shouldn’t include charging them. I must say that at the very beginning, offering these for free really made me feel good and confident, and allowed me the comfort zone of not being accused because I didn’t charge. But what happened after that beginner time opened my eyes.

    My close friends gave me small presents (like a book) and bought me coffee/chocolate after a reading, and some gave me a big hug, thank you and appreciation, which was really good because there was something that was being exchanged. These people also didn’t demand a reading on a daily/weekly basis (I still read for these lovely friends without charging). But my outer circle friends, and friends-of-friends simply took my generosity for granted, only called or texted me when they wanted a reading, and most of them did this on a daily basis! It was crazy, and most of the time I felt bad when I turned them down because of my stupid belief about helping others. Well, actually I wasn’t helping them at all, because I wasn’t able to raise awareness in this setting where my understanding of help became their daily/weekly amusement. It is definitely true that we don’t pay much attention to things we don’t give “something” (energy, money, stuff we create, etc.) in exchange of what we receive. I also started to feel resentful after reading like this, I remember times I didn’t even want to touch my cards. My belief that was holding me back from charging, started to hold me back from what I love, and growing and learning more about it…

    When I compared the two friend groups, and added some empathy (I always try to give something in exchange of what I receive), I realized that I HAD TO CHARGE “SOMETHING” IN EXCHANGE OF WHAT I GIVE. Because it was simply aligning with the law of giving and receiving. And while I was completely happy with what I receive from my close friends, I realized that what my close friends gave in exchange of a reading were not actually what everyone, like a complete stranger could/would always be able to give. Here is where money fits like the missing puzzle piece. A stranger I read for can’t/wont be able to hug me and show appreciation like my friend or invite me to have a coffee, but he/she can pay money (a reasonable amount of course) or do something else for me in exchange. I will be happy because I receive “something”, he/she will be happy because he/she gave “something”. This is what helped me clear this huge block. Money is just a time-saving handy material symbol of the energy exchange. Because not everyone has the time or craftiness to offer something else.

    Now I have completely shifted my beliefs about this and I’m completely ok with charging money for my “gifts”, and I feel more confident about it. I also feel more responsible for working harder and improving myself to deserve what I charge, and this is the best part of charging in my opinion. It is great to earn abundance from working with what I love, and this feeling re-kindled my passion to learn more about Tarot and other self discovery techniques. I must also mention you here, you were one of my biggest inspirations during this shifting process.


    1. Thanks Deniz, for being so open about your experience and how you made that shift to feeling comfortable with charging for readings. You certainly didn’t take the easy road, that’s for sure! I really like how you said that it isn’t really important what is being exchanged for a reading, as long as there is some energy exchange happening. I still do free readings for friends sometimes too, although they don’t ask me very often, so it never becomes a burden, and they always give something in return – whether its a cup of tea or just listening to me rant and complain about my problems 😉

      Thank you again for adding your insights here – don’t worry about your comment turning into a novel! Your comments are always really enjoyable to read 🙂 And I am really excited that I was an inspiration to you during your shifting process!

  6. I appreciate the comments, and of course, you, Kate! Thank you for what you do, I continue to learn from you.
    One thought I don’t think has been touched on yet is that the spirit world wants the client to pay attention to the advice we give as caring Tarot readers, so the idea of an exchange of money for that advice puts the one receiving the advice in a position of valuing what we say. It’s easier to dismiss advice from a friend we really didn’t want to hear, but when there is some sort of sacrifice in exchange for the advice, it can cause one to be a little more contemplative. That’s how I recon that charging can actually be good for the client.

    1. Thank you for bringing this up, Samantha. I think you make a really good point here – charging for a reading can make the difference between someone valuing the advice that is given or just dismissing it like they would advice from their mother or friend. Over the years I have done plenty of online courses – some free, some quite expensive and what I notice is that I am more likely to participate in the courses I paid for, whereas I tend to forget to do the “homework” in the free courses – so I think this is the same kind of thing!


