Sexy times on the horizon! Six of Swords tells all…

fridays with veronicaVeronica is The Daily Tarot Girl’s evil twin. She is a whip cracking dominatrix by night and a professional napper by day. When she isn’t giving dreadful Tarot readings on this blog, you can find her spying on her neighbors, writing smutty stories and getting up to all kinds of mischief! Here’s her take on the Six of Swords

six of swords
New Palladini Tarot

This weekend is all about traveling to greener land.

Last week, you declared everything was total shit and now you are setting sail for less-shittier pastures. Congratulations!

You have a clearer picture on where your going, your making phone calls, taking notes, getting your act together. Good for you.

But the Six of Swords reminds me of something I once read in a self-help book I stole from my good twin Kate – wherever you go, you take yourself with you. 

You can change the scene and the players, but if you keep your head down and ignore your own role in the shit charade, then you are doomed to re-create the same drama wherever you are. You must shift your thoughts before you truly shift your reality. But lets not talk about that….

Lets talk about the golden boat your riding in (see card above) and those green virgin hills your about to plunder. Things are looking good! Sexy times are on the horizon…if only you’d look up! If only you’d look up!

In the comments below, tell me what kind of shift/change your making this week (god I love being nosy!)

13 thoughts on “Sexy times on the horizon! Six of Swords tells all…”

  1. I can relate to this card. This weekend my mum and I are going on a road trip to leave our loneliness behind and spend some time together visiting family. We’ve both been struggling lately so I’m looking forward to it and getting ready for a great 2014. Thanks for a spot-on and entertaining reading Veronica. 🙂

  2. To answer my own question, the change I am making this weekend is that I just got Netflix. After not having TV for almost a year, its like I went from not eating sugar to suddenly eating buckets of candy every day. All I can say is I hope it doesn’t suck up all my free time!

  3. I’m finally shifting my focus to where my heart is. Things have been shit! I just need to keep my held high and move on from the things that are holding me back. And that means letting go the frustration and resentment I’ve been feeling lately. Easier said than done, but I’m trying. “Come on. Give me a couple of those swords. Human weed-whacker gonna ravage her some hills! Let’s do this!”

  4. Last week I left The Man and the shi**y world of ‘cuss-tomer service’ and am branching out on my own. Looking for a world of Peace, Passion, Connection and Freedom.

    1. ALRIGHT TROY!!!! That makes me so happy for some reason. I used to work in customer service and it sucked – I began to despise all of humanity and wishing for the world to hurry up and end. After getting out of that kind of work, my life and feelings toward people changed entirely. Good luck!

  5. Thanks Veronica – leaving for the hot springs this morning with my girlfriends. They’re whisking me away for an early birthday getaway.

    Which of course I told them to do … or invited them to do. You’re a dominatrix, so I’m sure you can relate.

    Definitely leaving the shit charade of 2013 behind.


  6. Hi Veronica
    I am shifting a lot these last few days. It seems am constantly in the wrong gear. So the weekend I am going to stay put and take care of myself on those green pastures. Looking up to the bright sun and get some tan 😀

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