How to See YOUR Life in the Cards

Let’s get personal.

Did you know that each card in your Tarot deck symbolizes a particular event, person, place or thing in your life?

Here’s a little Tarot trick that will help you remember the meanings of each Tarot card AND connect to your Tarot deck like it was your long lost twin. Major bang for your buck.

Now snuggle up with a hot mug of chai and let me share this trick with you and tell you a story…

Step One

First, go through your Tarot cards and pick out the card that seems to be saying “pick meeeeee!”

Or, if your feeling all emo, pick the card you despise the most.

Now ask yourself: what does this card remind me of? What part of my life is it referring to?

What is the feeling evoked by this card? When in your life did you feel that feeling most strongly?

If you feel like writing, you can record your thoughts in your Tarot Journal.

My Horror Story

The card I chose for this exercise was the Three of Swords. Not because I like this card, but because it evokes a very horrific memory for me…

three of swords 2
Three of Swords from the Robin Wood Tarot

It was 1995. I was at my high school Valentine’s Day dance, trying to work up the nerve to ask my “crush” to dance.

I had been obsessing over this particular boy and his deliciously hairless legs for an eternity (at least 4 weeks) and all I wanted was to press my body up against him for three solid minutes while TLC’s “Red Light Special” warbled in the background. I wasn’t asking for much.

“Do you want to dance?” I asked, very nonchalantly I might add. (I had been mentally rehearsing this moment for weeks!)

And he went “Pfffft”, rolling his eyes and awkwardly looking away. “I promised someone else a dance and now I’m looking for them.”

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! My life came crashing down around me with the sudden, shocking, piercing realization that this boy with the shiny bowl cut hair did not like me back. HE DID NOT LIKE ME BACK!

I was forever jaded.

And that’s how you do it! Pick a card and then take a trip down memory lane. Now, if your own “memory lane” is pitch dark or bubbling with excrement, just skip straight to step two…

Step Two

Take things even further by asking: what aspect of my present life does this card symbolize?

Doing this simple task will make your Tarot card(s) relevant to your life NOW.

Personally, the Three of Swords sums up how I feel every time my date movie suggestions get shot down by my partner. Which is pretty much all the time.


Step Three

Now if you really want to take this Tarot exercise even further, do it for:

  • All the cards you can’t stand! (for me this is the Five of Swords and that cold bitch Justice)
  • The cards you really love
  • The cards that confuse the hell out of you!

 Have fun with this and tell me how it went in the comments below…

14 thoughts on “How to See YOUR Life in the Cards”

  1. Actaully I am still looking for a deck that might resonate with me. It seems all the decks are either upbeat or uterly evil…I just need something a little dark and lurky…but not too emo. I’m more the shadow in the dark making you chilled. Not really evil just eerie…I get off on the effect. What can I say??? I’m awnry, anybody got suggestions?

  2. Nice exercise. I believe this would help a reader better connect, as I think I do this without even thinking much about it. I automatically connect with some of the cards because of my own personal experience. I like the idea of matching experiences to each card, could actually be therapeutic, working through such things on a Tarot Level. 🙂

  3. Hi Kate! Really interestin post, that made me think about things (:
    I have 2 questions: 1. Have you ever thought to design/create your own tarot-deck? You have really fantastic art-skills!
    2. Could you consider to make a video-reading for me/others? It woul be…AMAZING! I have bothering questions about my love-life and family/friendships.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Rico,
      thanks for your comment 🙂
      No, I haven’t considered making my own Tarot deck – right now that feels very overwhelming! But maybe one day!
      I used to do video readings but at the moment I am not offering personal readings – taking a little break 😉
      As you can see, I’m pretty lazy 🙂


  4. Hey Kate!

    I just wanted to say that the boy with hairless legs lost out BIG TIME!!!

    He’s prolly working at The Gap for minimum wage. Hey, you otta go in there when he’s working, and when he asks you if you want any help, tell’em “Oh my god, not from a loser like you (then pull a ‘Drew Barrymore’, and flash him yer tits)!!!

    Just A Thought…

    1. LOL – I am pretty sure he isn’t working in the Gap, although in my fantasies he is balding with a beer gut, 3 whiny kids and a mean, spiteful wife! I haven’t seen him since highschool, so who knows.

  5. Hi Kate
    I’ve done this reading and dreaded do it another time. The advise to skip step one is fabulous. Instead of revisiting past grief I can relate the cards to more mild events in the present.

    1. Yes – and you don’t necessarily have to revisit a bad memory – only some cards will dredge that up – obviously The Sun or 3 of cups is going to remind you of something nice 🙂 But I think relating the cards to the present is more useful in many ways – we give too much energy to the past sometimes!

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