    I think it’s perfectly ethical to charge for a reading. Time is money and money is time as the saying goes. I am brand new to the craft so have not considered doing it as a part time business or anything like that. I would love to be able read at a fair or flea market and do it to generate donations to children’s charities. I am financially stable so don’t really need to do it to make money to live although SOMEDAY I would like to be good enough to do it for pay. I would also like to do it for FREE for people who have lost pets (or even re: missing children or unsolved murders/serious crimes, to help solve them. That would be awesome and much more satisfying than getting paid, actually. But there are a lot of variable to consider when deciding whether to charge or not—and of course, like I said, I am financially stable so that enters into the equation too. thanks.

    1. That is a wonderful idea, Maurice! Helping people find their lost pets would be extremely rewarding, I think 🙂
      Thank you for commenting!

  8. I’m on the threshold of doing this a bit more than a hobby. I have done a year of free readings and the odd paid readings. And I heard an amazing thing about this from Lee – Anne Peters. Words effectively like – You need to pay your bills and we are doing what we enjoy and feel passionate enough to do. I agree with her and not everyone can be a tarot reader and I am doing my own shop at the moment for readings and I am keeping them as low as you can. Understandably, I am charging more for a larger reading as it is my time. I did 4 celtic cross spreads in 2 days to get the feel of them for free. Each one took me about 45 minutes in total.

    One thing I find really interesting and I am sure other readers have seen this, is when you mention free reads people are at you like yes please, yes please. Yet when you advertise a service no one replies? I had an Etsy shop and I have just TWO paid reads in I think 2 months.

    Whilst we’re on the topic of freebies, I would like to mention selling off old decks to get in more which will help the querants in the long run and when I am selling off old stock, you get next to no responses and I even said that they can pay for the deck I would like for me to send my deck free of charge. (Thats a cool energy exchange.) I just see payment is energy exchange which can in turn benefit the querants in the long run as I buy more tarot books I can study with etc.

    Sorry for my long comment. Not long back from nightclass.

    1. Hi Janine – yes, most people love free stuff – myself included! So its no surprise that you will have no trouble finding people to practice Tarot on, but when it comes to transitioning into paid readings, you just hear crickets. I think that especially with Tarot reading, it really does take quite a while to build up a following of clients who want to pay for your services – but it is possible, so don’t give up!

  9. Well, it’s someone’s prerogative if they choose to not charge for their ‘gift’, but let’s face it people, we all have gifts. The mechanic, the plumber, lawyer, and even tarot readers. You get the point.
    Here’s something that helped me awhile ago when I branched off into energy healing. I had a hard time charging money and felt I was profiting off other’s issues. After all, I wasn’t the ‘healer’. Healing occurred through the client’s higher self and the Creator. One day, a wise friend helped me realize I have a right to charge money for my time. It really helped to shift my thinking on this, and maybe it will help someone out there.

  10. I’ve rarely felt bad charging for a reading, I’m a firm believer in reciprocity. Nothing is free. On the flip side I do read for charities sometimes and the only payment I get there is a warm fuzzy feeling and a numb bum 😉
    My time is valuable to me and I see my reading as an art as well as a gift. It’s worth more than a pat and a smile.

  11. The degree to which one is trapped in materialism is based on choices we make each day. It is sometimes a good idea to understand we have one foot in the World and one foot in the Universe. Many times we believe the World is all there is but in fact it is just an icon of the unseen. Therefore, one might consider balance at a minimum. Very hard to do I realize but if one thinks about it they can quickly realize the unseen things in our lives are far more important than those seen. As we would hope the benevolent aspects of the unseen will ‘reach down for us’ we should likewise, at times, reach down for our Fellows. Maybe, in the quietude of our being, consider what we do for ourselves, what we do for our Fellow Man, What we do for our God. Then the answers and the energy flows to a greater extent.

  12. wow what a great topic, and I couldn’t agree more with you kate, being a reading my self over the past 3 years professionaly this is a hot topic. At first I felt unconfident of myself about the charging money part myelf, but the more I practiced with strangers, the more relaxed and intune I got with a client, and a lot of readings do tire me out after awhile because working with energy you get more tired, so I see if you are doing what you love and of course you should get paid for it, and if you haven’t seen the article about theresa caputo and how she remodeled her house with the money she had from clients, it was a big controversy on facebook because some people didn’t like what she did from the money, in any case to me she earned it because she is confident in who she is and she has accepted her gift of seeing spirit, and helps others all the time . would love to see more hot topics like this one !!

    1. Thanks for weighing in Alex! I think confidence is really at the heart of all of this – I think next I should write an article on how to boost confidence as a reader. I haven’t seen the Theresa Caputo article, but now I am curious….

  13. If you have a skill and someone wants you to work to share that skill with them then you have the right to charge or not. My friend Paul reads tarot as his profession yet reads for me for free. I know bakers who bake for a free but make cake for the family gatherings and does not charge. A painter once gave me his work for free because I loved it so much yet he charges big bucks to others.
    Tarot reading is no more a gift than ‘salesman’. sure, some of us are born with it is our blood and are better versed for it but every salesman had to learn the ‘puppy dog close’.
    If you have a ‘skill’ or a ‘gift’ then it is your choice to charge or not.

  14. Thanks for the lovely article. I was exploring the possibility of reading tarot cards professionally, and kind of put that on hold. Life and trying to earn money in the meantime was getting in the way. I think #1 may be something that’s holding me back. Example- “What about a REAL job?” or “Oh, I don’t believe in Satan.”<–that 2nd one was said jokingly, but still. I've even seen readers at fairs get heckled. I mean, it's not exactly like I care what others think, but no one likes being harassed. The only other thing that's holding me back is all the technical stuff, like what to charge, where I would read, legal concerns, etc.

    I was thinking just recently about what I REALLY want, and I realized I wasn't happy doing what I'm doing. When I thought about quitting the part I didn't like, it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I still need to learn more about the cards and maybe I won't read tarot professionally forever, but I feel like this is one of the things I want to pursue. I mean, I've already done some research, and written a potential code of ethics, so I might as well. I just need to work on actually following through with it. And I totally agree! I feel people are paying for a tarot reader's time, and the energy he or she devotes to a reading- plus all the study and practice that any tarot reader does! Whether just for entertainment, enlightenment, or anything else, tarot readers are providing a service. There really is such a thing as an "ethical tarot reader." 🙂

    All the best,

    1. Thanks Chani, for sharing your view here. Gosh, I couldn’t imagine being heckled at a fair! That would totally freak me out! I wish you the best of luck in doing professional readings – it can be very rewarding and really fun and I bet you would be awesome! 🙂

  15. I feel donations is the way to solve this issue. Allow people to donate if they feel satisfied.

  16. Jessica Johnson

    Couldn’t agree more. Some people are really good at teaching, and so work as one. Would we expect teachers to work for free? Or psychiatrists, who are good at problem solving and helping people? Lawyers can talk well, and yet we let them take a lot of our money when we need it. Just because our skills take a bit more internal and “behind the scenes” work, doesn’t mean that it isn’t work! I personally find that doing readings makes me tired if I do too many in a day – because it drains my energy, getting in touch with all these people and their feelings. Why should I be exhausted and depleted for free? It is perfectly right for me to charge for doing a reading. The effort I put behind it is very much worth it.

    1. Well said, Jessica 🙂 Doing readings can be very tiring – in fact every job I have had has been way easier, since doing a reading really requires getting in touch with that persons energy.

  17. Great article Kate. I think #3 Am I Really Good Enough, is the one that challenges me the most, which is why I think exchanging free readings for feedback is a great thing to do when your starting out. It gives you good information which will allow you to evaluate when it is time to shift to paid readings, if that is your goal. I will also exchange readings with other tarot readers sometimes and that is great practice and allows me to get a tarot reading for myself every once in awhile. 🙂

    1. Yes, I agree Sarah – doing practice readings for friends and other readers is the one thing that really helped me gain confidence – much more than books or classes ever could!

  18. Therese Callaghan

    Loved your post Kate. Couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Before Christmas I was doing free readings for people online in exchange for feedback – in the beginning I got some amazing feedback which really boosted my confidence but as time went by I started to get less and less feedback which was really a kick in the pants. I put my heart and soul into every reading I do, just like I’d expect the same to be done for me. I’ve spent the last 6 years learning Tarot and improving my skills and over that time i’ve come to realise that an unbalanced exchange for the time and energy put into giving a reading can be so harmful – for the readers confidence and health and for the client – they begin to not appreciate what they’re getting and will continue expecting something for nothing. It made me kind of cynical and a bit cheesed off with people, not to mention I was severely depleted. So I’ve taken it as a nudge from the universe to trust what I already know – that I’m good enough to charge people for my time, even if it’s only a token. When I trained in Reiki, I was taught there *must* be some sort of exchange in energy, even if it’s only a cup of tea. It helps to maintain a balance so why should the same not be true for Tarot Reading. And just like in any other profession, doctors, lawyers, teachers etc. they get paid for their expertise but do pro bono work if they feel so inclined. I come from a family of ‘honest pay for an honest day’s work’ people. Like you said they all hate their jobs and scrape by being miserable. No one went into careers at things they enjoyed or were talented at because that was considered a ridiculous waste of time. I’ve learned over the last few months that it really is down to us honest, hard working, talented and compassionate readers to show the world that it’s ok to do what you love and love what you do. Isn’t that what everyone strives for? Now I’m off to take my own advice and plan my next step in reading professionally. Thanks Kate for such an insightful post. Happy New Year!! xx

    1. Thank you Therese, for sharing your insights and experience – I am glad you brought attention to the fact that it can actually be really harmful to do free readings if you feel like there is not a proper energy exchange. I have been in that situation many many times and your right, it begins to make you feel resentful! I also think that when someone gets something for free they really don’t value it as much as if they had paid for it, so by charging your client you are actually making the reading more meaningful for them in some way 🙂

  19. Kate,

    Great article, thanks for sharing.

    One of the best examples of why NOT to give stuff away for free, would be that of Edgar Cayse, also known as the ‘Sleeping Prophet’. He had amazing physic abilities, and was such a generous, giving person, he couldn’t say ‘no’ to anyone that asked for his help. He ended up working himself to death. Great man, sad story.


    P.S. Say ‘Hi!’ to the trollop for me.

    1. Good point, Chang – I know his story is very sad, but a perfect example of what happens when you give and give and give.

  20. We pay the plumber, construction worker the garden by the hour, so why not the tarot reader. I don’t read for others than my family and friends I assume it’s insecurity that keeps me from reading professional. But to everybody that does, I would say play charge for your services and your time

    1. Yes, that’s right – its funny how certain professions are never called into question. I doubt anyone expects doctors to work for free all the time!

  21. I have been learning to read tarot cards for the past 6 or more years. To start with it was a hobby, an interest of mine like painting and gardening. At first I never thought I would ever read professionally. All those thoughts you mentioned go through your mind like ‘I’m not psychic so I can’t be reading people’s cards!’ etc., but the more time I spent reading and learning all about tarot, I realize that it is a craft that can be learned and it is truly amazing how the cards that come up really do happen magically, all the reader is doing is being the messenger, to pass on insight and help with clarity, and most often to reassure and validate what the client already knows. As far as charging a fee I feel I am charging for my time not necessarily the ‘gift’, after all, the time involved with studying, taking courses and going to events all cost money. A really good way to practice is with friends and family for free until you build up enough confidence to try it professionally. The first time I did readings professionally was at a Holistic Fair where I just asked for donations because I was and am still learning, I am realizing now it takes years and hours upon hours of time studying and practicing to get really crazy good at reading for others. And people didn’t mind paying what they thought it was worth and I was happy with their offering.

    1. Asking for donations is a great way of getting something in exchange for your reading, but in a way that won’t make you feel insecure about charging – that’s a great idea for new readers! I really like what you said about Tarot readers being like messengers – when I approach a reading with that in mind, I immediately relax and feel more confident because it totally takes the pressure off. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Brenda 🙂

  22. There is a Universal law that says that we must pay for all gifts we have from the Universe. Giving a Tarot Reading is a gift we give to people. They have to pay for it, its the Universal Law. They can pay by doing good to others, for the worth they receive. But when will it be paid for the worth of what you receive? Hard to tell. The easiest and fastest way to do it is to give some money. Then it is paid to the Universe and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

    This is what I say to my friends. But if they pay me a coffee or a beer, I consider being paid.

    1. Excellent point, Roger – I couldn’t agree more. There have been lots of times that I have read for friends in exchange for tea and I am good with that – but if all my clients paid me in tea, I would have a problem, LOL!

  23. There is a Tarot course near my home. It’s rather expensive but after that you are supposed to be able to work as a Tarot reader professionally. Do you think that’s possible? Doesn’t it take years of practice and experience? 🙂

    1. If you can read to a friend or family, you can read to a stranger. You will find it easier as you are not biased by what you already know of them. I started Professional Read 3 weeks after my first encounter with the cards. Working for a Company in Malls. 92 customers a week. Very good practice! Yes you can do it. Don’t be blocked by your sensitive side. Go for it!

    2. Hi Aina,
      I agree with Roger – sometimes reading for strangers is waaaay easier than reading for friends and family. How long it takes you to feel comfortable reading professionally depends more on past experiences and how well you can relate to people, not necessarily how long you have been studying Tarot – although obviously you need to have a working knowledge of Tarot. I studied Tarot for two years before reading professionally, and things changed when I began taking my cards to work with me and reading for colleagues on a daily basis – immersing myself in doing readings really helped me get comfortable with it.

  24. I love your approach and style in your work ethic and profession. Although you charge a reasonable price for your services (as you should) you provide a lot of free information and wisdom on your site and blog which is quite valuable for readers at any level of their journey. Thank you for you and please make it a wonderful day. Mr Butch

  25. To me paying for a professional service from an expert is more of an investment in “me” rather than a charge. I respect and appreciate the time effort and energy it takes to be good at anything. I will gladly pay a reasonable price for a Tarot reading and I am grateful to those readers who who feel confident enough to charge for for it. Kate did a new year reading for me last week and it was insightful and delightful.

  26. I am still allowing my reading gifts to fully bloom. At the moment free is still a fair exchange for me to have the chance to learn more. My friends and family are appreciative and I become a little more confident each time I give them a reading. Perhaps one day I may venture out of my circle and charge for my readings. There certainly is not anything wrong with charging for the service. We all use and pay for other services such as lawyers,doctors, baby sitters etc., etc., etc. Everybody needs to make a living. Everybody has bills and a need to eat. If you are comfortable enough with your skills to join the professional service force, you should be paid. That is only fair.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Tammy – I did tons of free readings when I was learning and I never ever intended to do it professionally. I think its good when you feel comfortable with whatever arrangement you have going on 🙂

  27. Hi, I’ve done a reading on this today (not with Tarot exactly – other cards) and my question was “Will I ever read professionally”. I got the answer that “reading will be a robbery”. Now I’m just a beginner with cards, so I thought, if literally, I will be robbing people off when trying to make business out of this 🙂 So, this article is on the right time at the right place for me today 🙂

  28. I am still very new to this craft and consider myself an amatuer. I’ve only done a couple or readings for other people other than my own personal weekly readings. I have been encouraged by the instinct & insight gained so far, but do not see a near future where I might turn this into a part-time business. I haven’t asked the cards about this path yet, but may consider doing so later on. Power to those with the confidence to take their skills to the next level.

    1. I don’t think professional reading is for everybody – there is a certain freedom in keeping it just a hobby, that’s for sure!

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